Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2601Kathy McCrindle
This survey is a waste of time as 99% of our city council doesn't care what the people of this city long as it looks good on paper..."oh...look what I did for our city!" Absolutely ridicioulous! Let's see what kind of response I get!!!! Big joke
2602Tyson Hornett
2604Heather Jobs
2605Greg Jobs
2606Erling Jonson
The streets were built for cars and this new design is not safe
Just wondering......does the city get kick backs from the funeral homes?..... This may sound harsh but myself and others know that unfortunately it is only a matter of time before this WILL happen! Get rid of these crazy lanes NOW
2608Ken Sandquist
Just an absolutely horrible idea to close lanes on major roadways. I will definitely be voting in the next civic election!
Not a good idea to take away driving lanes when in reality we have so many months of winter and nobody will use the lanes. I will also be voting in the next election and not for candidates who push these kinds of ideas on our City without thinking it thro
2610Loraie Dallke
These bike lanes are a definite SAFETY HAZARD. There will be an accident on Ross & 40th...What a nighmare...PLEASE TAKE THEM OUT. What a waste of tax $$$$..
2611Alvin See
Traffic restrictions are forcing cars to cut through residental streets, matter of time before a pedestian is hurt!
2613cindy see
A bike would loose to a car everytime.Our money should have been used to upgrade the bike/trail systems to encourage more bike usage,I ride a bike,but not on the road with a car,I value my life.As a result we have frustrated drivers along side bikers!
2614Tanner Guyett
2615Terry Skelton
Since the City has a "Hope it goes away" snow removal policy, these lanes will be unused 1/2 the year. Traffic was difficult before and in places is now impossible.
This is a poorly thought out plan, If you want to get people active - clear the walking/bike paths in the winter and people will be more active. make the sidewalks wider and put a bike section, streets are already too busy.
2617Alana Oster
2618Jolene Hanvold
I think it is a stupid idea to have these lanes, they need to go.
2619Ivy Helgason
2620Vern Hanvold
2621Valarie Penner
Poorly thought out plan, make the already existing bike paths wider. would you rather ride your bike on a path with pedestrians or vehicles? our city is growing bigger all the time and they have reduced our 4 lanes down to 2.. wth..
2622Sharon V
Yep, Flewelling has done it again. Wasted more of our taxpayers money on the the stupidest idea ever. I drive by these bike lanes everyday on my way to work and the 2 or 3 bike riders I see are on the sidewalk. Why - cuz that's where they feel safe.
2623Barb Longacre
Do our City Councillors drive in this city? I would like to know if the City Councillors or their children use these lanes, and if so how safe they feel when someone drives past doing 10-20 km over the speed limit.
Not a very thought out plan wasting tax dollars on bike lanes. I would have perferred the money to go to snow removal. Residents wait along time for streets to be cleared.Wake up how long are our winters.
2625Heather Thomas
How council justifies Reducing vehicle traffic flow in an already highly congested city is beyond me. What is wrong with utilizing & expanding our existing walk/bike paths???
2626Haley Kucik
These bike lanes are causing so many traffic problems and accidents by Lindsay Thurber, it is way to busy after school for anyone to be safe in those lanes, or on the road.
2627Cathy K
2628Herman N
2629James Vick
These lanes are dangerous. It has nearly caused me several accidents while riding my motorcycle.they are going to cause the deaths of cyclists because of the Ridiculous layout of the streets now.wait tool snow fall for accidents and deaths to occur.
2630Corey D
Should have just expanded the roads instead of cutting them down. Bad move Red Deer, Bad move.
2631Jerry Tennant
I appove of the bike lanes in some areas however not on very busy streets like 55th st. 40th ave. 39th street. Also the lane on 59th ave north of 67th street is not used and has taken away much needed on street parking.
2632Susan Tennant
I approve of the lanes in some areas and on certain streets but not on busy roads like 55th st. 40th ave and 39th st.
Why are these bike lanes on the major thoroughfares? I support putting them on secondary streets but not on our major (already congested) ones. Did council really let the folks in the bike group plan this out?! Other cities use their secondary roads!
2634Dawn Iatrou
2635Ann McCann
These lanes are a joke in a city that has snow for most of the year. I HATE THEM!
2636Tony Sexsmith
I think they are unsafe & with the growing population the roads should not be getting choked like this
2637Steve Durbak
The bike lanes are a joke it is way to confusing and you took away way to many parking spots better to spend the money on snow plowing in the winter
2638Corey Schnepf
2639fred ladwig
2640Karen Metz
What a waste of my tax dollars! 39th, 40th, and 55th are now unsafe! I sit through 2-4 light changes before turning now to go to work, and can't turn onto Metcalf Ave to get home since I stop traffic behind me all the way up onto 30th Ave!
2641Kay Kaiser
This is only the latest in a long list of bad decisions made by our current city government. The bike lanes are dangerous, and for most of the year totally unusable.
2642Denise Gagne
Separate bike paths are the best way to provide a safer way for cyclists to get around Red Deer. Taking away much needed lanes for cars on 39th, 40th and 55th is NOT the way to go.
2643Ken Mildenberger
This is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Spend the money on snow removal instead!
2644Ashley thorsteinson
Hate them! They're unsafe!
2645Marla Bakken
Huge waste of tax dollars! Causes major traffic and parking issues for residents, schools and businesses. It doesn't make sense when the majority of the year is unsuitable for bike riding. Completely unfeasible pipe dream. Poor form red deer, not impressed
2647Bryon Schwartz
The bikes lanes where it wasn't a 4 lane road before are OK. However where you have taken 4 lanes and created 2 lanes was a big mistake!
2648Mechelle Stewart
I am upset that city council spent so much on a pilot project and I am not impressed on our mayor saying that the problem is because people don't like change. The bike lanes on 40th have now made the area in unsafe for all Next elections means change!!!
2649Bob Stewart
Seperate bike paths would have been better.Waste of taxpayers money.
2650J. Sveinson
This was a terrible idea. To reduce lanes in already congested areas are just accidents waiting to happen. I would never allow my children to use these bike lanes!
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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