Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
401Lynn Hollman
Waste of tax payers money and very dangerous too small bikers
402David Hollman
Bike Lanes should not be incorporated into major roadways.
403Stephen Soucy
poorly implemented and designed
404Brad McCrindle
These bike lanes have completely screwed with the flow of traffic in this city, not to mention that bikers should have insurance! What if they hit our vehicles, it comes out of our pocket! Good idea, poor execution! Sorry Red Deer, you failed me on this 1.
405Nicole Neptune
Just a ridiculous way to spend money when 8 months of the year the roads are covered with snow. Hmmm maybe snow removal would have been a better idea?
remove the stupid lane's.
Hardly anyone uses the bike lanes and there is now a long wait at certain lights because roads are down to one lane for vehicles.
Nobody uses the bike lanes, we have plenty of trais to use. Bike lanes are unecessary and are disrupting the traffic. Bad idea!
410A Borgman
well can i say that we could of uesed that money for like school and homeless that useing it on bike lanes that the kids go on and think no that there can go on anyroad. it is a wase of money and and man power just put it back and quite wasing our money...
411Graeme Craig
Waste of money when no one uses them and disrupts traffic. Get rid of them!
412Ryan Marchant
Good intentions, poor idea. Makes me want to switch careers to city council so I can offer some informed, realistic thought to the numerous lousy plans this city has implemented.
414Lecia Nickoriuk
I'm a teen who does not have my licence yet & cycle alot & even I know that the bike lanes are in the stupidest places.Yes its awesome for encouraging people to be more active and"feel safe riding"Its not.We NEED a recycling system that does more than #2!!
415Josh Poirier
There has not been but 2 bikes on the lanes in the time I am on the road (which is alot) Comparing to the traffic of cars it is not needed or necessary.
417Lyndsey Hughes
I think this was a big waste of money!! And not well thought out!
418Stephanie Schmidt
Causing more accidents then good, boggling up traffic!
Huge waste of tax payer $$, especially with Alberta's climate when they will only be used maybe 5 months out of a calander year IF we are lucky.
420Drew Michael
Unfortunately our tax money could've been used elsewhere. There are still kids who's families cannot provide lunches, our homeless are still struggling, and Traffic will be worse of an issue. Plus bikers are not following road rules- who is going to enforc
Good idea, not well thought out :(
422Linda/Richard Bridger
Why don't you do it like in other places make 1/2 sidewalk for people other 1/2 for bikes way better than poor ideahaving bikes sharing the road with cars.... and it really ties up traffic very
423Mike Richter
Get em gone.
424Robert J Wolford
Tax money wasnt used to its full potential, id like to see these roads returned to the way they were and maybe have sidewalks focused on, bike on people crash is far less dangerous as car on bike crashes.
425Leah Renfrew
Waste of money, backing up traffic. should have put that money towards snow removal!!
426Desirae Sellick
waste of money! could have been better planned. take them out and re-plan. would like to see better use of tax money!
427Derek L
This has created more problems than it has solved. They need to be EXPANDING the roads, not making them smaller. Red Deer is continuing to grow, not shrink. I hope whoever thought of this rides their bike in these lanes during the winter months.
428Stacey Forth
No more bike lanes please!!
429Jesse C
Waste of money, will cause more accidents, and congest traffic. Ship 'em out.
430Blaine Cowles
Not a viable option!!! Its not safe for kids!!!
431Mike L
The number of potential accidents I have seen from cyclists is frightening. They don't know nor follow the rules of the road. Please remove them.
432Cameron jaeger
Waist of money. And no one knows how to use them. Such a bad idea
433Curtis Closson
Bad idea!
434Joy Wickson
Traffic is bad enough on a normal basis and ditto on the snow removal comment
435Daran Simpson
Please find a huge Magic Eraser and get rid of those bike lanes. They are a problem for traffic and there is not enough use to justify them.
These bike lanes are going to soon be very dangerous. Get rid of them before people get hurt
437Sierra H
These bike lanes need to go! Not once have I even seen a biker use them! The traffic problems and accidents are now horrendous as well.
438Zach J.
I like the idea of having more accessible places to ride bikes but the fact that the city is congesting traffic is what I dislike.
439Joel MacNeill
Waste of money.
440Richele Werzun
Very bad idea and waste of money.
441Josh Benoza
The modification of the lanes have caused huge traffic issues. I do not even see the need for the lanes, as Red Deer does not have that many cyclist utilizing the road.
442Kaylee dohanik
WasTe of money. That's what paths and sidewalks are for
443Murray G.
Just imagine how much pavement or concrete could have been installed for $750,000 as dedicated bike paths instead of congesting busy roads even more.
I wonder if the city did a traffic study?
445Joseph Hancock
the bike lanes in this city are hazardous and to many people are not properly instructed on them so far in this short time i have seen almost to accidents due to biker and bike miss calculation and any people who are riding their bikes do not wear helmets
446elyssia guignard
My tax money shouldn't be going to this
447md miller
dont think our city is big enough for these lane...we have great trails..these trails r very unsafe and waste of money
448Val Lester
Huge waste of money and space! It is completely dangerous on 39th street and 40th ave when there are busses, parents and children everywhere. Have seen people driving down the bike lane because they don't want to wait in line for the 25 cars ahead of them.
449Jessica sullivan
Waste of money, dangerous, and how many months out of the year do people actually rude their bikes?
450dale gosnell
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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