Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
651Ty Lewis
the bike lanes are a huge waste of money and road space. maybe in another decade they will be usefull. the lanes take up too much space on already over crowded streets. please before your in to deep with the lanes take them out.
652Bill Cormack
The idea of bike lanes has some merit. Losing two lanes on a four lane street is very poor traffic management. I am sure the ONE cyclist that I have seen using it is happy but the drivers losing a traffic lane are not. This needs to reviewed and corrected
653Glenna Cormack
654Lanett Young
As much as I commend the city on taking the initiative to create a safer option for cyclists, it has created MUCH havoc on my family in transporting our children to school! This was a WASTE of money. What's going to happen when they are covered with snow?
655Bob Francis
Single lane traffic??? $75k??? Absolutely ridiculously wrong!! I hope this doesn't introduce a new round of road rage!! Widen the sidewalks!
656Laressa Jeannotte
If I were a cyclist, I would feel more safe riding on the sidewalk instead of in between two lanes of traffic. I've seen cyclists that don't even know how to use the cyclist lane. There is about 1% of Red Deerians that use those lanes. what a waste
You think bikes are safer on the road? Think of it this way: a biker crashes with a pedestrian on a SIDEWALK, Pedestrian and biker suffer a few cuts and bruises. Biker gets hit by car: broken bones and possibly death.
658Karen Benjamin
659Daniel Kolton
What a bonehead move on city councils part...
660Mike Pasman
Wow! Ridiculous. Waste of money big time
661Even Rieghno
Waste of time. What a bone head move. Traffic is horrendous now.

Funny thing is, I bike almost daily and I don't appreciate this move.
662renee ellerby
55th street in particular is now a nightmare!
663Jennifer Paradis
Waste of time, waste of money. Haven't seen anyone using them and they are causing issues with auto traffic. Get rid of them.
664Jenna Lynn
665Sheri Black
I feel the money could of been spent much better somewhere else. Who approved this disaster anyways?
666Alix Francis
Totally unimpressed! In the last 4 years of travelling between Bower & Michener Bend I have seen NO bikes - but now they have their own lane??? What was the thinking behind that?
667niki schram
What a waste of money. It is too bad something tragic will happen before anything is done.
668Christopher Friesen
Red Deer was already a complete nightmare for traffic, the bike lanes only worsen the problem. How is it good for the environment if cars spend more time idling stuck in single lane traffic?
669Corissa Pols
670Jordan kelly
These lanes are rediculess! Switching lanes to avoid driving on a new bike zone that iv driven on for 7 years now? Was there nothing better you could do with the money your taking from us with your extra photo radar truck???
671Brooke Hansen
672Lil Boulding
This is was much more than 75k as someone said. I heard 800k. The most ridiculous move I have ever seen. We have so many bike trails, and it snows for 70 percent of the year!!
674T erry Gallant
With Red Deer getting so big you would think we could find a way to ease the congestion on the roads this has made it so much worse and dangerous if road rage was an issue before take a look at it now and all for the handfull of people I see use it
675Cindy Risling
This is a ridiculous waste of tax dollars.....a silly waste of time and money.
676Coltyn ramsdale
677D Robinson
the bike lanes on 59ave I have been counting, total of three all this time.lots of bikes on sidewalk
678Julie ramsdale
679Amber Kolton
99 people signed to get the bike lanes in this petition is 6 times the signatures to have them! Worst idea ever expectantly when we have only 4 months of summer!
680mike beland
waste of money,who"s relative got the contract for this bull**** idea...
Hey I was just out on the highway, saw 2 people riding their bikes on the shoulder,that is 2 more then I have seen using the bike lanes in town. Maybe we should "alter" the highways as well. P.S The bike lanes are a huge waste of money.
682John Bringleson
yes this bike lane crap is a big load of wasted tax payer money, first the boys go re paint the road ways to have the new paint crew come back a few months later and blacken them all out, and then put the new BS bike lanes in, way to go mayor dip S#*t
683Brenda Pierce
Roads aren't big enough for a bike lane and 2 lanes of traffic. Too many people don't respect the ability to drive. Somebody is going to get hurt. Waste of money as well.
684Shaun Pierce
The roads are barely wide enough to handle the vehicle traffic. To cut them to one lane is in no ones best interest.
685Clint Millar
HI think that having bike lanes and spending huge amounts of tax payers money is a silly idea put that money to better use like repairing pot holes instead.
Did they increase the legal limit at council meetings? .25? Wtf is this? Bike lanes in a city full of awesome bike trails? Not needed, not used and never will be. New pilot program...councillors ride these bike lanes and post the time and place.
687Ed Brown
688patti raincock
really.. is this the best improvement council can come up with. supose they are great until the first biker gets hit.Do they revert back to car lanes in winter? what a waste of funds.

689John Bringleson
The council and mayor in this town all need to be shot and pissed on they really are screwing up Red Deer
690Shari Becker
I know Red Deer has grown a lot but I seriously do not feel that we have reached the population to expect the ??? number of bikers council is counting on.
This city has by far the dumbest bunch of ****ing retards I have ever seen, good idea to make roads smaller while red deer gets bigger retards
Some drivers are confused enough as it is, why add extra lines on the road and confuse them even more. Very unsafe for the cyclists. I checked them out again today as I was going from Taylor into West Park. I wouldn't trust someone not to run in to me if I
its much harder to drive with them.
I like the idea of bike lanes, but this was poorly thought out and executed. If it was better planned, more specifically, if they were placed more practically and on different roads, this idea could work.
I don't think they were the greatest use of money, If i rode my bike i'd be scarred ****less to use those lanes And causes so many traffic issues where we didn;t have one before because the lanes have gone from two to one for bikes,just friggin dumb.
696Paul Melnyk
We all need to have a democratic voice in matters such as these and the Mayor and most of the city councillors have acted on a wimp of a few. Always the squeaky wheel(s) which receive all the attention.
697Paul Melnyk
We all need to have a democratic voice in matters such as these and the Mayor and most of the city councillors have acted on a wimp of a few. Always the squeaky wheel(s) which receive all the attention.
Cannot believe the city removed lanes of traffic to add in bike lanes. 39th street is a mess as well as 55th street. Thought the goal was to improve the flow of traffic
End this madness and fire the mayor
End this madness and fire the mayor
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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