Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
451Jessica Robinson
Huge waste of our money. I dont see how this is beneficial especially on streets like 40th, we needed those two lanes. I have seen tons of drivers drive down them too do to the traffic backing up tons. I say worst plan ever!
452Amanda Pochapsky
453terri gosnel
waste of money and very dangerous
454Terry Hansum
This idea was horrible. This shows how out of touch with Red Deer those in power are.
455Crystal Cummings
456Eva G.
The concept of providing bike lanes for bicyclist is a noble one, but council needs to get a reality check. Implementation of the program was not done right. This will create more dangerous situations for bikers and drivers alike. Bad idea!
457Luella F.
I brag about the wonderful paths we have in our city, so WHY put a bike lane close to one? Please use the paths,it is much safer and nicer views. Bike lanes close to paths should be removed. They hold up traffic!!! Especially along 55th street and 40th a
458mark D
Another black eye for Red Deer and the council we voted consultation input...its time for a change...and also...are there not 200 km + of trails to ride on...i would definately not ride these bike lanes...its hard enough trying to get around
459Angela Richens
Very bad idea. Very dangerous and a waste of money.
460Tracey Kachor
It is way to confusing to drive with the new bike lanes, plus I have yet to see anyone use them! They are a mess to navigate and will cause way more accidents then just having the bikes on the lager paths that are everywhere in Red Deer!
461Advin Omic
The bike paths were not needed and are super confusing. I hope the people in charge read this petition and I do hope who ever had this idea gets fired thanks.
462cindy k
463Elle bartlet
Bad planning to put bike lanes on already congested roads. We aren't tropical. We have winter most of the year. Haven't seen a single person use any of the lanes. Better to use that money for snow removal
464Matthew C
First off, Bravo Red Deer. If there is any better way to bring a community together, its build bike lanes behind our back. Last time I voted I am sure that on no one's platform did it say " I will constrict traffic around schools where there are huge volumes of traffic from Monday to Friday when people are all heading to work. Even the bikers (all 50 of them) that venture the concrete jungle say this a bad idea. So who conceived this idea anyways? Your backing of we didn't remove two lanes on 55th street, we made two wider lanes and one full turning lane so 1 biker every half hour could have a 4" buffer zone. You must be doing some extensive yoga or have a contortionist background to put your head in the position it must have been when you conjured this idea. Obviously the gurus at city hall never travel down 40th Ave or 55th street. There was also no consideration of public transit. So when a bus gets pinned behind regular commuter traffic after they break free from the bottleneck bike lanes do they get to make up time to stay on schedule by going 90 km/hr instead of the regular 65 km/hr (no tickets for speeding they are on a schedule, rules don't apply to Red Deer Nascar busses). Did you consider this when your narrow minded one way thinking of "this is a great idea because green is always right." How many bikers came to the city with demands of creating them a personal lane. How many bikers are studding their tires for the 7 months of winter that we experience or do you convert them into dogsled lanes, for all the dogsledders that are in Red Deer of course.

Congratulations for publicizing that you will be patting yourselves on the back of this is a great idea with a bike parade on September 15th. So your green idealists that want to celebrate make sure to keep your foot on your pedals and not in your mouth here. Bike from across the city to the start point (cars are bad and evil) then bike down to the Farmers Market where there is no accommodation for all 50 bikes. The only bikers at the Farmers Market are doing tricks in the skate park. (possible turf war, luckily there's Kettle Corn and Mini donuts to eat while enjoying the entertainment) Then bike back home (cars are bad and evil). We have gotten by without bike lanes forever, they're called sidewalks. We have done just fine with them, bikes go around and announce that they are coming (it's called communication). How about wider sidewalks like you're doing in the new subdivisions, 8' wide sidewalks, what a great idea.

We need the votes. The more that agree or have a say will help the cause. I will let as much media sources know about this concern because media likes nothing more than good entertainment.
465Danille G
466Maureen McMurtrie
The bike lanes on 39th Street are a joke! I drive this route every day and have only ever seen 2 cyclists using the bike lane. Neither were obeying the rules of the road as they blew through stop signs that motorists stop for. The congestion in front of St
467Sammi Knight-Davies
These bike lanes are terrible! There is already limited parking downtown and now they've taken away parking to put in lanes that no one uses! They aren't safe and I am totally against it! Why are we widening 32st and then making everything one lane?!
