Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
3101Patricia Repas-Barrett
A ridiculous amount of money to spend on an experiment! Creates hazards for motorists, and a false sense of security for the cyclist.
3102Lorraine Tomlinson
This waste of public funds is just so sad when there are so many many projects that need to be dealt with in the city.
3103Terry Laycock
Thanks for making my drop off and pick-up of my kids from Camille longer and more dangerous for everyone. Winter is long and will not see bikes at all during winter months.
3104R. Dean Cowan
A rte 39 RD transit bus can not turn right from 39th at Eastview Middle School to go N if there are cars in the LH turn lane on S bound 40th w/o putting students on the sidewalk at risk & the cars moving. This is crap!
3105Fiona ni'GiollaRua
1) Get rid of bike lanes.
2) get rid of city council.
Oops. This should be #1...Shame on ALL of you. Stand down!
3106Vida Fordyce
Glad I made it to Friday---the bus on 39th missed me by about 2 inches on Tuesday. No one seems to care about road rules enforcement and liscensure. Odd that 250 people can outvote even th 3000 people on this petition.
This is why our property tax is much higher than Calgary or Edmonton, because those councillors THEY DON'T CARE !
Whoever create those lanes should pay for it.
We already paid too much for their travels, meals...etc.
Biggest waste of money
3109Susan archer
Thanks to the 2 bikers I almost hit that were going the WRONG WAY down the bible lanes!! On two different days!! Seriously?? The execution of this idea is terrible!! And making roads more hazardous!
The cyclists don't have to have insurance or plates or drivers license AND there are no direction arrows in the bike lanes SO they can pretty much do whatever they feel like. Just make sure that you stay out of their way.
Before you put bike lanes, work on this growing city and make room for the more vehicles we have on the road not the handful of people who ride bikes!
3112Ryan H Comment
Why have they stripped the bike lanes/Street 3 different times in the last month downtown? Shouldnt they have done research on traffic flow before laying it on the roads? Its like a new road every week and the more stripping old lines confusing drivers
3113Adam Goodwin
Blatant disregard for safety planning! I would be interested to see the metrics they used to determine the "need" for this before spending our money. We have laws that govern cyclists on the road. I hope everyone remembers this come election time!
3114Tanya Dixon
Unfortunate waste of tax dollars!!!
3115chrystal stadel
good concept but very poorly executed... the public should have been asked to give their input and ideas on if and how this could improve our city. Instead, it has now become unsafe to ride the roads, regardless of the type of vehicle being driven. How sad
700K wasted to create frustrated drivers, increased traffic congestion & UNSAFE roads! Ridiculous waste of $ for such a poorly thought out decision with no traffic research done or public asked for input! What is the cost to fix this mistake another 700K?
3117Hank Hubert
With all the bike trails in this city it makes no sense to foul up traffic and make travel, for bikes and cars, more dangerous. Get rid on the Bike Lanes
Not sure why these bike lanes were created hte cause many issues with congesting up the already busy roads. It also scares me driving so close to someone on a bike. We have beautiful bike trails throughout town connecting all the areas isnt that enough?
3119Duke Hanson
The city traffic engineer who fathered this should be fired. An absolute waste of tax payer dollars and just one more case in point where a disconnected city council doesnt listen to the people of this city. Remove the lanes at 59ave and 67st, put it back.
3120Barb Gostola
Mixing bicycle and motor vehicle traffic on the same roads is asking for serious injury or even fatality. Do bicyclists have to pass a road test? Or pay to register and license their bike? We have a beautiful trail system already.
using 50% of roadway for .0005% of bikers?? come on now!!!!! i have yet to see cyclers use these lanes, but i see them using sidewalks??? waste of 800,000 this could have reduced our tax rate increase this year. no planning went into this
3122Taylor P.
I dont understand how council thought it would be ok to take away traffic lanes in favor of bike lanes, was there no thoughts about traffic flow... similar to the "patio" on Ross st. ...
