Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2701Francis Berger
Reducing traffic to one lane causes many problems. besides being so congested now, the winter problem that Red Deer seems to have been previously concerned about,cars idling so long in one place causing a big polution problem,this definitely won't help.
2702Tara Black
The citys' population is going up but the City of Red Deer figures now is the time to start removing lanes. And for bike lanes?? Red Deer has tons of trails bikers can use. That and we have nearly 6 months of winter! Wonder how this will work when it snows
2703George Neufeld
A poorly thought out plan by the city. Reducing room for vehicles to make room for a bike is ridiculous. Now things are more crowded and this will cause fatalities no doubt. Curious if there is someone on council who wants a bike lane for themseleves??
2704Robert McMeekin
2705Ingrid Anderson
Bike lanes at the expense of vehicle lanes on main streets is unsafe for everyone
2706Loyal Smith
Bikeriders in the city bike lanes must obey all the necessary traffic laws on the streets.The city should sell a reflective bib with a number so lawbreaking bikers can be identified.
2707Judy Martens
Have any of the councillors driven down some of these roads to see what losing a lane has done!!!! with our population growing we need more lanes not less we are definitely moving backwards
Come on Mayor and council, admit you made a bad mistake and fix it before the snow falls and really see what a mess you have made.
2709brian martens
i think the city can find a better solution to promote a healther life style. bike lanes can be added to new streets so congestion is not a proplem. in reality few bikes will use this system to justify the cost involved for 4 months a yesr.
2710margaret dawson
stupid! someone is going to get killed!
2711Alana Patrick
To remove traffic lanes for bike lanes is not justifiable.
2712Lucille Chislett
What a gong show... I've driven past the areas where the new bike lanes are and what I've noticed is traffic is now congested and I've yet to see a bike rider using the lanes????
2713Adam Guyett
Our roads are small enough as it is..
2714Tyson Borger
Not unlike the rest of North America, Red Deer is full of spoiled brats with a sense of entitlement that will never be pleased with anything. Just constant *****ing and complaining no matter what the circumstances may be. There is also an obesity epidemic
2715Craig R
Not good at all. Waste of money. We Need more space for vehicles not less!
2716Jocelyn Shandrowsky
2717Dan Skelton
This idea is insane. We have a city with a fantastic maze of trails that can be utilized. This also poses a serious safety hazard introducing these bike lanes to people who have never used them.just another case of a knee jerk reaction by council.
2718don shandrowsky
So, the city thinks its a great idea to lessen the roadways in a growing city, so that the, maybe 10 bicyclists that use the bike lanes have somewhere to ride. What a waste of time and money. First you should get the bikers off the sidewalks? This was a dumb idea
2719Sherrie Atherton
Any pilot project that uses our tax dollars there should be a full plebiscite. To make a decision based off of only 250 resident surveys is ridiculous. Definately waste of money. Who pays for the law suits when someone gets hurt or worse killed.Shameful!
2720Robin Krause
If we're seriously trying to be green,then let's maybe clean the sidewalks of snow in the winter for those that walk. Maybe the city should look out for the majoraty of their voters. Bike lanes...very poorly planned
2721Chelsey Dobbyn
You are out numbered city of Red Deer GET RID of bike lanes. Waste of our money and time. More headache than good.
2722L. Hanson
We have enough problems with traffic flow in this city.
Then the 54th St. under pass was eliminated (I didn't vote for that). The constricting of Ross St. between 49 Ave and Geatz Ave. (who dreamed up that stupid idea?) And now bike lanes? You must be f#*
Waste of taxpayer money.How about adding the money used to snow removal? Completely ridiculous based on the amount of time they will be used and percentage of drivers versus bikers.A poorly thought out plan by the city.
2724Judy Berger
If bikes are now sharing the road with the cars, they should also have to have license plates.This would help keep them accountable for their actions, same as cars.
2725Howard Antoniuk
Very poorly thoughtout decision. The only person I have seen using the lanes was travelling backwards on it. It is a lot of money spent that could have been used on more pressing matters. Never did see a snow plow on our streets last year.
2726Herb Dueck
Dangerous, waste of $$$. Why not fix the city streets ?? They are in terrible condition. NO wonder our Taxes went up UNREAL. We need a new Mayor & Council
People with some COMMON SENSE
2727Darrell Lockhart
To take away a whole lane of traffic has to be one of the most unthought plans on Red Deers history. Red Deer is getting bigger and bigger every year so let's elimanate half of the road for a peddle bike?? Isint that what our beautiful parks system is for
2728Michelle Sutherland
Is this the same person that designed traffic flow in/out of Edgar Ind. Park?
2729Charles MacDonald
There are better ways to spendtaxpayers money. Dangerous, I am wondering if there were any traffic studies done prior to implementation. I was told not. Traffic congestion is bad enough at peak hours.
2730Adam K
2731Gayle Thompson
Not a good use of money!
2732Dayle Thompson
They should have spent the $$ on snow removal like they promised in the last election!
2733Ron Embury
Changes on 55 street are dangerous. I have seen a number of near misses in vehicle collisions due to the changes made. I agree with other comments "reducing # of lanes is a poor decision." Very low bike useage (I have seen none), to impact so many.
2734Shirl Morgan
I want to ride my bike in a safe environment so why wasn't the money spent in better bike trails throughout the city?
2735Cody Hagg
The bike lanes are a pathetic waste of money and somebody is going to get killed... and Tyson Borger is a rock head who cant afford a vehicle that is all.....
2736Lorraine Steinke
This is a useless waste of time and tax payers money. There is nothing wrong with riding the sidewalks and using the endless bike trails. The bike lanes are very dangerous to bikers and drivers. Really very poorly thought out.
2737Larry and Pauline Sillery
2738Mary Mashford
So confusing .
2739Jerry Sutherland
Brutal idea combined with very little public information.
2740John Brown
One more big waste of money
Ill conceived, poorly planned, and badly executed. Nothing against bike lanes but these are a joke. I will remember this next election. Our City Council led by the nose by the city manager spending priorities are out of control.
2742Nicole Kawulych
I see more people using the side walk next to the bike then the bike lane itself. When I see the town council in favor of the bike lane using it themselves to bike to work instead of there thousands dollar luxury vehicle, ill be on bored with the program.
2743Justin Corbett
2744amanda cournoyer
Such a horrible waste of money and a huge headache for the majority of the city who drive.
i have never been so frustrated and angry at the city as i am since these bike lanes were put in. i have seen as many bikers on the sidewalks as in the bike lanes.
2745Roy Yetter
Puting bike lanes in the streets of Red Deer is putting bikers of all ages at risk. As normal our city council & Mayor have made another poor judgement decesion.The city is giving false security to the bikers of their safety &the waste of our tax dollars.
2746Walter Durksen
As a driver I find these bike lanes are very confusing & dangerous!!
2747Greg Simpson
Spending 800000 to paint lines where people can ride bikes anyway is dumb. Some of the areas where bike lanes were "created" are high vehicle traffic areas. Again, dumb to take away traffic lanes in these areas for a handful of cyclists.
2748Tom Parker
Absolutely ridiculous. Just an attempt to pacify a very small group of people that think they know what is best for everyone else, but they forgot to ask us first. Looks like they got it wrong again.
2749Margaret Simpson
Time and money should have been spent on coordinating traffic lights on major roadways to end stop and go traffic, wasting gas, and air pollution instead.
waste of money, slows down flow of traffic, get rid of them, taxpayers should of had say before this being done

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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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