Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2551Steve Neufeld
Just a very bad idea especially in our part of the world where winter and snow on the road means that for the majority of the year these will not be used and cars will be in traffic bottlenecks.
2552Rochelle Belder
2553John Belder
2554Grace Buchannon
I think taking lanes away from vehicles is not right when I do not see anyone using them
2555Vic & Shirlee Fehr
We go out 5 times a week for coffee and have never seen anyone using them
2556Patsy Fehr
I drive to work at 7 am and drive home at 430 pm and have yet to see anyone using the bike lines
2557Jeff Swan
The City of Red Deer has always had an EGO way to big for its britches. Goes through the motions but does not relate to the average joe and pays themselves way too much! They will most likely have more meetings, strategic planning, and higher a consultant.
I can see problems as there is already too much traffic for two lanes,let alone;one.
2559Andrea Thain
I fully support the concept of bike lanes, but with expanded, not decreased infrastructure.
2560Ben Baker
Whoever put this idea through in council should have their payroll deducted for the next 10 years to pay us back. Do they not understand how much $750k is???
2561Pat Sinclair
Keep them off the road, as you heard in Edmonton that the conflict between vehicles and bikes, the bikes never win.
Anyone riding a bike for exercise or sport is on the existing trails or on the highway. There is not many people biking to work.
2562Travis Gebbink
2563Heidi Gebbink
2564Sunni Paszcza
We have a wonderful trail system why not just improve on that instead of taking away much needed traffic lanes for our ever growing city. I will continue to encourage my children to use the city paths and NOT the road.
2565Angele Brisebois
2566carmin juske
This art-sie, eclectic group on Council does not connect with the everyday person in this city! It's a small tight circle that runs their own agenda and ideas, ..that's how this happened!
2567Darnel Froehlich
I agree with all prvious comments.
2568Jessica baker
I drive all the roads they changed every day on my
way to work, and it has been really frustrating. Please please please, don't assume we are going to just "get used" to it in time, get rid of them! Or is that going to cost another $800,000...???
2569Adam S
The general Impression of the bike lanes was that they would be an addition. No one was overly upset about the few added last year because they did not take away (Riverside Drive) I feel like we've been swindled out of 750k with no council foresight..
2570Elissa Raemer
We do not live in a community that commutes on a bike. All that was created with the bike lanes is a traffic headache.
2571Lisa Freeborn
2572Duane Freeborn
Complete waste and I would not teach my kid to ride in the street anyways especially when sometimes your between two lanes
2574Orly Gerasy
No sense at all !!!
2575Christina Linklater
I think it's a waste of money. People are going to be injured and/or killed because nobody wants to wait or obey half the traffic laws as is. Nobody is going to just 'get used to it'. Take them out.
2576Tania Makarenko
2577Brad Makarenko
2578Jessica Meding
The amount of traffic around 67 st and 59 ave is ridiculous because of the new bike lanes and new turning lights which take much longer to turn.

You should have to pass an IQ test before being part of the council...
2580Janet Gillert
Can't believe ANYONE thought putting bike lanes on our major street ways was a good IDEA!!! 55 St was a bloody nightmare after school when it was 2 lanes each way. Now it's down to one lane each way!!!!! Extremely unsafe!!! What a waste of time & money!
2581Nathan J
To invest money in removing traffic lanes in an already overly congested city is a complete failure to realize that bike lanes are not part of a cities growing pains. Invest the money into timing the lights, then look into widening existing roads.
2582Barb Munday
This has only created a safety hazard at schools. I would also like to know who is going to use the lanes when it is minus 30 and a foot of snow. Come on people spend my tax dollar more responsibly
2585Rebecca Anderson
Where has common sense gone. This City has grown and will continue to do so for many years to follow. It can't handle the vehicle traffic now. What are you doing. Bike trails are for bikes and vehicles are not allowed to poach on them.
2586Tyler Florence
Kids and teens do not pay attention to their surroundings. I feel that the city is going to be responsible for deaths of innocent people by encouraging them to ride along side vehicles.
2587Jodi Ferguson
It has created chaos on 55th street where we have numerous new / inexperienced drivers.
2588Santana Mattice
2589Stephen Kozelenko
I have yet seen anybody using the bike lanes. The concept is a good idea but it just won't fly in Red Deer.
2590Jeff kachor
2591Ralph Lintott
It is apparent that the city has more money than good sense.
2592Ramona Leuchtenmueller
What a bloody waste of my hard earned money
2593Cindy Moberg
It backs up traffic so bad, then people get crabby and in turn there's more road rage
2594Connor Pollard
People feel that when they are in the bike lane they do not have to pay attention to the traffic around them people will end up dying because of these bike lanes
2595Rob Jacobson
We should of spent the $800,000 on a master plan to integrate the existing bike paths into the system instead of adding them to the city streets, single lane traffic around eastview school is awesome, NOT!!!
Traffic in Red Deer can be difficult at times, but by taking a lane to give to bikers is a stupid idea.zThe traffic down 39th street is horrible when school gets in and out, now you have taken out aane.
2597Marge Stephan
This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen yet , the persons behind this insanity should be compelled by family and friends to resign, they are truly an embarassment to the community.
2598Bev brown
2599Kathy McCrindle
This is one of the senseless things our city fathers have done! Why not spend OUR hard earned tax dollars on snow clearing in the winter, that would make a lot more sense!
2600Jim Harrigan
This is one more example of this council acting on behalf of a few at the expense of many. Please be aware that this is only a small step in their long term transportation plan. More of the same to come.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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