Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
601Sherryl Johnstone
A trial run at how much of my money!!! We have park system with bike trails. We need the roads you are taking away.I watched as a cyclist nearly got hit on the corner of 30 ave and 39 st. A car started to turn right and the bike was beside him!!
602Matt Jackson
Like our trail system, sidewalks provide a great space for UNLICENSED NONMOTORIZED transportation: bikes, boards, rollerblades, runners & walking. Congesting traffic & throwing cyclists that don't know/understand rules of the road into the mix is NUTS.
603Megan Lundy
604Jordan rocha
If the city is going to put bikers not only on the road but in the middle of it to, why not widen the sidewalks by removing the grass between the road and sidewalk. I see bikers using the sidewalks even after the bike lanes where put in.
605Andrea Malyon
Huge mistake!
606Mike Psikla
I think it is very unnecessary tragic is all messsed up and don't know which lane to be in and I haven't seen one bike use it. The side walk worked for the last how many decades so why not now.
607Arun Mishra
I have faith in my municipal elected officials to do the right thing, and if I didn't, I would throw the bums out in the next election.
608janet semeniuk
Council just made it more dangerous for kids and traffic flow ridiculous! And we're paying for it! Clearly doesn't make any sense!
609Kristina Sveinson
The choice to add these lanes was a poor one and the city needs to own up to this fact. They created dangerous situations in doing so.
This money would have been
better spent expanding the existing trail systems. no one knows how to use these safely.
610Kristina Sveinson
The choice to add these lanes was a poor one and the city needs to own up to this fact. They created dangerous situations in doing so.
This money would have been
better spent expanding the existing trail systems. no one knows how to use these safely.
611Ashlynn Morrison
As if the traffic to 3 big schools isn't busy enough with 2 lanes now 1? People are fine with using the sidewalk and grass. There are a majority of drivers that NEED to get to school on time.
612Judy Mason
613Rebecca Loehndorf
The idea to add bike lanes was a good one but it was executed inncorrectly. In a city that is growing, moving traffic down to one lane was a poorly thought out decision. What happens in the winter when the bike lanes are not being used?
614Ryan Abaya
39th street massacre, need there be more said??
I'm all for culture change BUT did you forget this is Red Deer and snow covers the gound 6 plus months of the year. Way more congestion now...please spend our tax dollars wisely.
Put the bikers back on the sidewalks like they belong!
This was beyond a stupid idea. Our money could have been spent on things that the city needs. All the city has done is create very dangerous driving situations, it won't be long before there is a bad accident because of this mess.
618Lindsay Percy
619Wade Percy
they are retarded!
621Kyle Clarke
Get this situation situated red deer, befor city council kill's someone! Maybe invest the $750000 on road safety programmed! Like making red deer drivers safer n more understanding on our road laws!
622Rita Gillis
They are overall poorly set up on some roads before we all know it someone will be getting hurt
$750,00 for a pilot project-? sounds like a permanent plan to me. I would rather see the walking paths widened to accommodation bikes. please listen to the taxpayers and correct this situation. What are the laws regarding operating a vehicle on city street
624Taryn MacQuarrie
625Kyle Twidale
Waste of tax payers money!
626Joylynn Labossiere
Please remove the bike lanes that no one is using. Maybe use the money to improve the bike system instead. As this is a form of transportation that everyone can use year round.
627Cathy Beck
I am against. first off they should have been voted on by citizens of red deer, plus so many bikers do NOT use the rules of the road... each bikeshould have a licence no differnet that driving a car on the road.!!
I am against the new bike lanes I can understand the intentions were good but it has caused excessive congestion and confusion.
630Roberta Merrick
Another waste of my taxpayers dollars. Stupid, stupid idea. With the city growing at an alarming rate they take vehicle lanes away. Someone at city hall needs their IQ tested.
631Robyn Reeves
Big waste of money, there are more pressing matters in regards to construction. Major roads going from 2 lanes to 1 is absolutely ridiculous.
632Christy Emmons
Since the new lane system has been implemented, I have seen several bicyclists riding on the sidewalks and down the middle of the street as well as taking up the traffic lane. I have yet to see any IN the bicycle lane.
633Josh ramsay
634Todd Fiske
Its time we clean house downtown and get this City back on track!
635Jason Ramsay
636Steve Shaw
Unfortunate that this council has chosen to ignore its voting public in hopes this will just blow over like every other poor decision they make. I'm certain it isn't an easy job to be constantly scrutinized, but a decision this stupid opens that door wide
637Shirley Brown
Did they (city council)think of the big pot holes that we get in this city and just watch when a bike tire hits one of those and serves right into the traffic.
638chelsey vogt
639chelsey vogt
640Rebecca Leeuwenburgh
641Devon C
642Dawn and Colin Martens
643Bree Klassen
Lots of confusion with these lanes! I have several times been driving and have had to swerve into another lane because I didn't realize I was driving in what used to be a driving lane! These bike lanes are a ridiculous waste of my tax money.
644Shelly Eckenswiller
645Samantha Eckenswiller
646Lorie Currah
As we have bike paths that run from one end of the city to the other it makes these bike lanes a big waste of our tax dollars. City council should really think or have the public's input on somthing like this before they go ahead and do it.
647Sam Ion
Poor decisions on the bike lanes will lead to important decisions at the ballot box.
648Crystal Van Gent
649Dylan c
Bad idea
650Michael O'Hanlon
Reducing major arterial roads from two lanes in each direction to one lane makes no sense. What happens in the Winter months when the bike lanes, and all the other lanes, are snow covered because the city now has even less money for snow removal?
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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