Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
Worse idea and waste of money ever! I think the city councillers just hit the eject button for their seats on the next election!
902Dallas Hofstra
It is certainly nice to see city council trying to engage in forward thinking but this is not Europe. The bike lanes cause only confusion to both drivers and 20 full time cyclists
Waste of money!!! Haven't seen anyone use them. Also takes up driving lanes which are used ever day!!
904Tom Roy
Waste of money
I can understand the excitement of the person(s) pushing their own agendas but how this plan got by the city manager is baffling!?! Hope they kept back enough money in the budget to plow those bike lanes in the winter.
A friends post on FB - The just put some on the road in front of a friends house. Although they are a waste of money I guess the car accidents caused by them are entertaining....

Well thought out plan when even the RCMP bike patrol don't use the lanes
907Ryan Sawula
Really!? Who came up with this one ? Please stand up. We know who to send packin over this waste of time and money. Yes, its just that easy.
remove prime downtown parking so 1 or 2 people can ride 1 or 2 months a year???
These stupid bike are creating heavy traffic congestion and causing a safety issue and children late for school.
911Wayne Russell
Two weeks ago at 4:45 p.m. I counted 77 cars waiting to proceed south in front of Eastview school, and 1 Harley in the bike lane. Has anyone spotted Morris and any council members on their bikes ?
Cyclists prefer riding the beautiful trails already in place rather than in a cloud of exhaust.
913Guy Tayler
May I suggest spending this kid of money on snow removal instead? May keep you on budget and it's used and appreciated by a lot more of the population.
914Gerry Paquette
I guess i better run for Mayor, what a mess??
915George Fitzpatrick
A ridiculous waste of taxpayers money to serve a very few in the name of progress? Adding bike lanes adds cost to road upkeep, slows already congested traffic and does nothing to coerce people to ride a bicycle. I would rather ride on the trails.STOP THIS!
I think that the bike lanes are dangerous. How long until there are fatalities because a driver doesn't shoulder check properly or a cyclist isn't paying attention when a driver signals to turn right and crosses the bike lane? Waste of time and money!
918Anthony Prins
Removing necessary driving and parking lanes is a huge step backwards for this city. Several of these bike lanes have existing multi-use pathways running parallel to them already. These lanes are unsafe and will not be used in winter.
919Steve Wheeler
what happens in the winter to these stupid lane changes? I am just saying
920Red Deer News & Area
Would like to see the removal and reconstruction of some of the bike lanes, as soon as possible before someone gets hurt.
921Toni Jarvis Fadollone
If the city had spent the money on a city wide survey they would have saved the tax payers tons of money and grief - hey if its that easy to get a change in this city maybe I could find 249 other suburban drivers and then we'd have our own lanes too!!!
922curtis vanderveen
Haven't seen a bike use the bike lane yet
People all over the world bike with traffic. Why on earth do we need to make special lanes that take up vital traffic lanes for the odd person to use. How did this get passed in council? Is there a shred of common sense among them?
924Tim Hazell
Great idea, bad implementation.
925Dave Hurst
Waste of money.
927Kari Pruden
I understand the concept and idea, but so far i have seen bikes on the sidewalks and riding down the middle of the road. I am afreaid what winter will be like with less lanes as well in a highly congested city already
928Matthew George
Poorly designed failure
929Juan Kelkchez
I think these are a waste if money. I have seen so many people still using the sidewalk. Or using the bike lanes for walking. And so many places have lost parking and were not warned prior, And now have no where to park.....
I disagree with taking out lanes to put in these bike lanes. If we didn't have room to add them without changing things we should not have put them in in the first place.
932Dolly Berg
933Bonnie Herchak
how may kids will have to die before they fix this mess! Isn't 39th and 40th enough of a mess they have to add to this prioblem!
934Heather Kovacs
I like the idea of the bike lanes butit still doesn't help with all the bad drivers out there especially ones that don't even seem to see pedestrians never mind cyclists
935D Wedman
Sadly, as usual, no one at city hall will be held accountable for this expensive disaster.
936Aimee burk
937Aimee burk
938D Kreiser
What a waste, were there so many bike fatalities or injuries to justify this? I haven't even seen any bikes use these lanes yet. Riding on the wrong side of the road, yes. Weaving in and out of the backed up traffic, yes.
939Carol Prentice
Red Deer is getting bigger, more traffic. Instead of making traffic flow better, they take away lane and add more congestion. I drive for a living, I never see enough bikes on the road to justify this expense!
941Audrey cawthorpe
With all the trails already through out red deer why take away driving lanes and make traffic issues worse, giant waste of money.
942D. Shaw
Shamefull waste of money, road traffic is heavy already, now add in the pedal bikes and road stress/rage is just going to get worse.
943Cheryl evans
Councillors completely messed up this time. Wasted my money to make my life even more complicated than it already is. We need new councilors who think beyond their own needs. Looking forward to the next election.
944Chris Bakke
Disgraceful dangerous short sighted and an absolute mistake. Council should be ashamed of themselves
945Anne Dial
Waste of Taxpayers money..!!Perhaps they could spend MORE MONEY on SNOW removal in the Winter..where it is REALLY NEEDED!!
i dont drive or bike and i still think its dumb and dangerous, im assuming in the future the biker inhailing the exhaust will be be the nxt cause of cancer posted all over the news and net, cant this world just stop with the pointless building
947teresa k.
Bad decision!!!!!
949Randall Mullin
1. Winter lasts 6 months or longer, more than half the year that these lanes will not be used.
2. Funneled 2 busy lanes into 1, I have had several multi-red-light stops now.
3. Cyclists are now at risk, ie. on 55th with all the 16yr high-school drivers
950Barb Giesbrecht
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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