Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1651Sharlene Dolan
What were they thinking? Seems to me that they weren't thinking at all.
1652Drew H
Cutting down traffic lanes to the downtown core directly conflicts with the downtown "re-establishment". What a waste of tax payer money. Probably the worst decision put through by council in the 20 years I've lived here
1653Orly Dela Cruz
This is a ridiculous waste of our tax money. You've got to be kidding me!
1654Dawna winter
Horrible.! Did any one think, how many months a year can you even ride a bike here!!! Every bike I have seen has been riding on the sidewalk Beside the bike lane!!! What a waste of our money!!
1655Danita Kellough
I'm ashamed at our city council for not using ANY common sense and wasting my tax dollar and my time as it now requires me longer to get around Red Deer.
1656Brittany Funk
I am becoming a new drivier and when practicing driving the bike lanes have made it just one more obsictle to watch out for and to watch for anyone using them. Some of the bike users do use it but they make it so that the drivers cannot pass them.
1657Steven Bining
Worse decision I have seen in a long time, having congestion traffic before the bike lanes... And now they are even worse plus you add on with the horrible traffic light system, Bravo City Council money that should have been spent on snow removed
1658Graham Borley
The money spent on bike lanes could have been better spent repairing some of our roads. Th bike lanes won't be of much use in a couple of months.
1659Jess Klassen
One wonders what masses were appealed to in this process. I havenít seen any evidence that this was a good move. It has made most high traffic areas dangerous for vehicles let alone pedestrians.
1661Bill Wilkening
Mayor Flewwelling seem to think if he denies the situation with these bike lanes we will just adapt. His statement they shifted the lanes a little bit is just as ridiculous as the lanes themselves.
1662sheri o'connor
not impressed :( why is it such an issue for cyclists to use sidewalks? isnt it safer for cyclists and walkers to share the sidewalks, instead of cyclists vs motor vehicles??? And personally... I have yet to come across anyone actually using the bike lanes
1663Jay Murphy
1664This signature has been deleted.
1665Doug McLay
However well intentioned, the consultation and planning process were AWEfull. We simply cannot sacrifice already congested traffic lanes on major routes! Rather than prevent accidents, this is going to cause them.
Worst idea ever. Do you really think in winter (which is 75% of the year) that people will be using the biking lane?? Let alone, will cars remember that "lane" is supposed to be used for that purpose?
Hard to imagine professional city employees sanctioning this ill conceived plan. The bike lanes can only be supported where they do not contribute to additional congestion. Our climate does not encourage significant usage over the winter months.
1668Taylor Bosch
These bike lanes are not suitable for red deer. We Simply don't have the core style that Calgary and Edmonton do.If new roads were to be designed with these lanes already integrated there wouldn't be a problem. Already narrow roads+bike lanes=Angry Drivers
1669Travis Lucas
I drove the bike lanes in my car Thursday through to Monday of last week and only saw 1 person on a bike. He was on the sidewalk where he belongs! Worst idea ever!
1670Jana Raivio
1671Lisa Driesen
Would like to have "pilot project" stopped, it is not well received nor well planned. Safety is my biggest concern. Dont let an accident be the reason to stop, this petition should already serve as notice to council!
1672This signature has been deleted.
Please remove near our school of River Glen!
1674Collin Graham
1675Tim Hillman
The bike lanes are dangerous. Plain and simple. Not to mention the traffic congestion they cause.
1676Tammy L
Horrible implementation and a waste of tax payers dollars!! Not to mention that this is very dangerous to motorists and cyclists.
1677Maria St Pierre
I will not let my children use the bike lanes on their way to school because they are far too dangerous! The traffic at 39th street in between morrisroe and east view s ridiculous now with the loss of a lane going east and also going west.POOR PLANNING!
1678Louis Talbot
Typical stupid idea by the people who think they know how to run this city.
1679Michael Yanush
Talk about a stupid waste of our tax money. These bike lanes are a danger to the streets. We need councilors that can think before saying yes to dumb ideas.
1680This signature has been deleted.
1681John Huizing
praying for wisdom for our city council.
1682This signature has been deleted.
1683Marc st pierre
One of the most ridiculous ideas I have ever seen from this council, and there have certainly been a few others. bottom line is this may work in other cities, but it does it work in ours. We are an all season city with Canadian winters. Silly!!
1684Tracey r
How stupid, total waste of money, super unsafe for the people who are "supposed" to use them, these lines all over the roads look ridiculous, like some one through a bucket of paint in the air. This turned already congested areas of town into utter chaos.
1685Sandra M.
This is an absolute waste of money - cyclists just need to stay to the right and follow traffic rules. It is poorly designed and given that we have snow for sometimes 6 months of the year, a complete waste of money.
Bad idea is bad.
You losers in Red Deer dont have traffic issues, Get a life nerds
1688This signature has been deleted.
I have yet to see not a single cyclist use these most ridiculous bike lanes. Taking 4 lane high traffic streets and turning into 2 lanes is an accident waiting to happen. A city that is growing and "council" reduces lanes for a bicycle! USE THE BIKE PATH
I will never let my children use these bike lanes....... How dangerous and stupid
1691This signature has been deleted.
1692Erin Dondo
This is what our trails are for. I have never seen the traffic backed up on 39th st and 40th ave as bad as it is now. 55 Street is scary! I have seen motorcycles using the bike lanes! I will not use these lanes nor will I let my children. Poor idea!
Bad Idea. Please remove the paint
1694Julien Sylvestre
These pilot bike lanes have cause too many traffic issues and have yet to see one bicyclist on them. That's why we have bike paths. Put it back the way it was and put the money towards the potholes!
Does someone have to be killed before the city wakes up? Then there will be much wringing of hands and claiming Copenhagen didn't have these kind of problems. Remember the council members who voted this in at the next election.
1696Jo Hammond
This idea is the worst yet...someone is going to get killed and soneone else is going to have to live with the guilt...bad bad bad idea
before you spent our money next time get some feedback from the people who are paying the bill.
I'd like to know which current counsellors voted for this. Because I will be voting against them next election. Worst idea in Red Deer of my generation.
1699Steve V
I am unhappy with the lack of large scale public consultation for a project with such a large scale impact. Please do not continue with this pilot project - this city is not built for individual bike lanes.
1700This signature has been deleted.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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