Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
351Allisa Kubinchak
I still have yet to see anyone use these useless bike lanes. I understand, bikers should have the right to use the roads as we do, but as long as you are able to pedal the same speed, use your hand signals properly. Or there is a perfectly good sidewalk!
352Karla Jenson
353Derek Stobbe
354Krystina gibbon
Think about what u have done with the roads . Take 5 and ask yourself if it makes sense ..... Now we are on the same page
356Jeremy Simmons
waste of my money and my time whoever thought of this should be fired or demoted wait till winter and watch how many accidents this will cause
357Lyle Cheney
No one was consulted about this complete waste of our money. We already have a fantastic system of bike trails.In some cases we now have bike lanes beside bike trails.
358susan Derksen
Bike lanes have doubled my commute time from 10 mins to 20 mins. Irritatting sitting in traffic with a completely empty lane right next to you...
359Byron Reynolds
How much snow removal could that money have paid for? Good luck next election to the counsellors that voted in favor of this waste of cash.
360Karri Butler
Beyond ridiculous.
361Charity Carleton
Grievous waste of time and money. Made barely workable roads completely unmanageable. 55th Street is a nightmare to navigate & all for the less than 5 riders I've seen to ignore the lanes & ride wherever they wanted anyway. Terrible idea!!
362Ryan Pusch
363Brianne Flett
364John Anderson
365Scott Noble
Instead of bike lanes, we should spend the money on bringing back dinosaurs. I believe more people would be able to enjoy the fear of being eaten by a T-Rex or trampled by a triceratops far more than bike lanes that only a few people will use. Red Deer does not have enough bike fanboys to justify the expenditure, but I bet there are enough dinosaur fanatics.
366Jenna Sullivan
we have winter 10 months outta the year.. these bike lanes aren't even gonna be used.
367Anita Bovair
I would like the roads to go back to the way they were before these bike lanes.
368Amanda Boser
Why not put in turning lights instead of useless bike lanes that I still am to see a user of them. The roads they used now are so rediculous to commute on. I see a very high accident and death rate this winter. Good job red deer city council..... Not! !!!!
369Mike Zilkowsky
These lanes are a complete waste of tax payers dollars. Maybe the council should consider polling at least 5% of the population prior to wasting our money.
370Jody odorski
371Darrin Hanson
Epic Fail
372Donna Gow
373Dwayne Patchett
This decision making is BAD. Plain & simple. I have yet to hear one positive comment within the community and without solicting, I must have heard a dozen people in the last week express their disgust. Is this an example of how all of our tax $ are spent
374Nicole McNaughton
375kayla dufresne
I think it was a huge wast of out tax paying money since i have not even see them being used!!!!!! GET RID OF THEM and put the roads back to the way they were!!!!!!!!
376louise toews
Awful decision. What a waste of time and money. What genius came up with this? If they need make work projects for the city? Surely someone can come up with something better than that??
377sharon lang
I think it is really irresponsible during this economic time for the city to do this without approval from the people.
378James Hanson
these bike lanes congest traffic and in places are very dangerous
Such a huge waste of space. As if traffic wasn't backed up enough. Terrible idea
I have only ever used the bike pathways in this city for 31 years and have never felt like I couldn't get where I wanted to go. Why should I pay for something I or my family will never use. It's like billing me to breathe city air! Enhance bike paths.
381bob lablah
Great job blowing it ! 39th street is a god damn mess. not to mention all the other main streets you've ****ed. In the land of big trucks, rig pigs
and fat lazy bastards was this necessary ? especially before winter when they won't be used at all. FOOLS !
382Courtney Andersen Tayler
383Pam Swales
Created to much congestion on 40 ave and 39 st in front of and beside Eastview Middle School specially before and after school
384Kyle Friesen
I have yet to see a single person use the paths, but have seen plenty of people on the sidewalk in areas with the new paths.
385J L
I bike all the time and this was a stupid thing to do. What a disaster. why do we keep electing dumb ****s on our behalf who don't consult us when these decisions effect all of us.
386Richard Better
Never have I seen such reckless spending by "officials". To base such a financial expenditure of so little input is wrong, yet typical for the City of Red Deer. 250 people do not speak for nearly 100,000!
387joel thiessen
waste of my tax money!! why wasnt a poll done BEFORE the project, now youre going to waste even more of my money to put them back the way they were!!
Going to be a lot off accidents in the winter! And people are still riding there bikes on the side walk!! Stupid stupid idea way to waste tax payers money!!
389Kailan Carter
What's the point of having sidewalks. I suppose their going to make a walking lane soon, no. The road has different rules and bike riders don't obey them. Red Deer's growing meaning more drivers, less space on the road. Waste of tax money!
390Cheynne Sayers
Do not hesitate, Begin the process to remove the bike lanes where a lane of automobile traffic has been sacrificed,

Absolutely disgraceful planning and a waste of taxpayers money
391Samantha Bowers
All I can say is silly.
392Josh Rickard
393courtney mcfadden
Bravo Red Deer. Most ridiculous way to spend my money. And your own. And that of everyone else.
394Lori K-B
.017% of the population??? Really? Reinforcement of the idea: Elected official = Leave common sense at the door!
395Wes Papp
Safety Hazard
396Corri Szucs
These are dangerous and someone's going to get hurt! I like the idea but remember we have snow most of the year and the roads are poorly plowed for VEHICLES. Waste of money, why not fix the roads first??!
397Dominic Reid
Waste of money red deer.
398Geri Lee Sayers
These bike lanes have totally messed up the traffic. There was obviously no thought whatsoever about traffic flow. Congested areas have now become deadlocked. What a waste of taxpayers money.
399madysen sayers
bike lanes are pathetic and dangerous. this is worse than the time city painted the water tower.
400Dave Short
Waste of money and valuable (already poor) infrastructure
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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