3123David Smith
This town does not have the right weather and months of nice weather to have a bike lane. I do not feel safe riding my bike in them and will not ride in them. Thanks for threatening my life by trying to force me into traffic with my bike.
3124s. hausch
Every time I drive past the new bike lanes it is another reminder to be sure and VOTE this council OUT next election
3125Victoria Schildknect
Today I was forced to swerve into the bike lane on 39th to avoid a rear end collision, yes because you know 39th is down to one lane both ways! And I wasn't alone!!!!
39th Street is an accident waiting to happen. Someone's child will be hurt due to ignorant drivers and piss poor city planning... Total and absolute crap!
Bikes lanes are a hazard to everyone. I dont see peddlers using proper bike signals. Cut across traffic and now winter is here 39st is backing up.... lanes for traffic are not visible let alone trying to figure out where the lanes are suspose to be....
Very disappointed with the new bike lanes this morning. Lots of snow and slush on them, you can't see the lines. Why hasn't the city cleared the snow off yet?
One down , 4 to go .
3132F Madden
Apparently there is an open spot for a new mayor. Now would be a good time to list the councillors names who voted to keep all the bike lanes. That way when elections come we know who to not vote for.
I am tired of this mayor and city council making poor decisions regarding this city. Stop forcing things on me like more bylaws and bike lanes. Not voting for any of them again.
3135Chris Calve
Yet another stupid idea from city council. I am coming to the conclusion that this is one of the most poorly managed cities ever.
We have Paul Harris to thank for this mess:
3136Leigha Calvé
I rarely would see anyone in them in the summer, let alone the winter. It's pointless and a waste of money. The city concil should've atleast taken some sort of consensus before going ahead with this.
3137Clifford Simpson
Just so lame. A rush to do good without thought.
I can and do support most of the bike lanes, however on 40th Ave. between Ross St. and 39th St., I've witnessed more near misses and drivers being cut-off due to the new turning lanes and zig zagging created by the seldom used lanes.
3139Wayne S
Bike lanes are confusing and
dangerous. Let bikes and
electric vehicles use bike paths and widen the sidewalks for them. We need to be greener but not ride on dangerous streets
with bad lane layouts.
So where are all those supposedly needy bikers now that winter has come? We need those lanes gone! Dangerous and totally unnecessary. Only money that should be spent on them now is getting rid of them period. Council admit your mistake and erase it.
3141Bill Farrant
What a farce. Bike lanes are a good idea if well thought out and implemented, neither of which was done here. The illogical layout resulted in enough accidents and near misses during summer. Now with the snow hiding the ill painted lanes pandemonium reigns
Apparently we now need a traffic circle in the middle of Gasoline Alley. Here is hoping that the rocket scientists that have come up with this idea are planning on special bike lanes rather than adding them afterwards.
the lanes are dangerous to drivers and anyone on a bike as well . Some good basic training for bikers and drivers alike is all that is needed . THESE LANES ARE A JOKE !!
I'm all for well thought out bike lanes, but not at the expense of vehicle traffic flow. 39th street is horrible as is 40th avenue south of Ross St. I'm thinking this money could have been put to better use (snow removal on residential streets!)
3145Betty Jacobs
Kitchener council should vote to ban backyard campfires at the next meeting.
40th ave needs to be returned to two lanes traffic ASAP.I have seen and been involved in close calls almost daily. No one seems to know where they should be driving on the snow covered lanes. someone is going to get hurt here....
This will go down as the most stupid and incompetant council of all time , why do we still have to pay for them ? Approx 2 million wasted once we get the new council in and fix the stupidity .Unbelievable .
I finally got the bike lanes that I whined for now I can't use them because no one will clean the snow off for me. What is this city coming to? Just shove the snow over into the car lanes. Nobrainer.
We want our roads back!
The rediculous bike lanes got to go as well as the councilors who voted this through.
Absolute waste of money. Really hope allot more citizens of Red Deer get out and vote next election and put a stop to the small number of voters currently deciding Red Deer's Path
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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