Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1051Gail Kary
What a waste of tax payers money. This was a horrible idea and was executed miserably.
1052gail Elaschuk
1053Joyce Munawych
These lanes are ridiculous and only serve to slow traffic flow and cause big delays at lights Further it is difficult to see bikes in a be holes blind spot and from a big truck almost impossible. City council have crated paths with the sidewalks
1054Joyce Munawych
These lanes are ridiculous and only serve to slow traffic flow and cause big delays at lights Further it is difficult to see bikes in a be holes blind spot and from a big truck almost impossible. City council have crated paths with the sidewalks
The trail system in Red Deer is beautiful, there is no need to encourage bikers (most of whom don't follow road safety) to ride on the roads.
Cutting roads, which were already congested down to one lane, when there is a trail right behind it, is a waste.
1056Valerie Mann
Total waste of our tax dollars. Shame on Red Deer city councillors and mayor. Maybe speaking to its citizens would be a better course of action next time.
I have seen a total of 2 bikers using the lanes. Instead vehicles are waiting at lights twice as long and it takes much longer to get around town.
1058penny sul
39st and 55st are complete disasters waiting to happen. already way too congested at the best of times when we had two lanes not it's insane. Eastview shopping center is now just a short cut to get past all of this everyone is going speeding through there.
1059Zdenek Niederle
Another show of waste of taxpayers money. Maybe our leaders are trying to catch up to Greece. Only a City employee could figure out the way to handle increased trafic in the city is to narrow the streets.
1060Gary Stillwell
A waste of money and not being used.
1061R. Grey
I do not see any measurable use of the bike lanes. Why have 4 lane roads been reduced to 2 lanes? Why have many Red Deer streets been changed from two way to one way - to facilitate traffic. Correct this bike lane folly.
total waste of money
1063Harold Hopp
I am against this new initiative to slow down traffic in Red Deer.The city should spend this money to repair all the damaged roads in Red Deer instead.
1064Fred Harvey
Red Deer's street system was okay in the 50s maybe but has falling way behind the amount of traffic, now slow it down more with bike lanes????
1065Doreen Edmundson
Waste of taxpayer's money, cost more for a taxi now due to traffic being slowed down
1066Doreen Edmundson
Waste of taxpayer's money, cost more for a taxi now due to traffic being slowed down
1067Colette Ross
I feel bad for the homeowners who can no longer park in front of their own property as a bike lane is now there, being unused.
1068Cheryl Olsen
Waste of taxpayers' money! Reducing 4 lanes into 2 lanes is very poor planning!
This city is not designed for bike lanes. Taking out traffic lanes for them is ridiculous. Soon they will be snow covered for 6 months....then what? Total waste of out tax dollars.
1070JD McNeil
1071Sandra McNeil
1072Hailey Hocken
Stop the madness.
1073Gordon Hillman
Every individual in the City planning dept who designed the bike lanes and every member of council who voted for them must be held personally responsible for every accident, injury and death which results from this totally unthoughtout plan.
1074S Godden
Stupid idea.
1075G Godden
1076C Godden
1077Tricia Millward
I do believe that it has been more of a headache for vehicles to get around the city, but if the city wants to keep the paths open i would like to see the bikes who use it to have to get incurance just like any other transportation unit has to on the road.
1078K Petten
Gonna cause more headaches and accidents than letting the riders ride in the vehicle lanes
1079Carla Travis
I cannot believe City Council has chosen to cause more frustration for the thousands of drivers in deference to 10's of bike riders! The council should be concerned with alleviating the traffic congestion in our growing city, not creating more!
1080Rob Kolton
Causes too much traffic congestion on major arteries
seems to need a vote on this alright,are they going to ticket you if you are driving in the the bike lane in the winter too||
1082Gail VanMale
The city likes to pay a lot for paint! $750,000 for the water tower and $800,000 for bike lanes.
1083George Munn
Probably the worst idea ever in the history of Red Deer from the worst council Red Deer has ever had. But election time will come!!!
1084vera anderson
too much cost for too small a portion of the population, and what happens when the lanes are covered in snow?
1085G. Seher
I assume that those that initiated this program and those that approved it will be using their bikes to and from work? A waste of taxpayers money. A very poor decision.
1086krystal mercer
what a waste of tax payers money, not to mention the effect on traffic!!! So mad about this, poorly planned!
1087Mark Mercer
Makes getting to and from work a nightmare.
1088Penny Follett
incorporating them into new thoroughfares? Fabulous! Removing lanes on already congested infrastructure? Very poor planning. How about upgrading the transit system so that it is viable instead?
1089chris kisinger
The best part about the bike lanes is the is a friggen side walk or worse, a bike path right beside most of the lanes. I love politictions.not
1090Tim McCoy
Good job council [ not ]
1091Mike Parama
The current bike trails and sidewalks were more than adequate, not to mention that it is rather risky riding a bike on main arteries especially for children. And what is the long term maintenance cost going to be, to keep the lanes painted etc.? The real
1092Doug Stolee
1093Bernice Stolee
1094R Chapman
City council spending poorly again for more traffic congestion as our city grows not decrease traffic lanes - Bad Idea now our cost!
1095Jan Colling
The result of permanently reducing sections of roads to only 1 lane and removing full blocks of street parking for an occasional cyclist for a few weeks of use is shortsighted and penalizes all drivers all year. Remove them before winter chaos happens.
1096Amanda Olsen
Poor planning. I love waiting for ten minutes everyday to get away from my house. It gives me time to think of more places you can spend a million on a park in the middle of a street blocked off by cinder blocks or bike lanes no one uses.
1097Kerry Mann
Please get Rid of these bike lanes that eliminate a car lane. Red Deer is too congested as it is.In addition, the cost is far too expensive, and what happens in the winter with the lanes? We also lose the ability to turn right on many streets as cars goin
1098Sandra munn
Totally insane, how the Mayor can defend this is a measure of councils incompitance.
1099Tammy Naf
We have a beautiful bike trail system in this city.. Use this amount of money to expand and maintain that!!
1100Tom Farthing
I was a commuter via bike and longboard. I don't want to anymore as (A) It is dangerous now and (B) Makes me feel connected to this bad design. However driving is even worse now. Also seen some INSANE drivers passing in those lanes. So dangerous....
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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