Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1551Schwartz Elwood
what can I say terrible move, we need more streets not less, Imust be blind, but I never see bikers on the streets, they mostly seem to be on the side walks
1552Richard Slemp
We have one of the best bike trail systems anywhere and one of the worst traffic problems. What wrong with this picture. One of the many reasons I moved to the country. Your city councillers are a bunch of morons.
1553Erika OpdenDries
1554Ryker Dingman
These new bike lanes make no sense. I've saw nobody using them. Waste of money for sure.
1555Ken Wizniak
What a waste of my tax money. they should have built bike paths instead
1556jack mcgilvray
So much spent on so few.I drive this city 2-4 hrs everyday I began counting bikes in the new lanes first week of july til the end of august. My total was 22 thats it. What a waste time money and manpower. Time to vote for a new city council.
1557Tim Fargey
The mayor says those involved are sensitive to making changes. Well sir, you got that part right.
a shame too see so much spent that doesn't even affect the majority of the population, at least in any positive way. that money could have made roadways more efficient, not congested
1559Darryl chapman
1560Donna Krause
I'm sorry, but these new bike lanes are dangerous and I would feel awful if a tradgedy happened. Incident in Edmonton. Widen the sidewalks or 1/3 bikes,2/3 pedistrians with lines. Waste taxpayers money
1562Lewis Foret
Bike lanes? More like, bike LAMES. AMIRITE. LOOLOLOL.
1563Jayson Klause
As a cyclist I like the idea of bike lanes, however I think that a couple of well placed "Share the Road" signs would have been much more sensible. Cyclists can move to the side. Taking away usable vehicle lanes is asinine.
Biggest waste of money. You tale a growing city and cut down the amount of lanes on a road. There is no sensible logic behind it. Get rid of them.
1565Mark Ryan
We have absolutely fabulous bike/walking trails - why THESE bike lanes. how are parents supposed to drop off their children at any of the Eastview area schools? How do LTCHS students exit with only ONE lane? How many cyclists have you actually seen usin
I wish that I could demand the resignation of all those who supported such an endevour. Almost a million dollars to reduce traffic lanes. Heres an experiment - Block half of ALL of your blood vessels and see if you get stronger or weaker...
1567Doug dixon
Why take four lane that are busy n make two lane roads that are dangerous for a couple bikes every hour. Give us our roads back. Dont pay taxes to make things more dangerous
1568Betty-Ann Phillips
Stupidest thing I have so far seen the City of Red Deer do, and I have lived in Red Deer enough years so have seen some pretty stupid things.
1569Pam Bolton
I do not understand how we can spend this much money to make bike lanes for a minority of people that will actually use them maybe 4 months of the year
1570April murray
Whoever put this thru should be fired. How about save money instead of spending and ask the people first to vote u morons
1571Colleen Maclean
I live just off 55th and have seen more near incidents on that road in the last month than in my 30+ driving history. I also commented on the city's website. The concept may have merit but the execution has more wrong than I have time to type. All wrong!
1572Pat Mulrooney
1573Tara Comea-Mulrooney
1574Dane M
No bike lanes. I don't trust drivers here at all.
1576Jordan Dixon
1577Marvin Salomons
Council show me the "independent traffic impact study". It is required for everything else that impacts traffic flow. The city needs bike routes but they need to be incorporated into future neighborhood planning and not shared on major routes.
1578Kelsey M
1579John Bittorf
It blows my mide that less than 1 % of the city population has so much influence that they can dictate this massive vehicle congestion that has been created. This "pilot" project expense could have been used to assist all those who use the roads.
1580Chantel M
1581Kim K
The new bike lanes are a waste of my time and gas. Driving time anywhere around Eastiew has doubled and I'm not sure how all the extra gas fumes are environmentally friendly.
1582lisa parthenay
1583Diane Clark
Because of the 4 lanes being narrowed down to 2 I had to wait for 5 light changes and didn't see 1 cyclist.
1584Karen Cowan
Up until today I had not seen anyone use these lanes. Today I saw 1 person! Not a great idea at all.
1585Robin Chiles
It now take my son 22 minutes more to get home on the school bus. When his bus ride is already 48 min that extra 22 is a long time.
1586Don Clark
With all the reasons for & against the bike lanes I can only base my opinion on would I allow my children or advise any child(who are the majority of riders) to ride on them & I would absolutly not allow it!
1587Cheryl Kozuback
Waste of tax payers money. Poorly planned and dangerous. Incorporate in future plans.
1588Bev Schultz
Heard that two young kids got hit on their bikes by a city transit bus today while using the bike lanes!! Their tires were run over safe are they really?
1589Tom Skoreyko
To Red Deer City Council. You made a mistake with the bike lanes and wasted a lot of taxpayers hard earned money to satisfy a squeaky wheel or someones pet want.
1590Janet Rangen
Scrap the bike lanes. Apparently the councilors were electe to represent the citizens. Seems this is not the case. Seems we only have one Councillor listening to the people. We need more supporters for him.
1591C. G. Noren
wow!, someone has gone insane. I am a professional driver and have counted 32 bicyclists on the lanes since April. I average roughly 6 hours a day on city streets. 55 Street, 40 Ave. and 39 Street are a diasaster waiting to happen!
1592Aubrey Price
Great idea, catastrophic implementation. These need to be built-in, not haphazardly added!
1593Brian Walton
Yes i really don't wee the point of having bike lanes what a waste of time and money. I don't know how he can spend that kind of money as you hardly see any push bikes around. We have lots of bike paths for them to ride on. We only have about 6 months.
I drive the city streets for 7 hours per day and don't see more than 6 bikes each day usually on the sidewalk. Two lanes down to one = increased travel time. I believe there will be a major accident - hopefully this silly project is rectified before that!!
1595Greg Demas
What a waste!!! That money could've went to clearing winter roads so those hearty few can still ride their bikes (on normal roads) in the winter. The wants of the few DO NOT outweigh the needs of the many.
1596Mary elen
I have never seen bikes on those lanes but saw 2 on the sidewalk right beside those lanes.They want a greener environment,they get more contamination with all the traffic jams due to streets losing 1 lane on each side.Tax money wasted:reimburse it!
1597Denise S
Thumbs Down!
Dangerous for cyclist & driver.
Bad idea. Poorly researched.
1600Neels Ehlers
$800-000 - what a waste of taxpayer money! Will City Council be brave enough to enact yet another by-law that would address licensing and road worthiness of bikes to cover this ridiculous cost? I expect better planning
from city planners and City Council.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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