Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1851Paul Cheema
So our elected officals have again made a decision to waste money We elect these people and give them the power to do so AS LONG as it is in the BEST interest for the MAJORITY of the community not a select few I say its election time no more wasted $
1852Martin Bolhuis
At a time when city population is growing and traffic is becoming an issue we close lanes? Really? What happened to the need for opening a connection between Molly Bannister and 22nd street? Modify the city trails to better connect!
1853John Bailly
I would have been in favor of widening the sidewalks too. What happens when when there's snow; do we go back to two lanes on 39th street? In the case of 39th street it looks like they reduced the lanes to force traffic onto Ross & 32nd Street. Sneeky:)
1854Carrie Lemke
1855Curtis Kelk
It's bad enough that street where narrowed for the interections already and the Buses have to cut into apposing traffic to make turns or drive over the curbs , making it harder for vehicle traffic by taking lanes away for pedal bikes I wouldnt vote for it.
1856Lori Irvine
I love the idea of bike lanes - but PLAN for this in future subdivisions - don't throw them in as a last minute thought and disrupt what is already challenging traffic flow in our growing city. Plan in advance!
1857Anita Duff
I think our money can be better spent. The season is too short to spend all these dollars on bike lanes.
55 St. is SUCH a joy to drive in the morning. I have seen too many close calls each week. NOT SAFE for motorists or cyclists at all (Although I have only seen one cyclist since beginning Sept.) Can't wait for winter to create new types of driving hazards.
1859Robin Smith
The "new" Mayor has my permission to take all costs out of the Museum budget until our roads are back to normal.
1860Hugh Mcrae
1861Dean Plant
I am truly concerned with city council making decisions that effect our entire population without taking into account public opinion. Had they done so, this pilot project wouldn't have taken place. Unforuntunately,we'll pay to fix it also

1862Ruth Mcrae...
1863Sherry Baillie
Trying to get my sons to school (Eastview & Grandview), is a huge hassle morning and afternoon. I have seen only 2people riding bikes in 2 weeks of driving to and from the schools but huge traffic snarls to contend with. Change the lanes back This is insan
1864Lana Lafond
Most people get fired when they make an incedible supid mistake . Time for those responsponsible to step up and step down or face the polls . Idiots .
1865Holly Gorday
I am opposed to the reduction in vehicle traffic lanes throughout the city to make way for bike lanes that may or may not be used. This was a terrible idea and is costing the city too much money. Really $800,000 for bike lanes???
1866Jacqueline Beaucage
I walk every day between 4:30 and 6PM down the streets of my neighborhood and in the 3 or 4 weeks that the bike lanes have been created , I've only seen 1 person use it. I've talked to adults riding their bikes on the sidewalk. They won't use the lanes.
1867Doug Rowe
The wastefull spending of possibly $1000000 is ill thought out or advised.
1868Blake Tetley
These bike lanes are both wasteful and dangerous.
These bike lanes are very inconvenient and no one uses them. The idea of a bike lane is nice, but unrealistic. Maybe if it was off the road.
1870Wendy Skinner
Huge waste of tas payers money! Could have used the money for snow rmoval or to repair some of the back ally ways!
Bikers should use the sidewalks and trail system in Red Deer. As the city grows then new bike lanes can be added to the planning. Trying to make bike lanes fit on existing roads does not work and compromises safety for riders and lliability for drivers.
1872Randy Blundell
When the city was talking about developing bike lanes I didn't think it would be painting lines on existing roads creating traffic snarls and increased saftey concerns what an assinine idea.
1873Kathy King
How can you base a decision on 250 residents when the population is over 90,000? Mindboggling that you would even consider it.
1874Shawn Hankey
Who has the power to spend $750,000?
250 bikers?? I just saw a bike on the sidewalk on a street that had bike lanes. I wish I could have got my camera out quick enough. Would have made a perfect front page shot for the Advocate.
1875Howard Mix
Change it back. 'nuf said.
1876Kathy Baier
Not very well thought out plan, waster of taxpayers money and as others have stated should have used money to fix roads and snow removal
1877lee davies
1878Jim Watters
Asking now is like closing the barn door after the horse is out.I am not against bike lanes,I am against bike lanes that reduce traffic flow! No thought process here,just waste more tax money!
1879Gerald Scotvold
I understand the city's intent to create an "8-80 cities" vibrant community, and some of the ideas have been great (eg. downtown Ross Street). However, the bike lane project is having a significant negative impact and must be reconsidered now.
1880Jeff Skinner
1881Lee Hankey
1882Cheryl Slevinsky
I found that I could navigate about Red Deer quite well using the trail path system & more importantly felt it safe. I fail to see where the city feels it is responsible with it's decision to remove traffic lanes on some already very congested streets. V
1883Judy Cote
I am a biker and I would not feel safe being on the road, I have seen some drivers go into the bike lane to get around other drivers, and I really would not like to get mowed down by a car, Just make a wider sidewalk and put a line down the center!!
1884Richard Bradford
Support bike lanes if not interfering with normal traffic flows. This expenditure brings into question the competency of city management and its ability to manage public money prudently. What happens to the bike lanes in winter?
1885Shelby Thomson
1886Simone Bailly
I am opposed to removing driving lanes to make bike lanes(55th & 39th St), and creating bike lanes that endanger both bikers and vehicles (47th ave, and almost every corner when cars now turn in front of bikes).
1887Liane Sabourin
What a complete waste of money! This could have been much better thought out!!
1888Kevin McFarlane
1889Tiffany Roos
Feel the same as Jim Watters stated
The intent was noble, but to implement this plan on the advice of a few. This was an expensive "pilot" project.
1891Richard Bradford
The service population of Red Deer exceeds the population of the city. How can city mgt. rationalize reducing vehicle capacity to accommodate bikes? What's the cost to restore normal traffic flow? How many tax-payers now have a 2-fold increase commute?
1892Garnet Rambaut
They are dangerous and could cause several accident, aside from the fact that way too much money was spent on too few users.
I understand that it could help bike awareness but don't take away traffic lanes away! I would have just let biking be legal on the side walks
1894Gary Willmer
I to am a biker, but City funds would be MUCH better spent further developing the Bike Path system; and establishing a combined sidewalk - Walk/Bike system. The congested street (39th, 40th Ave, 55th) having to weave the new lane marking is dangerous.
1895Phil Miner
What i can't understand is spending $750,000 on painting the roads for bikes when in the winter we have a hard time getting out our driveway on the residential streets due to " Snow Conditions" is someone on Council a cyclist perhaps !!!
1896Crystal Welsh
I think its good to have bike lanes to promote a healthier enviornment, but not at the expense of taking away our traffic lanes. They could have done this project way differently in order to keep everyone happy. They need to reconsider, waste of money!
1897Tracy Furlotte
I find the new bike lanes and street markings implemented throughout the city are very dangerous and unpredictable. I have seen many instances already where people are "unsure" of how to proceed. The bike lanes are not safe and show up out of now where
1898Iris Smith
Not good! We are a growing city that needs to plan our traffic to flow easily. Closing lanes of traffic should not be an option in any part of the city. What a waste of money. Bike lanes should be planned with street development.
1899yvonne Hiscock
1900kerri demchuk
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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