Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1502C. Kolton
1503David Jones
1504John Johnston-Vince
1505Evelyn Jones
1506Cody Hemmingsen
Not a large enough city to justify the use of bike lanes. Also during school season I believe areas surrounding schools with bike lanes will become much more dangerous for the students.
1507Dalyce Loov
1510Krystle Pelto
Remove the bike lanes and give drivers back the road...if you want to improve something for biking improve sidewalks...most bikers use sidewalks anyways...I know I do. It is nearly winter and there will be no bikers using these lanes..
1511Connie Neale
1512Rick Neale
1513nate semeniuk
Mind boggling that our elected mayor just wants us to suck it up and get used to the "cluster' that these NOT VOTED ON bike lanes have caused! Get rid of them before a child gets hurt!
1514Sharlene Coumont
High volume traffic roads arbitrarily reduced to 1 lane,waiting for left hand turns through several lights,combined with the stop and go traffic due to the way the lights are synced makes driving in Red Deer an absolute delight. Yes Sheldon thats sarcasm.
1515Rachelle Kuhnen
1516Sandra Mitchell
I travel 40th avenue everyday in my vehicle and the bike lanes have totally caused delays and back up of traffic. I also ride my bike somedays and do not use the bike lanes because I don't feel they are safe.
1517James Lawrence
The first stage of the project was great. Few lanes here and there sharing traffic. That's fine. I found that effective. But way to take a few of Red Deers busiest roads, as they were already, and cut a full lane, creating more congestion. Real bright.
1518Alene Swanson
At first I didn`t realize what all of the fuss was about...until I drove down 40ave and 55 st - turning lanes into low population residential areas and down to one lane of traffic in front of Eastview school, Camille and LTCHS - terrible planning.
1519R Benbow
I agree. lets get rid of these before winter. With the poor record of snow removal that our city has already it won't be long until all those pretty little lines on the road are burried under a foot of snow and people will be driving all over the roads.
1520Cody Donaldson
I deliver pizza in the city of red deer and i see the bike lanes being a bigger risks for not only those riding their bikes but the vehicles as well. Children in red deer need to have more supervision when riding their bikes if accidents are an issue..
I'm not against the concept of bike lanes. What I am against is the idea of reducing the number of available vehicle lanes to make it happen. That made no sense at all and needs to be reversed before winter begins to wreak havoc on the city traffic flow.
1522Deanna Morin
I never think that its wise of leadership to use the resources of all tax payers to accommodate 1% of them. We don't even see road 6 months of the year due to lack of snow removal...what a waste.
1523Heather Hopp
The city council has proved that they can listen to the minority, now, can they listen to the majority? We do not want to GET USED TO unsafe conditions or long lines and waiting in traffic for ineffective reasons.
1524Benjamin Klassen
Listen this project started out in a logical frame of mind. Ie. riverveiw dr. ( up the hill from burger boy ) there was room on the road surface to accommodate both cyclists and motorists. But 55 st. to one lane ??? WTF. 40 ave.?!? Somebody should be fired
very few bikes in the schoolground,if its not needed why cause traffic congestion and delays
1527Claire Haycock
Waste of road space.
dangerous for the people riding a bike in some places.
1528Tony Marshall
The bike lanes create an elevated risk to the riders due to a false sense of safety being in between the lines of the path. I will choose to ride my bike on as many sidewalks as possible still becasue that is the safest place to be.
1529Kristy Cushon
I am not against sharing the road with cyclists but an experienced cyclist does not need a designated lane in order to cycle with motorists. I am against the city spending so much $$ w/out asking ALL of Red Deer if they wanted them.
1530Lee Bloomfield
I am a person who uses my bike as a main mode of transportation and i do not use the bike lanes because they are to dangerous and precariously placed.
1531shane foster
1532Beverly MCWilliam
Very poor planning and at a cost of 3/4 of a million dollars!!!! I will be very interested to see which councillors voted in favor of this. And now who will pay to have them removed? The taxpayers again.
1533Debbie murray
I think it's totally ridiculous and dangerous.hello we drove for years without this crap and why should we pay for stupidity.not safe and drivers lane too small
1534Rod McWilliam
1535Keith Brooker
I beleive the bike lanes were implemented with very little consideration from all Red Deer citizens as to placement and usage.
1536s hopper
1537Thomas Thorsteinson
Bike lanes pose a huge problem you risk the same problem with distracted driving and drunk drivers but on a bike it's ten times worse i would create bike lanes next to the sidewalks
1538Eric Sinclair
We should not lose traffic lanes on 40th Ave, 55th Street or 39th Street as these are heavily used particularly during school opening and closing times.
1539Ron Eby
55St & 40Th ave dont make any sense at all. We build 2.5 Meter bike paths along 39St from 30Th Avenue east and they still put in bike lanes. Really a lot of thought and waste of money.
1540paul menzel
I am having trouble with the city spending millions on the 32nd &40th interchange only to reduce 40th down to 2 lanes a few blocks later. Nice approach... I will be taking note on who is in favor of this come the next election
1542Crystal de Haas
it's really hard getting to and from school.
1543Connie Rolland
750,000ARE U FOR REAL.
1544Brenden Murray
These bike lanes weren't given enough consideration. If anything they are causing more problems than they are trying to fix. If anything, some of them in the downtown area are causing more danger to cyclists, due to proximity to heavy traffic.
1545Shirley McKintty
How did this ever make any sense? Now I'm scared what council might think up next!
1546Shauna Atkinson
1547Tyler Bailey
1548Terry Huston
Boy! Bike lanes seem like a real bad idea!!! How bout this...lets set up a toll so those who decide to brave them and use them can pay for them. Should pay for themselves in??? five hundred years or so:(
I don't want the bike lanes. We need more roads for car not less
1550Sandra D
Seems like an inappropriate time to be spending that kind of money on a non-essential service while our roads are in the worst shape they've been in in years.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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