Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
51Pam Porter
What a waste of tax payers money! Something that was clearly not thought through!!
52Gary Davis
Waste of money !!
53Erin Novak
$750000 on bike lanes? The City is always saying it's too expensive to plow the streets in the winter & actually REMOVE the snow instead of pushing it to the side on main streets. They won't even plow the side streets! Complete waste of money!!!!
54Kayla Marquis
Poorly executed.
55Nancy Davis
Sure,add to the traaffic congestion!
56Christine Yargeau-becker
I understand the intentions behind these bike lanes but think they have made our city roads more dangerous for drivers,cycles, and our kids. The roads chosen for this project are totally inappropriate and serious injuries are inevitable!
57Victoria Wight
What a waste of money. Where do I start?
-traffic is now far more congested, especially around schools. 2 lanes is not nearly enough.
-buses cannot safety enter and exit them. Having people where the bus needs to be will cause some scary accidents
58Jamie Berry
59Carrie Lasante
Absolutely ridiculous!! This is a perfect example of a waste or tax money not to mention a poor planned project! We like the rest of Alberta spend the majority of our time with SNOW on our grounds. !! How and who did this make any kind of reasonable sense!
60Jake B
Was a pathetic idea. Also a waste of money. Congratulations
61Alice Olson
62Stacy Evans
Poor execution and a waste of money. Too many traffic lanes reduced. There are plenty of trails for people who want to get around the city on bikes.
63Brian McCutcheon
40th ave down to two lanes, really?? Who's the genius that thought of this idea, wow i am amazed that we have you people in charge of spending our tax money. When the first fatality happens i hope you are happy!
In over two weeks I have seen more bikes on the bike paths/walking paths than I have on the new bike lanes. Whose genius idea was this. Time for a new council maybe???
65Amanda Hansen
I have absolutely nothing nice to say!
66Valerie N
67Rebecca Purcell
This is just plain dangerous near thatschool with all of the congestion of traffic that happens. These bike lanes NEED TO GO.
68Amber Stonehouse
I am very unhappy with the city putting in these lanes without consulting the tax paying citizens of Red Deer.

Sincerely, Amber Stonehouse (city of Red Deer tax payer)
69Susan Larnie
70Rudolph Penzes
So glad I moved out of that stupid city run by corrupt losers wasting $ and creating chaos. Used to be a nice place
71Samm Ufland
Thos was a horrible idea. To much money wasted on something thats a total pain.
I personally think the bike lanes are a good thing...however, i do have to agree with some of the others.. that the changing of some of the main arteries in the city are only going to lead to conjestion with the growth of population in the city of red deer
73Carla waunch
I doubt the bike lanes will be used 8/12 month out of the year. Poorly thought through.
74Laurie Dodd
I live in eastview on 39th ave, i am surrounded by these bike lanes on 40ave and 39st. I now have people speeding down our street to avoid the bike lanes because of all the congestion they have caused.
Danger to vehicles and Bikers.... sidewalks are there for a reason, and its not just for pedestrians. WASTE OF OUR MONEY! FIX YOUR DARN ROADS!!!
Riding a bike between 2 lanes of traffic on a very busy street? Who thought that one up. Absolutely ridiculous, never mind dangerous. Unreal!!
77colynn hay-anderson
Should of thought this through a little more..just sayin
I think the money would have been better spent expanding the current bike trails, NOT adding the bike lanes.
80Jannell Martinez
These bike lanes are a waste of money as well as cause major traffic congestion especially on 40th ave and 39th street. I really enjoy sitting in traffic watching the bikers STILL using the sidewalk anyways.
81Darren Ohrn
big mistake. has anyone even thought about winter? Are they going to change the roads back and forth between summer / winter or are we going to screw up traffic for 6 months a year for the 5 guys who bike in winter in RD
82Amanda Bischler
Waste of money !!!!! More people in this city then ever before and you take out the main roads and downsize them to create more congestion .
83Dawn Legault
Waste of money, they have caused more problems, there will be more road rage with people cutting over into bile lanes to avoid long waits at lights.
Aw come on, Red Deer! We have nothing else we could have spent good money on? Nothing at all?
Words can't describe how ridiculous I think the bike lanes are! HORRIBLY planned out!
86Neville Adams
Wasnt the reason for four lanes on 40th because if the volume of traffic? Because of these bike lanes on sept 4 at about 9am traffic was backed up from Lindsay Thurber all the way up past mitchner hill an only gr 9 students were in school!!!!!!
87Jeremy Matus
Should be put next to sidewalk / footpath not on street with vehicles
88Ryan Heath
They cause severe traffic congestion especially on 39th street & 40th ave. People are getting angry waiting for lights and other motorists in areas that were easy to pass through before. Cyclists still use the sidewalk and driving lanes anyway!
Should have figured out a way to keep the bikes off the road, it's not safe and not smart. Get rid of them!!!
90Kathy Nosterud
I work at Lindsey Thurber High School and these bike lanes are backing up traffic badly. I have informed my children to continue using the sidewalk for their own safety. If someone gets hurt or killed using these lanes who is responsible?
91Jodi haydon
worst idea ever! have not seen one bike on the new lanes but have just about been sideswiped 3 times on 55th street today alone!
92Natalie L.
Last time I checked the nmbr of cars on the road outnumbers the amount of bikes...whose genius idea was it to cut out an ENTIRE lane of traffic! I'm sure the 250 who filled out the servey were not notified that the lanes will replace parking or car lanes!
93Deana Gillies
And WHAT were they thinking???? Major arteries like 55th Street and 39th Street and 40th Avenue down to 2 lanes, alderpeople please take your head out of the clouds and change the roads back to what they should be. I have not seen anyone in a bike lane!!
94Mike Howell
This was a waste of time and money putting in those lanes get rid of them!!
They cause way more congestion!!!
96Karen Martel
They are a traffic hazard if nothing else. Growing city and they knock the streets down to 2 lanes. And guess what, the snow is coming and we still won't be able to use these lanes. Take them out Red Deer!!
The bike lanes are truly one of the cities worst ideas. 55th street now scares the life out of me during school times, I have seen 1 person on a bike but probably 25 people walking on them. Horrible planning. I would be terrified to ride my bike on these.
98Jill Hulkey
Money would have been better spent widening sidewalks like the ones on 30ave.
I am disappointed my city didn't request my opinion first.
99Heather Nash
Worst waste of money by the city in years. I've only ever seen cyclists in the bike lanes on the hill on 59th Avenue, and lanes there makes sense because it's not affecting traffic flow.
100Rachel Stewart
Worst idea ever. Very dangerous. If people cant get past you they rip thru the bike lane to make a turn or to pass you. A biker or student will be the first to be injured or worse.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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