Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2201Barry Givens
another waste of taxpayers money by the city of Red Deer
2202Carol McLean
Dangerous and ridiculous! How much thought was put into this?
2203Jenn Massie
I have noticed that the only parking taken awat by the city for the bile lans is in residential areas. If there is a parking meter the city can profit from then they have kept the parking spaces and added the bike lanes. Way to say how they feel about citi
2204Yvonne Roberts
We drive big vehicles especially pickups
in Red Deer, than Copenhagen.
put the money towards snow removal instead. thanks
put the money towards snow removal instead. thanks
2207Bill Clark
all motor vehicles on the streets have to have insurance coverage. the same should apply to the bikes as they could produce thousands of dollars damage to vehicles.
2208Debbie harbor
Dangerous and a waste of money
2209george macneill
how many bikers will have to be killed or maimed before we realize that it is a mistake?
2210Jason st peter
Very dangerous, i know my kids wont be riding in bike lanes, people are still texting and driving, what happens when a kid gets killed,why not spend money on sinc traffic lights we only have hundreds of them
2211Stacy Bottomley
Taking away traffic lanes for bike lanes on already congested roads, not a very wise idea!
2212William Allen
city council are idiots for wasting taxpayers money on yet another stupid idea
2213Olga Allen
dangerous not safe to thinkabout riding a bike on these bike lanes
2214Ayla Langstaff
I donít feel safe cycling next to drivers that may either be distracted and/or donít care about cyclers. The individuals I have seen using the bike lanes, are going against traffic, not following lights and cutting in front of traffic without looking. One time it will be a distracted driver and a sad story to the cyclist. It amazes me that 250 people were asked if the city should put in bike lanesÖ That is only asking 0.0025% of the individuals in Red Deer!! Hmmm, unbelievable that such a low percentage can have such an influence.
2215Wade Paxman
The comments speak for themselves. I hope our elected officials make their decisions based on the wants of the majority of voters.
i'm sure there are better ways of spending our tax dollars!
2217Sarah Martin
In a city where road infrastructure was barely keeping up to expansion, these bike lanes are a major step backwards. I applaud the intention of being environmentally aware, but practically speaking, thereís no place for bike lanes in an area where there is only a handful of year-round bicycle commuters.
2218Brian Meyer
Red Deer climate speaks for itself 4 months of biking and 8 months of wasted expense to accomodate a very few. This is NOT England
Very poorly thought out.Actually let me rephrase that, not thought out at all.
2220Sonia Smith
There are better ways to spend tax dollars. And really does the city think its any safer for cyclists and motorists with those bike lanes? All it does is cause confusion for motorists. That money could have been used for oh say snow removal.
2221Michael Shea
Why didn't they just take all that money and use it for snow removal.
Councillors should be ashamed of themselves. They are not considering the needs of wheel chair users and people on motorized carts. How about a pilot program to divide the remaining lane in half for these citizens? Cars can use the alleys.
2223Victoria R.
Red Deer is known to have some of the most extensive bike path coverage in all of Alberta (perhaps even Canada) and yet we waste more money and resources on creating these dangerous new road paths?! It makes ZERO sense to me.
2224ryan givens
Just plane stupid who ever thought of this should be fired. lets make traffic worse in red deer good job
2225Darlene Bates
This is Alberta where we ride for a few short months, Red Deer needs more driving lanes as our city grows, one lane for vehicles with our population is pretty old fashioned, as our council seems to be. Someone is going to be hurt badly.
2226Beth Meier
how does a kid make a left hand turn from the right hand lane? The lanes are stupid for a winter city, if walkers don't want bikers on the paths the widen the paths,DUH! the money would be better spent on things like the food bank SHAME ON YOU!!!!
Dont we already have some of the best trail systems around??
I wish we could vote them out of council right now, $800,000 for this crap?? Didnt we vote you in to represent the majority, not some obscure minority interest group? USE THE DAMN TRAIL SYSTEM
Can we fire the mayor?!?!?! WAKE UP!!
2229Eira Marie Romans
So far I have only seen 2 cyclists using a bike lane. The funds for bikes lanes should have been used for road infrastructure that is deteriorating.
I can see a lot of automobile/bike accidents happening. Bad idea to put bike lanes in when there are so many accidents already in our traffic logged city, money would be better spent widening the road to make traffic flow smoother.
2231Travis Howey
DUMB! Very DUMB!!!
Motor vehicles and biks are a very bad combo. My kids will definitely not be using them. The money would be better spent on timing the traffic lights so you don't have to stop at every f*+=ing one of them.
2232Darla Briem
I feel for the bicycle drivers but these changes have made the congestion on our streets worse than they already were. It would be different if the streets had been widened to allow for these new lanes but to take away from existing lanes was not good.
2233Cheyanna Lizotte
For the first time today I saw a family using the bikes lines. Good for them. However, I would not - EVER - use the bike lanes with my toddlers in tow. Appears extremely dangerous. I and my little ones will keep to the bike paths....thanks.
2235Brad MacLeod
Having bike lanes 10 feet away from a bike path is insane! There is NO reason why the set bike paths don't work. The bigest selling point of the paths is you can get from one end of this city to the other. These paths dont work year around...dumb idea.
2236Alesha Scott
It is difficult enough to watch out for other drivers now we are watching out for bike riders as well and the trafiic lanes are cut down making things more dangerous
2238Dave Remick
This definitely has made the congestion worse and acutely around lindsay Thurber. For something that won't get used enough anyway let's go back to the way it was. Perhaps more could done to better traffic flow than worsen it.
Terrible idea!! You guys are making the streets more dangerous then safe!!! Please fix before anyone gets hurt!
2240Darcy Robinson
No Good!
2241Yvonne Dykstra
Anyone bother to think what will happen when emergency vehicles can't respond because they are stuck in traffic...? this decision seems so selfish and no consideration for safety of general public.
2242Brenan Grove
2243Phil Thomson
The flow of traffic is already at its full capacity in many areas. To take away that much flow path is highly questionable. And while we are on the subject of poor traffic design, whoever designed Edgar Industrial's only 2 entrance/exits should be fired.
Would support them throughly if they we something that would be used by at least 15% of the population. I have yet to see a bike on them, so I am baffled. I will not be voting for the city councillors who spent our money this way.
Total waste of time and money
2246roger Mc
When is the next election? We may have to put up with these stupid bike lanes until then because this administration has wasted enough of our tax money. How much will it cost for the lanes to be put back to square one?(another 800,000)remember who did it
Waste of our $$ and dangerous
2248Terry coleman
No to bike lanes. Bottle necks vehicles. Seen maybe two users
2249Rylan Nicks
Aweful idea.
Waste of money. Bad traffic flow as it is.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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