Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2501Robert Smith
Red Deer resident since 1966. Biggest waste of money I have ever seen.
Thanks City of Red Deer for increasing our traffic times and increasing the outcome of potenial hazards. What a waste of tax payers money.
2503Mike Lodewyk
I am an avid cyclist, who detests riding on the street. Realistically, we have miles of good trails. We just need some good connectors to get around the city. These bike lanes are not them. Actual consultation with affected citizens is required.
2504Kalhanie Stillings
We already have a path system that reaches every corner of Red Deer. I am now driveing next to kids walking in the lane or skateboarding!! It is very unnerving as a driver!! 39th is the main artery to 12 community services. 5 are schools!
2505calvin keys
2506Brock Setchell
I have seen 4 or 5 bikers using the lanes in 3 weeks but hundreds drivers being held up and slowed down by these ridiculous lanes.
2508Mike Truant
We rode our bikes in the same area of road without Big Brother telling us to do it. We all learned how and where at peddelpushers and from our parents. We all knew cars were bigger than us so they really had the right of way.
Boomers rule.
2510Monica Knox
I'm against bike lanes. We Do Not need any bike lanes. I hardly see anyone on the bike lanes in the city. One they can get hurt or killed on the same road as the motorists. We do have good bike paths in our city. Why on earth did we spend $800,000.00?
2511Tammy Taylor
2512Daryl Anderson
We need more lanes for traffic, not less. In their wisdom they take a busy street, take it down to 1 lane and then add a turning lane because of toooooo much traffic. Does common sense no longer exist? No we don't like it because we don't like change Mr Fl
2513Gina Marsh
Very dissappointed in the city for putting in these awful bike lanes. They have made getting around Red Deer in a vehicle much less efficient and much more timely. Doesn't make sense to inconvenience every person who drives a vehicle. Lose the bike lanes!
2514Gail Smith
39st &55st are now more crazy than they were before.I've only passed 2 bikes in 4 weeks.It now takes longer to drive my daughter to school. Stop the madness!!
2515Helena Swanson
I am of the opinion that they are presenting a serious hazard. And how many city bikers are there really?
2516shona deveson
Why not just make wider sidewalks....bikers use them anyway. I would not use the bike lanes during conjested times and I have seen only a handful of people using them anyway. Definately could have spent money more wisely!

2517Delmar hunt
Bad idea, dangerous!!
2518Tricia Cunningham
It now takes longer to get around the city and I've yet to see any bike riders using them.
2519Ashley S
What a horrible idea! We have a growing population, so why the hell are we making less driving lanes? Doesn't make sense to me!!!
2520Shona Hamilton
2521Shannon Coulic
This seems like more of a danger to both the cyclists and the drivers on our city roads than a benefit to anyone. We already have a wonderful trail system in place. I could understand this concept if we had the climate year round to support this idea.
2522Alisha Hennel
This makes me absolutely livid !!! I havnt seen one damn "biker" on these stupid lanes !!! How about make a F***in side walk ??!?? We pay our road tax for a reason and this ia unacceptable !!! Figure it out
2523Jamie Gregory
I agree with Mike Lodewyk (2503) !!!! I look at 40th Avenue as an example now, there is already a school zone, shopping complex, bar, and MAJOR intersection within a short distance. This is hazard!
2524vern smith
silly idea
was not thought out very well.
Are these going to be groomed in winter for cross country skiers or are you going to pile the snow there?
2525Brandon Bryce
As if I'm going to let my kids ride their bikes in THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!!
2526Sacha Doe
2527Mike Anthony
I think bikes do need a safe place to ride, however using existing vehicle lanes in a constantly growing city makes absolutely no sense. It would make more sense to widen the roads 1 meter or widen the sidewalks with a bike lane painted on the sidewalks.
2528Brandon Molander
2529Darla Biller
I fully support anyone who wants to exercise but spending this amount of $ on bike lanes in a place where the winter weather can be quite severe is wasteful. There are way bigger priorities for the City to consider!
2530Melissa Irwin
Waste of money. It takes me such a long time to get to school. There's 3 schools by Thurber, think of all the backed up traffic trying to get out at the end of the day and the traffic trying to get in in the morning
2532Dana Letendre
Never is too late to admit a mistake....
Please do it, and do not spend unnecesary budget money
2534Heather MacMillan
Theses lanes do not make anything safer. I have seen several near accidents because of them especially during morning drop off at all the schools
That money could of went to sooo many other things. So ridiculous!
2536Bobbi Tofsrud
What a waste of money!! I havent seen even ONE cycler use these lanes!! In fact the only cyclists I've seen since the bike lanes were put in were cycling in the traffic lanes!! Maybe turning lights/lanes at hi volume intersection woulda been a better idea
2537Michelle Wiens
Get rid of them! They are a waste of traffic space and usually whoever is in the bike lane is not a cyclist. I have seen people rollerblading in them and even skateboarders. This is not what Red Deer needed.
2538Cameron St.Cyr
poor idea, with the city growing there is more traffic not less, so why less lanes???
2539nancy coleman
Poor idea
2540myrna Harris
This lanes are a hazard to everyone. Its only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Then whos fault is it! I have seen these bike lanes going down the center of streets. The bikers do not follow the rules of the road!
2542Lois Molander
What were you thinking, I was under the impression that there were going to be more bike trails build like the ones we all ready have that are build off the streets that are safer for walking and biking and don't put you in danger of being hit by a vehicle
2543Shawn Battensby
I agree that something needs to be done, but this is a terrible solution. solving one problem by creating another larger one. Terrible.
2544Barb Sinclair
Get rid of them
2545Julie Swan
This is going to cost a lot more when the first few court cases come rolling in from fatalities or accidents. The City is risking potential law suits down the road. VERY RISKY
2546Melinda Pottruff
The congestion it crazy! I have not seen nearly enough bikes using the road to make it worth it!
2547Michele Stanley
I feel there should have been more discussion and assessment of the impact this decision would make on traffic flow, as well as utilization. I would have preferred the money go toward more bylaw officers to address disturbance issues.
2548Pat Brandson
our streets are conjested enough.Please put back the lanes that are required to get the traffic flowing smoothly again.
2549michael bertrand
Poor idea. Traffic is only going to be worse. Someone is going to die.
2550Sherri McMullen
What is the point?? Use the bike trails - that is what they are designed for. Seriously the City was not thinking.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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