Well if they don't remove the bike lanes from 55th street I may have to quit my job!! Please tell me who decided that THREE schools that all start and finish around the same time only need one lane and the turning lane is only about TWO feet long . . really who came up with that idea WOW that's was a good one PLEASE SHARE THE DRUGS YOU ARE ON THEY MUST BE GOOD, because in no way can I wrap my brain around this.What really makes by blood boil is every day when I go to work and see all the EMPTY BIKE PATHS along the river full of trees and peace and quite seems like a great place to ride a bike to me !(and they all get you to 55th street ) but some where in some ones head riding on a busy street seemed like a much better idea!! AND THE BEST PART IS EVERYDAY PEOPLE ARE STILL RIDING ON THE SIDE WALKS GOOD WAY TO SPEND TAX DOLLARS GUYS GOOD JOB PLEASE KEEP IT UP!!
469Karlee Ball
Three schools in relatively the same place with a road which has one lane... not a smart idea, traffic is a pain in the butt to get to Thurber.
What a waste of time and money. I have yet to see a biker use these lanes. Im starting to think I should be showing up for council meetings, to fend off any more of these pathetic ideas.
471Kristine Trepanier
Alberta only gets 3 months of summer a year if we are lucky.Not an intelligent idea.
Terrible waste of money.Not enough room for these lanes on our roads.
Bad idea, I don't think we have the bike traffic to warrant the lanes given.
474Oliver T.
They had a hearing about building a skate park on the north end of town. Would have been so difficult to set up a hearing about shrinking our roads? I don't think so.
475Ben P.
I am part of a help program. I stepped in some dog poop and walked on my wife's clean white carpet. I made a mistake and admitted it and it's okay........Red Deer? Anything to say?
476Brittany Baker
What a waste of taxpayers money. People are riding on the sidewalk right beside a bike lane. The traffic is already congested enough without taking away another lane. What happens in the winter? Just more room for snow to not get plowed?
477Lexi Hovind
Huge waste of our taxes. These bike lanes are more of a hazard then anything. We are in Alberta not California.
478Michael York
I own and operate a courier service here in Red Deer and have logged hundreds of thousands of city miles over the last 25 years. In no way, shape or form do we need these bike lanes. Someone is going to get hurt, or worse...
479Susan Hovind
480Erik S
Bike Lanes was a terrible idea. Red Deer Should have worked on creating more driving lanes considering our city is growing only seems logical
481zehida omic
482Sarah Leonard
I am really beginning to think the city planners here in Red Deer are idiots. Such a waste of money and time! People are just going to get hurt!
483Pamela Liptak
I think that for the few people that ride their bikes- maybe 5 months of the year, The inconvenience for the rest of us is too great. Maybe spending that much on improving public transit would be money better spent.Thank you.
484Don Hovind
Traffic was congested already. These bike lanes have made the previous problem worst. Traffic is no longer flowing. All around bad idea. Complete waste of taxpayers money.
485Janelle Aupperle
486Alanna Huber
487Nicole Houston
The bike lanes are horrible! Traffic was congested with 2 lanes and now is twice as bad. I have seen so many people in cars using the bike lanes to get around vehicles. It's very dangerous
488heather russekk
gross miss use of tax dollars.
489Laurie G
paint over them! Very dangerous. not being used. traffic congestion on Mitchener hill to linday thurber. they stop and start irradically too. I told my son to never use them and he said that he likes the sidewalks and that he thought then dangerous too!
490Nicole Balson
Very unsafe and not used properly if at all!
492Sean Draper
I am disgusted by this whole mess!If we lived in a climate like California, even Vancouver, this MAY have made a bit of sense. But we don't. This is going to cause more traffic to residential side streets where children play. Who ok'd this?! Waste of tax $
493Tanya k
So u spend a ridiculous amount of money in bike lanes based on 250 people! Yeah cuz thats accurate!! Obviously this was not a well thought out plan and a really good way to piss the city off!! Thanks for that!
495Afton Doe
496Aaron Turton
Absolute disgusting mis-use of tax dollars! No wonder there is "no money" to spend on snow removal on the streets in the 8 months of winter we get!
497sarah jo buffalo
tax payers deserve a rebate after this waste!!!
I wasnt asked if it was ok to use my tax dollars, and make my days more difficult. With all the already existing trials in this city and the lack of people who actually ride their bikes, these bike lanes are more of a problem than a good thing!
499JoAnne Dyck
Rediculous! Worst idea this city ever had! We are not a big enough city for this bull **** to work! There's still cyclists on the car lanes so what's the point! We have great bike trails, use them!!!!!!! Get rid of the bike lanes!!!!
500Mike F
Complete waste of $$$$
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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