Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
Huge waste of money. Does nothing but slow down traffic and put cyclists the cyclists in danger. Get rid of these lanes and change the streets back!!
152Lindsey Hagen
This town is known for all the amazing trails to get you through this entire city.....use those. They've worked for this long.
153justin clarke
Please stop using our hard earned dollars on projects that us taxpayers have no say on. I'd rather pay for your was cheaper.
Not impressed! I have seen traffic tied up for no good reason, but have yet to see one biker utilizing these overpriced lanes. Red Deer already has such a beautiful trail system. Spend my tax dollars on more trails and stop this pilot project immediately.
155Jack Williscroft
Incredible waist of taxpayer's money !
156Theresa Long
Bike lanes are supposed to make a City more green. But making cars commute 20 minutes rather than 7 minutes rather than 7 means too many cars running more than twice what they were during rush hour emitting more polution.
157David Smith
Mom always told me not to ride my peddle bike on the road when I was a kid, now some dumb adult had taken away a driving lane so people on peddle bikes can get run over....NICE !!
158Michele Brunner
Waste of money!!!!! You can give it to the homeless and hungry if you don't know what to spend it on!!!
159Tia Cobbe
Waste of time and money. To spend that amount of money on something that caters to what, like 2% of the population, for maybe 4 out of 12 months, is ridiculous.
160Lindy Fuchs
Interesting when an accident causes cars to pull over with police, yet they are blocking passing traffic causing the cars to swerve into oncoming traffic. Red Deer cheaped out,taking road space instead of making increases to make bikes safe. Sad!
161Michelle Hermanson
I do not support the implementation of the bike lanes in Red Deer. My children will not utilize them due to blantant safety issues, as will I not.
162Dez Bruce
And so what about in the winter ????? waste I'd fkn MONEY D*PSH*TS
Huge mistake! Also such a waste of money. All summer i have seen one person drive on those lanes and that was during construction. Bikes should have to obey same rules if the road as we do if they keep them and also pay insurance!!!
Not only did city council waste the money they probably used the surplus snow removal budget that they voted to use instead of keep oh and did you know they extended the time they are allowed to clear the roads to 45 days.bullcrap give us our lane back
165Kimberly Nickoriuk
Time to take designated bike lane where I needed to go - 10.5 min. Time to take the beautiful scenic existing bike path to get to the same destination - 7 min. What idiot cyclists thought this was a good idea?
166Vivian George
Three schools located within three blocks of each other and you choose to make it one lane traffic?!! I'm not a city planner and even I can see that's not a good idea. One fender bender and the congestion magnifies.
167Trevor p
Good thing we were asked if we wanted this to happen in " our city " with " our tax money " ! There will be only 1 vote I will give a yes to and that is the 1 who voted against this stupid idea . I hope all the others are " gone " in the next election ..
168Anthony Sowan
I don't feel that the city needs or wants this right now.
169Heather McMillin
I would never allow my children to ride in the lanes. One thing red deer is amazing for is its bike paths. Green is not worth the dangerous conditions this creates. Very impractical as well...we are in winter much of the year conditions not suitable.
170Lynn G
Maybe the money should have been spent on a better road system in Red Deer, as enough lanes to handle the growing population of the city instead of lessening the flow of traffic. I am glad I work outside the city although live here!
171matthew munro
I dont see bikes on the road often.This is canada! not china people.
Get rid of them before someone gets killed!! Complete waste of money. I have lived here 31 years, never had a problem using the trails or the sidewalk. Thanks for wasting tax payers money and starting a poll after the fact!
173Christopher Paul
I know someone that bikes every day and he refuses to use these unsafe lanes. As a driver, I am thoroughly annoyed with these changes already.
174Wendy McGinnis
Im sure CC was not thinking of winter in Red Deer when they thought up these lanes. If you have bike lanes you need to tend to them all year long not for 4 months of the year. Really really poor choice of the taxpayers surplus of tax money.
175cody daigle
I work at border paving doing road construction and a lot of people including me think the bike paths are a huge waste of money. Theres one that merges into the middle of traffic for crying out loud.
176jeff rougeau
What a waste of money,time, energy for the workers that r going to have to fix this mess. I belie you have created more problems them fixed them give us back our lanes you dumb asses..
177Tasha Cook
These extra lanes for bIke riders has done nothing but cause frustration for all Red Deer commuters! I wanna see these bike lanes go away!!!!!
1 road has bikers on the left then the right then the middle you can't run over painted bicycles in certain spots but once in west park for eg.they r in the middle and that's OK to drive over them. What a mess confuse people much.
1 road has bikers on the left then the right then the middle you can't run over painted bicycles in certain spots but once in west park for eg.they r in the middle and that's OK to drive over them. What a mess confuse people much.
1 road has bikers on the left then the right then the middle you can't run over painted bicycles in certain spots but once in west park for eg.they r in the middle and that's OK to drive over them. What a mess confuse people much.
181Terry McDade
Take those stupid bike lanes out you loser city council group. The bikers still ride on the sidewalk.Why don't we approve another giant parkade down town that is not used. You don't think a parkade by the regional hospital would of been a better location.
182crystal baker
Give us back our lanes I'm tired of people driving 40 klm in 50 klm zones just cause there is no way around them and they need to drive traffic even more crazy being stuck behind them.I hate these bicycle lanes.
183murray hill
i have lived in red deer since 1979 and this is the most stupiest thing red deer has done, not thinking about winter, i cant stand these new bike lanes someone is going to get killed, i so see this happening, lets get our roads back before this happens.
184Heidi Teichroeb
185Amanda Duern
Epic Fail. Dangerous to all on these streets, commute times extended for all traveling on these streets, some markings do not make sense. Bad timing. Snowy roads will only compound this issue. Waste of Money!!!
186Dalyse Osguthorpe
I think we should be allowed to call for a re-election of all city council, becasue idiots should not be allowed to run a city.
187Susan Wise
large waste of time and money
188craig take a full lane of traffic out of red deer.... spend the money on fixing the retarded light system you got goin on.... bring back the double i know road rage!!!
189Lana Goldie
This idea was obviously not a well thought through idea before implemented. There are a growing number of vehicles that need the lanes you so hastily decided to take away. I have seen 2 cyclists to date use the bike lane.
190Alyssa Tinney
Makes driving to and from work longer. Stupidist idea ever...this may work for smaller towns but not busy city streets.
191Rod Lunt
A very ridiculous program that does not work well in this city. Its a danger to cyclists with its very apparent lack of planning. Bike lanes dissappearing at intersections and the choking off of busy streets that were 4 lanes for a reason.
it dont work with the drivers we have around here
193Dan Donnelly
194Mike Motyer
195Melonie Pedersen
The bike lanes are dangerous. As a casual biker I refuse to use them I would rather be on a sidewalk or one of our many bike paths then share a road with some of our out of control, impatient drivers!
196Jordan Sinclair
poorly planned and forced down our throats
197Ryan Morgan
This was a very poorly executed idea and it will only create more problems when the snow gets here
198Jacqueline Belbin
I feel that this action to create bike lanes was poorly researched and even more poorly executed. I also find it frustrating that already busy roads are now much more difficult to travel. Terrible idea!
199JoAnn Lynn
I live in westpark and 3 times in 2 days I saw cyclists ignore the bike lane and choose the sidewalk right beside it. If they don't want to use it, then what's it for?
I also can't run the risk of letting my young drivers go alone to LTCHS. Too dangerous.
200nick malone
The bike lanes are such a bad idea. Please stick with public transit and work on ways to improve that. Provide more incentives to use public transit.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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