Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2301Georgina Hollebeke
I am not in favor of the bike lanes. They are taking up valuable parking spaces and congesting traffic. Once the snow arrives how are we going to see the traffic lanes with the pathetic snow removal we have, because we have no money left for snow removal
2302Syd Ellis
A waste of almost a million dollars . Will not be voting for the city council memebers who approved this, in the next election.
2303R Lyseng
Cncerned that someone is going to get hurt (or worse). Chris Stephan & Tara Veer were the only Councillors to vote against this ill conceived plan.
2304Olivia Heidt
Red Deer is growing not down sizing....we need more lanes for cars to travel!!
2305shane moberg
How much more will we have to pay for snow removal to keep the lanes visible in the winter??? Huge waste of taxpayers money.
2306Kathryn Elliott
Bike lanes are completely useless. It's winter most of the year. I want our lanes back!!!
2307Jennifer Banyard
what were you thinking? 3 people ride bikes in Red Deer.
2308Don Lyseng
I would prefer this $$$ go towards snow removal!!!
2309jaime takacs
2310Cheryl Harris
Removing driving lanes to create a bike lane is not the way.
2311tiffany paull
2312Bryan Jimenez
I believe that this was not a very well thought out plan. When you consider that some of the areas in which these bike lanes were near school zones and resulted in closure of some lanes resulting in congestion!
2313Bryan Jimenez
I believe that this was not a very well thought out plan. When you consider that some of the areas in which these bike lanes were near school zones and resulted in closure of some lanes resulting in congestion!
2314Kade Hopkins
When the city is covered in snow for most of the year, I hardly think bike lanes are really needed. Sure it's nice for the summer time, but ultimately a waste.
2315Chris Bristow
Waste of time and money, by removing lanes from major roadways. Put money towards snow removal
2316Victoria Macpherson
Good job city council! Way to add to traffic congestion! 55 St is a special treat before and after school. Bravo on wasting more taxpayer money!
2317Beaker and Kirby
the bike lanes are great in fact I like to get really drunk and drive down the lanes on my scooter this one time I had to swerve and headed dog barely missing a cat but I think for the most part most people will like to drink and drive and I hope you drink and drive in the new painted line I believe that will be said
I am an advocate of fitness, to be sure, so I am in favor of the intention of the bike lanes. I just believe that it was not very well planned or designed.I worry about safety and fear the worst.
2319Laurel Kyle
I think the way the bike lanes have been created is absolutely ridiculous. They have turned narrow roads and busy streets into hazards. I'm really surprised no one has been killed yet. Furthermore, what a waste of tax payers money. We have great bike paths
2320Quin Swennen
First of all there are about 9 out of 12 months of the year that is snow and winter in Alberta , 3 months of that year can be used by bikers on these new lanes. Also red deer is only growing in population so why would you make the lanes smaller ?
2321Grace Buchanan
Its the stupidest thing the city has ever done. Taking 4 lane roads like 55st, 40thst etc down to 2 is completly idiotic.
2322Beverly Wilibnisky
In other cities that incorporated bike lanes they WIDENED the roads. I hope City Council reconsiders but the mayor doesn't seem to want to.
2323Tanus Smith
As a school bus driver in Red Deer, I think these bike lanes are terrible. Taking four lane roads down to two. Congesting traffic more. And for what? A few cyclists who use it for maybe 4 months out of the year. How's snow removal going to work this winter
2324Crystal W
These bike lanes are not only a huge waste of money but they are unsafe. I would never allow my children to ride in these lanes. They also cause so much traffic congestion it's taking so much longer to get to work in the morning.
2325Brent Brandl
A big huge waste of tax payers money, we have bike paths already
2326Shannon Donovan
I support bike lanes, but not at the cost of driving lanes in a growing city that already has poorly timed traffic lights leading to congestion and stop-and-start driving
2327Rene leyenhorst
Too many near misses safety first.
2328Nicole T
I have experienced MAJOR traffic congestion on 55 st. I think taking lanes of traffic out and replacing them with bike lanes is ludicrous.
most of these lanes is risking your life. I bet no one on council uses these lanes, maybe they should, see how they like risking there lifes
2330logan redford
no drivers in the area listen to the laws always see them making incorrect turns with the new lanes added, no one knows how to properly do a turn with a bike lane
2331K Keessar
Driving my kids to school has become a nightmare. What an expensive experiment.
2332James olafson
Unbelievable poor planning, waste of money. I am not against the fitness aspect but regardless of informing cyclists and drivers of the rules of the rode, somebody will get hurt or killed. There are so many drivers that have anger management issues.
Very dangerous. Not much thought went into this decision.
2334U Embury
The trsffic congestion, limitted use of bikers on the bike lanes and the poor palnning of the traffic flow leads to my frustration of the newest bike lanes put in on major street such as 55th street.
2335Yvonne Johnson
I ride the action bus and its difficult getting around town now with the lanes
2336Trevor Hemmingsen
These bike lanes are completely unnecessary. The bike lanes have made the roads so much more dangerous. I watched a father ride down the lane on spruce hill and then proceeded to see his young son follow him half the hill behind him.
Very unsafe.
PS: from 2 to 1 lane for over 100,000 city!!!!!!
WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2340Corinne Rodgers
I am against the bike lanes in Red Deer. I am a school bus driver and these lanes in around the schools are more of a hazard than anything else. Drivers being impatient while waiting in a line end up driving into the bike lane to get moving.
Nightmare, poorly design, waste of money, dangerous for everyone !!!
This idea is retarded
2343Trudy Lambert
I feel that these bike lanes are totally unnessary They hinder traffic and in my opinion they are totally unnecessary and not to mention a hinderance to drivers wase of money People are loosing places to park in front of their homes ..ridiculous
2344Andrew K
UNSAFE !!!!!!!!!

$750,000 could have gone a lot farther!
Good intentions behind it, but NOT thought out nearly.enough. I thought as citizens we get a say BEFORE these expensive ideas are implemented??? I vote NO! And thanks for taxmoney, a-holes!
2347Scott M
Long traffic tie ups on 39th street and cost us a pile of money.
This is not the last of it. What happens when someone gets hurt or killed. The city will get sued and more hard earned taxpayer money down the drain.
Time to vote in a new city council and ge
2348corey g
Hey lets spend $750,00 and paint right over the pot holes...
2349Barry Lawson
A very poor investment for our tax dollars. How about spending a little time not money and syncronize traffic lights in red deer.
2350B.J. Bjarnason
Horrible idea and a huge waste of money! I was made aware that this was a "green" idea...poorly planned considering how much more time vehicles are idling because of reduced lanes.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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