Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2101Doug Morrical
Complete waste of $ and 55 street is a mess.
Absolutely a shame that a city like Red Deer spent tax dollars to install bike lanes. The climate in this province does not even allow for them to be used half of the year and would be dangerous if used once snow covered.
2103Janice Lickers
I like the idea but really!!!! I have only seen...... No cyclists on the paths since they started this project. We have the bike paths all over the city away from the Real traffic concerns. I would rather see more lanes for cars and those stupid jacked vehicles
your all fired!
waste of money and time we have some of the best paths around for a city our size these bike lanes are a joke. I wonder who will be laughing when someone gets injured or worse due to these wastes of money
2106Doug Marchuk
The city of Red Deer has some amazing bike trails.Keep the bikes on the trails and off the streets. The new bike lanes are ridicules. My 8 year old daughter now has a 2 hour bus ride home after school because of them. GET RID OF THE BIKE LANES!
2107Tracey Mix
The main/well used streets in the city are plugged now with traffic. They thought, well we ruined the downtown, we may as well ruin the busy streets also.The handfull of bikes should be on the sidewalks with the handfull of pedestrians, only a matter of t
Total waste of time and money!! So many other things this money could have been used.
2110Matthew Edwards
Get rid of the bike lanes, they cause traffic congestion and ruin the efficiency of our roads. If cyclists are truly concerned build a larger sidewalk for pedestrians and cyclists to share alike.
2111Joan McGonigal
Losing a driving lane for a bike lane, doesn't make any sense. Also, the cost to do it is outrageous. Maybe the councillors who wanted it should take it out of their wages, because it is us, the taxpayers, who are going to pay for it.
2112Allison McWilliam
2113Jeannie Litster
Dangerous!! Especially in front of Eastview school. Taking away lanes makes no sense. This is such a waste of taxpayers money.
2114Gillian Parker
I love Red Deer, but this is an obvious mistake (we all make them) that needs to be fixed.
Blocking off entire streets so people can no longer park in front of their own houses is bull crap. I've seen exactly one person using the bike lanes so far, and I drive along one of them every single day. get rid of them.
2117Corinne McLean
Ok, so what is the story behind these bike lanes. From what I see, there was no thought put into this project. Whose pocket was lined with this one? Very DANGEROUS traffic congestion. Money poorly spent. What's up people?
way to mess up the streets. i assume thats what you were shooting for when this all started.
This was a horrible decision on the City's part. Lets shirnk our roads and congest traffic more. I haven't seen one person use the bike lanes. Drivers have already started to disobey the bike lanes which is going to cause huge accidents in the winter.
Rubish. Between the congestion and the poorly timed traffic lights, Red Deer needs to get its crap together. It shouldn't take me 45 minutes to get to somewhere 20 minutes away. Red Deer is full of poorly designed and structured roadways for our ever incre
Who's the douche that came up with this one? I thought cuoncil was supposed to listen to its people.. not a select handful of their friends..
What a waste of money! No one is using these bike lanes, traffic is terrible and its dangerous for bikers to even use these... What a genius idea!
Horrible decision made by the City of Red Deer! Traffic is a nightmare now.
What a joke! We can barely get the streets plowed in the winter, yet the City will fork out all this money to put these useless bike lanes in right before the snow hits?? WOW!
2125Danielle Stewart
You can put up a bike line for the 5 months we can [don't] use it but you can't plow our streets in a timely fashion during the other 7?
Change the lanes back. I feel the city was irresponsible to create the lane especially at such a great cost from a response of 250 people in a city the size of Red Deer. Money like that should go to not for profit agencies that are struggling.
2127Darren Mc
40th ave has been 4 lanes for at least 30 years. Traffic has at least doubled over the years and now we take two of the lanes away. The same goes for any of the streets affected. This doesn't make sense. VERY BAD IDEA!!!!
2128Kelly Bloye
Terrible decision from the city.
2130Rob Sakofsky
Must be a nightmare for transit drivers, ambulances and fire trucks. I hope someone doesn't die waiting for an ambulance that's struck in traffic.
When taking children to school at eastview middle school you can never be sure how the traffic will be or how long you will have to wait. They are usually late by the time we get to a safe spot for them to get out of the vehicle. Also it is now winter. No
2132Randy Monk
2133Debbie Monk
As if we didnt have enough traffic problems with 2 lanes, one lane is a nightmare.
2134Lyndon Durand
build the paths off of the mai roads, do the construction slowly over 20 years
2135Courtney Lapointe
These bike lanes are becoming more of a safety hazzard then anything. We spent money on putting bike lanes and you still see people riding their bikes on the sidewalk. By creating these bike lanes it is taking away traffic lanes, which are needed!
2136Kirklan Bowman
2137Tristian A
we all work in industrial parks on the edge of the city... not in huge skyscrapers downtown...
The time to get to and from school is doubled, the streets are chaos and the bike lanes are not even being used. Putting bike lanes in when winter is almost here was the worst idea ever. All it will do is cause accidents.
Horrible Decision. Traffic is a damn nightmare now
In a cliamte where we have winter at least 6 months of the year, bike lanes are a ridiculous idea. I have yet to see a single person use the bike lanes. Put in more car lanes and the bikes will be safer on the streets we have.
2141Orley Neuert
Having just returned from Vancouver and seeing their system i see the need for it IN VANCOUVER where the weather permits bike traffic 11.5 months of the year and with a system that was designed and built soley for that purpose.
2142Orley Neuert
But What they`ve done in Red Deer has only taken an already congested situation and made it EXTREMLY Dangerous for everyone,especialy the bikers. Another Brilliant move by our city planners
2143Luc Hollebeke
When are we having a new mayor and council? These people have wasted millions on stupid projects such as downtown and now the bike lanes. If company employees would waste that kind of money they would be fired. As of today I have seen three bikes on th
I haven't seen one person using this as I sit in backed up traffic on 40th ave by Eastview school. How is this going to work in winter when we can't see the lanes?
2145Laurie White
And this is why I strongly dislike politics..
Traffic is now always backed up on 39th during school hours because we are down to one lane. I don't feel safe riding my bike in the bike lanes and wont allow my 12 year old to use them either.
The bike lanes were are serious waste of tax payers money. We do not have the need for the lanes or the space. The roads that have been cut down were crowded and slow before, they are even worse now with these new bike lanes. They are also unsafe!
These bike lanes have created unnecessary traffic congestion around the city and are very unsafe!Someone who is stuck in one lane of traffic is going to dart around a turning bus and some kid is going to be the victim of this waste of tax payers money.
2149craig pace
Please consider a more intelligent solution, this wasn't exacuted properly in any way.
We need to move traffic faster in Red Deer not slow it down.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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