Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
Twice I've been behind a big city bus and it has to drive over the curb to make the corner. Now one child has been a victim. Mr. mayor will you buy me a bike too.

2352Kevin B
Poorly planned and terrible waste of city money. I think the city councilors who backed this should be prepared to step down over this gaff.
2353Dani R.
To many reasons to list.One being how unsafe the bike lanes are. Someone is going to get killed.Two being traffic, which was already unsavoury,is now APPALLING.And while there is already major street reno's going on, slowing down traffic hugely? Stupid...
2354sheila free
I am not anti-bike route, only ANTI-BIKE LANE. Please council, LISTEN to us!
2355Darryl S
stop any more work and expense and re think how to accomodate bikes, cars and pedestrians. do more research in colder climate locations.
2356Lois M
They have created major traffic blocks during rush hours and there is no one using them -- they need to go especially when even if they are used its for a few months a year
I would really like to see the mayor and council use these bike lanes during rush hour. Then decide if they would consider there family using them. They are very unsafe for the cyclist and the drivers...
2358D J Donaghy
Waste of tax dollars for a few weeks of cycling. Still have only seen bikes going the wrong way on the bike lanes or on the sidewalk. I wouldn't ride my bike on most of those streets and hate to drive on most of them either.
2359Pam c
Red deer already had enough problems with not enough roads turning lanes ect ... Let's take some more away. Come on red deer how many months a year can you even ride your bike here? Give me a break. Waiting to see you guys plow the road to the pavement
2360Doug Free
Read the multi page letter I submitted to Council to get a full picture of how current design trends are ruining common sense traffic flows throughout the city.
2361Warren McIntosh
Really? isn't there enough traffic flow problems already. Put the money towards sychronizing the light signals!
2363Laurie H
Offer safe bike options for people by improving our trail system; first up, create better east-west access routes. This has been discussed before - why not do something about it. Streets should be for cars unless they are built initially with bikes in mind
2364Dean Stengler
Wow! Those things are dangerous!! I would never tell my children to go biking on them. Sorry council, I like the idea of being green, but it's lacking in execution.
Red Deer is not ready for bike lanes. Safety should come before anything else.
2366TJ Dubas
So its safe to assume the roads are going to be super fun to drive on this winter. Allegedly there was a survey that went around for the bike lanes prior to them going in, I don't know anyone who has seen it.
2367Angela Demers
I actually think the bike lanes are a good idea, when I drive on the right side of the road no cars are in my way.... job well done!
2368Diane S
Not in favor of taking away traffic lanes for bike lanes. The back up in traffic is now atrocious and very upsetting! I would never encourage a child or adult to ride in the bike lane... It's way too dangerous!
2369Katie B
2370%Rebbie Masley
This is beyond stupid. This many autos and they will to reduce lanes therefore slowing down all traffic. Its not linewe have a long mild Winter to really gets those bikes going in-40 balmy bike weather. Get real!!!!
2371Lynne E
I saw one person riding a bike since lanes started, and he was on the sidewalk.
Once again common sense has been abandoned by city council in favbor of minority groups.........first, a disgusting mountain bike park which has ruined a natural area and second, reducing traffic flow on already congested city roads.
2373Katie M
Why not make extra large sidewalks instead?
2374Al Sweet
Traffic flow in the City is a real problem as it is without ausing further problems with bike lanes and slowing down traffic. These bike lanes can be very dangerous for the riders on congested roadways. GET RID OF THEM.
2375Shane Deibert
I've yet to meet someone that thought these were a good idea. This city should look towards traffic circles and light management for non rush hour times.. It's insane to have advance turning at midnight. Our government is hell bent on wasting money.
2376Chris Rodgers
The bike lanes are pointless. Everyone drives because no one is willing to risk being hit by a car in the bike lane. It has lengthened my trip to work by about 15 minutes because I have to follow a single lane of traffic from on a main drag. If they were g
This is alberta, not mexico. we have snow for almost 70-80% of our year. wasteing money on bike lanes no one uses is so stupid its not even funny. THANKS for screwing up our traffic even more then it already is.
Cheers :)
2378Keith Banfield
To quote GoT.... Winter is coming. Seriously why are we spending money to rob us of road space in favor of something that can only be used half the year? And by a small minority of people.
2379Billy Mays
2380Jory Young
traffic is difficult enough in red deer without the bike lanes, traffic is bottle necked everywhere because of them, in the winter, they are useless, eliminating a much needed extra lane of traffic
2382John Walin
they must of came up with this idea the day they were all smoking pot on pot day at city hall park... really.. where are all the bikes you did this for what 50 hard core bike riders it summer and no one is really using them what happens when its cold
I think it would be horrendous the first time someone gets hurt on these lanes. I only seen people ride facing traffic or on the sidewalk. Crossing over is hazardous, my daughter bikes to college from the North end and it is scary for her.
2384Amanda Harper
Absolutely ridiculous. These bike lanes are going to be the cause of many accidents.
2386Steve Christensen
too much money, not enough demand, and congesting the streets
Absolutely ridiculous. These bike lanes are going to be the cause of many accidents.
2388Craig Scilley
We have a very adequate trail system that runs through out this great city, why can't we spend money on the upkeep of this feature, instead of wasting a great deal of money on more road congestion ??
I am all for going green. But when it comes to restricting traffic by reducing vechicle lanes well I believe that defeats the purpose
2390Matt Davies
I was driving alongside the bike lanes the other day and there were cyclists.....on the sidewalk, if the people who these lanes were designed for won't use them, then why would we put them in?
Also, I'm sure I'm not the only whose commute time has increase
2391 Don
You cannor operate a motor vehicle without a proper license and insurance as well as an operator's licence. So cyclists should be required to have a proper operator's license as well as a cycle license and insurance.Then lst them have "bike lanes".
2392Diane Foord
2393Marilyn St.Germain
What a waste of money!
2394Florence Crowe
2395Bonnie Rattai
The cost is too high for the amount of bikers & the short bike season
2397Estelle Carpenter
Really? What was city council thinking? Deliberately causing additional traffic congestion on already congested roadways? The height of stupidity is what this is.....and I'm a cyclist!
2398Corinne Skelton
When did the good? of the few become greater that the good of the many? I am offended that the Mayor has said we just don't accept change. Not true Morris what we don't accept is a waste of money on a dumb idea, for some "trendy" reason.
2399Devin Francon
A city that's grown about 38000 residents in 15 years takes out traffic lanes, you'd think the opposite might happen.
They picked the busiest streets to put the bike lanes on,55 st,39 st,40 ave,I have seen several near accidents due to the reduced lanes & congested traffic. The city is growing & now reducing lanes? My commute to work time has also greatly increased.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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