Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2451Mike Koselek
The City's recent history of managing projects is very troubling. It is disappointing that the same folks who provided an amazing bike trail system have completely blown it with the bike lanes. No reelection for this council.
2452helen beatty
Poorly planned. Not in safe locations. Whose idea was it to take away resident's parking in font of their own homes? What happens to the marked lanes when they are covered in snow? I will not use 90% of the even tho I am a frequent biker.
2453Rickee H.
We live in Canada. You can bike 5 months of the year. You drive 12 months of the year. Come on! Traffic is too congested now.
The very roads you took lanes away from were already roads that were high traffic areas in need of expansions. Some are roads that have many bus stops/school buses that already block off one lane throughout the day. Bye-bye bike lanes!!!!
2455Sheila Glover
So not in favor of taking away traffic lanes - we need more access not less - you really need to make a road to the east side using Molly Bannister and forget wasting money on bike lanes that nobody uses. The city is expanded and you do that????
2456Len Parkerward
Just to give Mike Wiseman a little more exposure. He refered to the Red Deer public market as a place to go if you wanted to buy old junk. Now Mike is supporting the bike lanes and promoting a bike rodio tomorrow. Serous cyclist are not riding in town.
2457Margaret Blair
One of the most ill advised plans this city has implementede. reverse a bad decision NOW
I would just like to state that I would be a fan of having bike lanes, if and only if they did not impede traffic on major city streets. However, this has not been done and as a result was a complete waste of 750'000 dollars.
2459Percy Blair
IN one week driving city streets I have seen only three bikers in bike lanes. daw
2460Debbie Rowe
While every other city in the world is looking at moving traffic flow effectively and efficiently, Red Deer is removing traffic lanes making it unsafe and congested.
2461M Smith
most avid bicycle riders avoid high traffic areas even with bike lane because they are dangerous also who wants to breathe carbon monoxide anyway? the bike lane on 40th ave is crazy plus,I have never seen a bicycle on it ever!Paint them over before winter
2463Jo-Ann Dunlop
the money designated for unsafe bike lanes would have been better spent teaching and enforcing the existing traffic rules that exsist for their safety.
Taking away traffic lanes on busy streets.....ridiculous. Bikes can ride on sidewalks, I am pretty sure they wont run over people walking. The bike lanes are unsafe. I will not allow my children to ride on them. They do not belong riding beside vehicles.
2467Bev Bouchard
2468Bernie Enghoj
2469Betty Regnier
That is the stupidest thing tee City has ever done. It congests traffic and is very dangerous i!!!
2470Betty Regnier
That is the stupidest thing tee City has ever done. It congests traffic and is very dangerous i!!!
2471Betty Regnier
That is the stupidest thing the City has ever done. It congests traffic and is very dangerous i!!!
2472Matthew Cummings
Go check out joe red deer. The Propetition is making huges progress with Non-reisenditial members. Stating this is a great idea when it doesn't affect us. Arizona? Edmonton? This is probably why we are flying in Katherine Loflin from America.
So....the reason there is no money in the budget to bury those disgusting massive high tension wires in our residential neighbourhoods is because the tax $$ has been blown on this mess. AND council gets paid for making these quality decisions. Such irony.
2474Jim Dawson
Don't blame the engineers. It is the dumb politicians we have in place. They had $750K to spend and did it as quickly as possible, with no attention to problems created
2475Linda Maschio
We have no parking on the north side (55 St)of the Provincial Building for seniors and disabled people!! How smart is that? We are here to servie the people.
These lanes are useless most of the year, are dangerous and money better spent improving existing trails, not to mention the traffic chaos they are causing in some areas. Southbound Spruce Drive there is a sidewalk and shale path right next to it???
2477Robert Wagner
Trajedy waiting to happen.
2478Maggie M
What a waaste of our taxes! Already congested roadways are narrowed even more - did anyone consult with RCMP or Emergency Services on the safety issue? Red Deer Council have made a BIG mistake with the bike lanes - get rid of them NOW, before someone dies.
I don't understand who honestly thought it was a good idea to have cyclists any where near moving vehicles. It just seems absurd. Not only would a collision with a bike and a motorized vehicle be extremely dangerous, it could also be deadly. It seems like common sense to me to have the sidewalks broken into two lanes. One side for walking/running and one side for cycling. Either that or a separate sidewalk. With cyclists on the road and drivers having blind spots, I find it more of a distraction than anything else. Being a resident of Red Deer for 27 years, I find it unfortunate that this decision was made put bike lanes on the roads. PUT CYLCISTS AWAY FROM MOVING TRAFFIC, SAVE LIVES, MAKE THEM A SEPERATE PATH BESIDE SIDEWALKS AWAY FROM THE ROAD.
2480Pamela Sisson
We have maybe 5 months a year of bike worthy weather. Hardly worth disrupting the ever increasing traffic in this city! Not to mention there are a couple handful of cyclists that would even use that lane! Most use the sidewalk even STILL with these lanes!
2481Ang Sutherland
I am against the bike lanes on busy streets! Why take away a whole lane of traffic to put in a bike lane ? The end result is very congested and slow moving traffic, as well as frustrated drivers . The bike lanes are way to narrow and dangerous as well
2482Melissa Westrop
Completely AGAINST the bike lanes!! Where are ALL THE BIKERS? Winter is coming!!! Traffic is backed up as it is!! I LEAVE HOME 1/2 hour earlier than I used to because of this as well! I deserve my time and the bike lanes are taking up too much of it!!!!!!!
2483Mike P
Waste of money Very disappointed should replace all those involved so that something like this would not happen again
2485Pat Harper
I am against the bike lanes
2486Kevin E
Why would City Council take away valuable parking space in high density housing areas, not to mention eliminating 2 traffic lanes for a bike!!! When the snow flies, then what?? It will be a hazard for motorists!
2487Mark P.
As Red Deer's population is growing, they decrease driving lanes. Not a good idea.
2488Justin Graham
If these bikes are going to be on the road where is the insurance requirements? Where are the bylaws for people using the sidewalks for bikes rather than the bike lanes? If my commute is to take an additional 15mins daily show me the worth ofthisinvestment
2489Christine F.
A good idea when incorporated into new area planning, but adding to already congested streets such as 55th Street - a BAD idea. And with the bike lanes often alongside a high concrete curb - where is the biker to go in the event of a problem - scary!
2490shawna b
Our city needs more lanes not less! What a horrible idea! These bike lanes are going to get someone killed. Why not make bigger sidewalks!
Bike lanes are a fantastic concept but NOT when they restrict traffic flow
2492Peter Tepstra
Have any of those responsible for this nightmare driven down by Lindsay Thurber? It was dangerous before.. Now it is suicidal
2494Shirley Slopianka
Lanes too narrow! Streets are too narrow to add Bike Lanes. Red Deer has NOT planned for expansion. 55th St is the worst!
2495Shannon Lozynsky
This makes no sense when half the year these lanes will be covered in snow and drivers will still only have one lane to use. I do not support this project.
2496john petch
there are alternate streets and even waling paths that could have been used for this project instead of carving lanes for bikes along 55 st, 59th, ave and many other locations. the originator of this idea must have issues with intelligent thought process.
What a joke!!
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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