Red Deer Bike Lanes
This petition is designed to inform Red Deer City Council that they made a mistake when they decided to start a pilot project and spend $750,000 on creating bike lanes throughout the City of Red Deer. The council acted on a survey that they recieved from 250 residents in Red Deer. This petition is asking Council to stop the pilot program and not spend any further money on bike lanes on existing streets. This petition is also asking Council to remove bike lanes on streets that have demonstrated severe traffic issues due to loss of entire lanes and loss of off street parking in front of residences.

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3213Emily Black
We have winter 10/12 months bike lanes are unless. dangerous and a waste of money. I saw 2 people use them since they've been painted. absolutely a waste
3212Charles Lewis
Yet another example of governmental ovverreach. This appears part and parcel of this nation's war against transportation; while we're at it, let's lift the embargoes on oil drilling, fracking, coal mining, and new refineries, etc
3211Tara Veer
I sincerely feel the bike lanes created by the outgoing municipal government are an extensive hazard and are an accident waiting to happen!
3210Randy Jay
This just goes to prove that the elected people of town council, do little or nothing beofe consulting their constituents.
Dump the ridiculous pilot project. The bike lanes are rarely used, tie up traffic in busy areas and are only used a few short months. Put the bikes on the bike paths, cars on the streets and stop wasting money.
I'm unsure what data the councillors had to make this decision...hope in the future they will do a little research prior spending a million dollars on a whim!
3207Jo Hammond
These so called conveniences are in reality a menace to people who drive cars..the city made miles and miles of BIKE paths...a much safer option than trying to keep pace with 60km cars. Get the bike paths off the roads!
3206Heather Thomas
Serious disregard of common sense.
3205stuart blanke
Please continue to make changes to the bike lanes. There's more of us drivers to use them than the 3 bike riders a year that use it.
3204Glenna Forsyth
In a city with such an amazing circuit of safe off the road bike and walking trails I believe this was an unsafe and unnecessary decision.
Waste of money!
3201Amber Stonehouse
3199Linette Scatterty
I know that whoever voted to have this waste of money project approved will not get my vote this election. Red Deer's population has almost doubled in the last 20 years and they are making the roads smaller. Go figure!!!
3198Gerald Scatterty
In the city's haste to implement bike lanes with very little forethought and spending "850,000", they have decided to listen to the majority and undo the mess they created on some roads. The damage done that now has to be repaired will cost much more to im
3196Marg Smith
The current bike lanes are dangerous. One above curb next to, but separated from the sidewalk would be better, and hope make both cyclists and drivers slow down and give way at turns and intersections.Use Bells & flags please be seen and heard by seniors.
3195Alan Smith
Cycling is the most dangerous mode of travel--mile for mile. It places a burden on the health care system in addition to the human costs.
3194Faye b
Did you know that unless you tell the bike survey the year of your birth and whether you are a male or female it won't let you finish the survey? A simple do you want to keep the bike lanes, yes or no would have sufficed but no, not in this city'.
3193Faye b
Tired of the city patting themselves on the back for idiotic ideas. The newest bike 'survey' is found at
3192Faye B
The City has decided to do yet another survey on the Bike Lanes. Why can't they just listen to what's already been said. The bike lanes have to go!!! We know what their 'surveys' result in. Why doesn't this petition go to them to get rid of the lanes.
the bike lane is proof that to be a mayor or council member you do not have to have normal or above normal intelligence , Yah great idea , inconvenience 10,000 cars a day year round to benefit maybe 10 bikes a day for maybe 3 months a year . Daaaaaah !!
3190Guess Who
JP's a fag
Award or not, this is a very poor idea for this region. They repaint bike lanes before they ensure road safety in major traffic areas! Why would anyone close lanes for bicyles? Why not just 'share the road'? Add some signs and education & save $$$!!

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Petition Details
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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