Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1451Matthew Richard
1452Ted Stephan
A total disregard of tax payers money , the Council Members who voted for these bike lanes , along with the Mayor and City Manager should hang there heads in shame and resign immediatly .
taking away a traffic lane for a bike lane, not a good idea!!!
1454Ted Mellick
This petition should have never had to happen if City Council would have asked the people of Red Deer. Get rid of the bike lanes.
1455Fran Mellick
City Council admit your mistake instead of trying to drum up support for this waste of taxpayer dollars.
1456J. Hansen
Huge mistake!
1457Brennan Tallack
Red Deer has one of the best trail systems in the country. The bike lines are unnecessary and only disrupt traffic.
1458Dennis Edwards
when do bike riders have to pay for licence and insurance
1459 Jan
What would be wrong with simply putting up the signage that show the road is a bike route instead of taking away traffic lanes?
1460Noreen Kiffiak
This is only the beginning of a much larger agenda called U.N. Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. Read "Behind the Green Mask"/Rosa Koire
I very much oppose these bike lanes. What about driveability?
1461Joanne Edwards
how many people actually use bike lanes?
Make the Mayor,council members and the 250 residents that voted this in pay for the black paint and make them paint over the markings. I don't want to pay again with my taxes. I bet they would get a better deal on the paint than we got as taxpayers!!
1465Wendy O'Brien
I think this has been a big waste of money - has caused major congestion for vehicles - what is going to happen when winter hits - should be nice.
Even saw a "Firefighter" pull out on his bike & ride on the side walk...what were you thinking - NOT
1466Travis Gangl
Good intentions but very ill conceived. The City could incorporate bike lanes in future const but don't eliminate over taxed lane capacity with bike lanes.
1467Kerry Mccorry
I think the bike lanes are the most ridiculous ever.
1468Cheryl MacDonald
Bikes before buses... then how is it that the city buses park in the bike lane by Eastview Middle school? 3 schools and a community center all off that street and one lane of traffic. Lets hope the new bike lanes don't claim a overwhelmed child.
1469Mandy Deditch
1470Dave Jones
It is a big mistake to cause serious traffic problems by adding bike lanes to already busy roadways. Design bike lanes into new nighbourhoods.
1471Dallas Dzuba
I will use the sidewalk when I ride my bike. I do not trust drivers on the road to not hit me. Disasterous.
1473Fred A Harvey
For all the naysayers regarding useage of bike lanes in the winter, another million or two & the city can flood them in the winter & turn them into skating lanes which makes about as much sense as bike lanes
1474Deb Marshall
I agree with many of comments that have been made. I honestly have not seen one biker on the bike lanes near my place since they were done a month ago. I would not use them, sidewalks are safer I feel!
1475Steve van Arragon
They should not have sacrificed driving lanes for bikes. Bad decision
1476Karen Wilson
We have beautiful bike trails and maybe 5 months out of the year to use them!! What a waste of our taxpayers money!! Our streets are busy it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt!
1477BJ Patrick
I'm thinking these bike lanes might all be leading us to Glendale school to see all the people using the $1.2 million dollar skate board park. Or who exactly did we spend all this money on because I don't recall bike congestion on the existing streets.
1478Rhonda Peters
I agree, we have an incredible trail system in Red Deer. I would NEVER allow my kids to ride on the road. Much needed lanes near schools especially, were taken away for these bike lanes. Foolish.
1479Gaylene Jeffrey
We heard the bike lanes were going in but no one ever approached us on 59 Ave to inform us that we were loosing the right to park in front of our house. As home owners & tax payers I feel that our rights have been violated.
1480Rae-Ann Smith
1481Ken Embury
Let us taxpayers vote on this waste of spending our hard earned tax dollars
1482Jan Bowman
There have been countless letters to the editor in the paper and emails to all city councillors against this project, they MUST listen to the citizens now and back down on this, at least on the busy streets such as 55 st. 40 avenue and 39st.
1483Giselle Duchscher
Bike lanes on already congested roadways was a poor idea and a waste of tax payers money.
1484Diane Buckingham
Terrible. Bike lanes are good UNLESS you remove existing vehicle lanes AND existing downtown parking. A big FAIL for the City's social engineering $800K project.
1485Tim Hetu
Waste of my tax dollars and will cause accidents. Cannot cause congestion as we have now!
1486Daniel Schaeffer
These lanes are going to put more people at risk than not having bike lanes.
1487Jacalyn H. Miller
Thanks Red Deer, my car now spews out extra pollution while idling "extra" at lights because of the new bike lanes. I've seen skateboards in the bike lanes, going *against* traffic, yikes! but precious few bikes...
1488Jacalyn H. Miller
Thanks Red Deer, my car now spews out extra pollution while idling "extra" at lights because of the new bike lanes. I've seen skateboards in the bike lanes, going *against* traffic, yikes! but precious few bikes...
1489J. Grant Miller
sorry my name appeared twice, please delete one! but my husband just asked me to add his name as well...thanks!
1490Patti H
Theoretically, it might have been a good idea, and even a nice idea. But traffic flow is such in this city that a bike path can't work.
1491Robert Mitchell
Its a matter of time before someone gets hurt on these bikes lanes. Not needed, waste of our tax dollars!! What's next...?
1492Lauren Thorsteinson
The bike lanes are ridiculous!! And I ride my bike 3-4 times a week. I don't even use them because I'm scared to be hit by a car, as I've seen quite a few cars still driving in them!! Also, whose brilliant idea was it to create them 2 months before winter?
1493Carmen Lee
1494Spencer Lee
1495R. Hansen
1496L&G Johnson
Such a mistake!!I travel 39th,it was always busy before now it is a mess. What really upset me was seeing a young boy on a skateboard going east in the bike lane with no proper gear on,an accident waiting to happen!!!
1498Dale D
I'm a bike rider but the lanes are the dumbest thing the city has done. We have a great trail system for biking
1500George Munn
Get rid of this insanity before the snow flies or all these bikes will be sliding all over the place and into the traffic lane.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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