Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
3151Debbie McGillicky
Bike lanes in a city where the roads are covered with snow and ice or gravel for 6 months out of a year is almost too stupid to even comment on but it is worth a good laugh.
3152Sarah Vollman
3153Miles Vollman
Jan 20th 2013:

I didn't see any cyclists on the road today. Snow covered, minus 20, and no bikes. Fancy that! Smart City Council. We have had snow since OCTOBER and there are no bikes on the road anymore. You know what there is though............CARS! Gre
Bike lanes have been a waste of our money and also have caused a dangerous situation as covered with snow are causing near accidents daily especially along 40th Avenue. Should be rectified before there is a tragedy.
Just another poor plan of the city, I really think they should do more planning, before, going ahead with these kind of frivlous ideas.I guess they think the taxpayers are paying so it doesn't matter.
Spend the money on the maintenence
3157Lynnette Dussault
Thanks for wasting my hard earned money and every other citizen of Red Deers hard earned money! City of Red Deer - you get a F= fail incase you don't understand, because apparently you don't understand how to make this a better place to live.
Ever heard of responsible spending? Basing this decision on a small survey illustrates reckless decision making and spending by our city council. Also, thanks again for the property tax increase. Ridiculous.
3159John James
Remove and tear down those Bike Lanes Mr Mayor and Council. Bike Lanes are an insult to Red Deerians sensibility and good nature. We don't need a line/lane to tell us how to behave.
Just another blunder by Mayor Flewwelling and the gang, they seem to like to make expensive wrong decisions, especially when it isn't their money, Maybe they should spend some money on fixing the roads, mind you that might make sense.
I am all for becoming a greener city, but spend the money on more bike paths not dangerous bike lanes. I would prefer a scenic bike ride over riding next to vehicles any day! 59ave and 67st is backed up so far that it can take 3 lights to get through!!!
These lanes are a complete waste. I have actually seen people riding bikes on the sidewalks beside the bike lanes! Which I actually think is a better idea anyway.
3163Mar k McIntyre
Red Deer already has an adequate bike trail system throughout the city. Time to get our spending under control.
3164Shaughn Nichols
While other cities are working hard to increase the flow of traffic, Red Deer seems to be reducing lanes causing major traffic conflicts and slower commutes on major routes.
3165christopher meyers
What a waste of money on a system that would barley work in a tropical location never mind in a city that has such a small riding season . and i would not feel safe in said lanes anyways
For all of you councillors running in October here is some advice. Get rid of these stupid bike lanes or start looking for a new job. For those of you who are not running congrats on the legacy of one of the stupidest projects ever.
Those bike lanes have got to go. The city is not big enough for them and I don't feel safe using them at all. >:(
The bike lanes are extremely frustrating and dangerous on busy roads when trying to make a right turn. Traffic is backed up, Guess what, not a cyclist in sight. Also, where is one supposed to park? Perhaps in a city more suited to year round usage.
The bike lanes are dangerous, partly due to lack of proper signs and clear lane markings. On Wed Apr 9/13 I was almost hit head on by two vehicles as I waited in the left turning lane on 40 Ave & 44 St. People drive as if there are 2 through lanes
I have heard that 600 voted for the bike lanes. that means 90,000 were NOT in favor
Bike lanes put bikers at risk. Those lanes suddenly become a vehicle turning lane.Give a false sense of security. With bike lanes, turning lanes and regular lanes being thrown in on top of old lane lines,it is difficult to know where you are supposed to be
3172Bev Higgins
These are the most dangerous lanes I've ever seen. In an accident the car will win out every time.
3173Beverly McQuiston
I would rather a bike hit a pedestrian than a CAR hit a person on bike.
Also due to poor signage and road markings, I have to put my children at risk daily to get them to/from school. shouldn't our city council want our children safe??
This is becoming a sore spot for everyone. The roads are a total mess because of poor distinction of lanes. It is totally confusing driving. My kids go to school on 39TH which is very busy. A kid is going to get hurt crossing that street!
3176Christie Logan
Bike lanes big waste of money. I will never use them or let my children use them. Our city is full of beautiful paths and trails for bikes what was wrong with using them?use our money to fix pot holes,or to remove snow from the side of the streets.
3177Janice Huhn
Dangerous for bikers! useless waste of road!
3178Rick Mulhall
Bike lanes, are for very experienced riders ONLY. I am afraid for the Kids that think they are safe to ride on them, with out a licence or insurance, or the skill to negotiate with a 2 ton vehicle inches away doing 60 km/hr. Shame on City to keep them.
3179Marie Brochu
These bike lanes are a waste of our tax payers $$. They are dangerous and are causing severe traffic congestion. Scrap the idea before someone gets killed.
7 mths. later to get the message, some advance notice on the next pilot project would be great!Like a more sustainable transit system,that is used for 12 mths.
3181brian egilsson
over half the time people drive in them anyways cause of the severe trafic on the roads theyare a danger to our kids and adults alike. make wider walk ways and more paths
bikers have the trail system that can take them to all parts of the city. Get rid of the bike lanes they were a waste of money and dangerous.
3183Ernest Brauen
waste of time & mmoney. Former Manager Driver education
3184olivia armstromg
In my opinion,the city and mayor are all a bunch of money wasting idiots.The city could have spent the bike lane money on the roads or something useful.When you drive, you don't see cyclists.Another thing Dick wad Flewwelling thought up of.And by the way,a
3185olivia armstromg
waste of money!
3186Stacy Williams
The bike lanes in Red Deer are a waste of Tax Payers dollars,Also very curious if bike riders will have to pay for insurance and registration.They should be obligated to pay for the use and repair of the roads as well. Wait.Road Repair,fix the potholes
3187stephen buchanan
european b. s.
3188bob smith
Amanda todd is a loser and is f***ed
Award or not, this is a very poor idea for this region. They repaint bike lanes before they ensure road safety in major traffic areas! Why would anyone close lanes for bicyles? Why not just 'share the road'? Add some signs and education & save $$$!!
3190Guess Who
JP's a fag
the bike lane is proof that to be a mayor or council member you do not have to have normal or above normal intelligence , Yah great idea , inconvenience 10,000 cars a day year round to benefit maybe 10 bikes a day for maybe 3 months a year . Daaaaaah !!
3192Faye B
The City has decided to do yet another survey on the Bike Lanes. Why can't they just listen to what's already been said. The bike lanes have to go!!! We know what their 'surveys' result in. Why doesn't this petition go to them to get rid of the lanes.
3193Faye b
Tired of the city patting themselves on the back for idiotic ideas. The newest bike 'survey' is found at
3194Faye b
Did you know that unless you tell the bike survey the year of your birth and whether you are a male or female it won't let you finish the survey? A simple do you want to keep the bike lanes, yes or no would have sufficed but no, not in this city'.
3195Alan Smith
Cycling is the most dangerous mode of travel--mile for mile. It places a burden on the health care system in addition to the human costs.
3196Marg Smith
The current bike lanes are dangerous. One above curb next to, but separated from the sidewalk would be better, and hope make both cyclists and drivers slow down and give way at turns and intersections.Use Bells & flags please be seen and heard by seniors.
3198Gerald Scatterty
In the city's haste to implement bike lanes with very little forethought and spending "850,000", they have decided to listen to the majority and undo the mess they created on some roads. The damage done that now has to be repaired will cost much more to im
3199Linette Scatterty
I know that whoever voted to have this waste of money project approved will not get my vote this election. Red Deer's population has almost doubled in the last 20 years and they are making the roads smaller. Go figure!!!
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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