Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2751simone traverse
2752Gwen Gades
These lanes are going to kill people. Badly instituted and terrible. Choice to create traffic jams.
2753Perry Pellegrini
Once again a small vocal minority has caused action that is contrary to the interests of the usually silent majority. This is a poor decision that consumes valuable pavement space for access by very few.
It should be mandatory that bikes be licensed and insured if they are using public transportation routes.
2756Jenna Waters
2757ron adam
very poor planning on the part of city council
A very poor choice for a city of this size
2759Maureen Mizera
Hope everyone also does the survey on the City of Red Deer site - let your voices be heard. I dont agree with how this decision to spend money was reached by. maybe we should get 250 ppl together to spend money on what we want too. (liked 2722's comments)
2760sharon poteet
waste of time and money
2761connie hagen
very poor judgement call for the tax payers money
Spend thousands of dollars on bike lanes, yet ignore the people that are waiting outside in cold weather in the transit terminal waiting to go home at 1030 at night...bad idea!
250 voices for bike lanes? What a waste. 3 words CORD: Transit 10:45 round. That's actually a necessary service you guys offer.
2764Denise Laurin
As a cyclist I think its a waste of tax money and causes traffic congestion in main streets of the city and I feel for the people that have lost their parking spots.
2765Lucy Owens
I don't believe it is safe for the cyclist - I worry that there will be someone responsible for hitting a cyclist - I wouldn't want to live with that if it were me.
2766Debbie Durksen
what a waste of've already screwed up lanes and had to redo them there was no thinking in this plan. On 59 ave you have bike lane in middle of 2 lanes. My son rides a bike to work daily and says he will not be killed in between those 2 lanes
2767E Kun
What are the pea brains in council thinking of? Taking high traffic 4 lanes down to 2 lanes. I have yet to see one bicycle on the lanes. Someone is going to die! Watch the video on You Tube how important it is to have these lanes! No video of cyclists tho
2769Delores Coghill
I have only seen 4 people using the bike lanes since they were added.
2771Ed Jansen
What was city council thinking!!what a waste of money
You have got to be kidding, the bike lanes are a joke!! Rather than moving traffic throughout the city, they impede it.
Moved here 8 years ago and each year they add something ridiculous, Now this takes the cake! ALREADY AN INCREASE IN ACCIDENTS!!!!
2773JC Morgan
2774lori wester
Waste of my taxpaying dollars. Id like to meet ANY parent that would allow their child to EVER attemt to ride these death trails.Id l;ike to spray paint every stupid bike path back to black Im ashamed of this city.
I have biked for 30 plus years on the streets of Red Deer, no problem. The new designated areas are a joke. I would think that with the city growing, with more traffic, we need to aid vehicles, not hinder them.
2776Ken McDonald
I'm wondering which person (or persons) with influence and an agenda thought this one up. I have been an avid cyclist for 20 + years and have been able to get in and around Red deer in a reasonably safe manner. These bike lanes are the opposite of safe.
I didn't know the City Of Red Deer had an "extra" 800K to blow on their own agenda. I might have repaired some of the roads in the City of Red Deer. They are in a horrible state, and need attention. Someones' feet must be held to the fire on this one.
Harris and that idiot Mayor must be removed. We cannot afford to have two dopes like these around making any further moves.
i was driving from 40th ave up 32 st which is now down to single lanes. this was a 6pm and the idiot infront of me was driving 35km/h no school zones or playground zones. pretty soon, and i have seen photos of ppl ignoring the bike lanes and driving though
2780Jim Sutherland
Incredibly bad idea that caters to a handful of city residents and cost huge money. Remember these people in the next city election.
2781Frank Castle
We don't need bike lanes in Red Deer. We just need more starbuck's and alternative restaraunts to keep the yuppies, hippies, & enviromentally friendly bikers off our streets and us gas guzzling, larry leadfooting, mean machine drivers back in these lanes.
2782Stanley Spadowski
We need honest people like Matt Chapin and Darrell Bedford to run for mayor in the next city election! What a difference both of them could make! scrap the money for bike lanes, and spend money to bring World of Warcraft conventions to the capri instead!
2783S. Jorgenson
We need bike lanes in Red Deer about as bad as we need another methadone clinic!! Another example of mismanagement in Red Deer. No wonder our taxes are so ridiculous.
This is a ridiculous mess. I have seen seven bikers using the sidewalks BESIDE the bus lanes. With all the hundreds of pedestrians using the sidewalks (sarcasm) why did Red Deer not do as in Paris where a part of the sidewalk is designated for bikers?
2785Cheryl Wowk
I observed two cyclists last week in full gear riding on the sidewalk beside the clearly marked lanes! I believe that the old traditional "cyclist rides on the far right hand side of the road" is a universal rule, painted bike lanes are unnecessary!
2786D Kallis
2787David Wilson
What a Joke. 750K for 75 bikers. Do the math. Red Deer is a rich city to afford an expence like that.
2788Kersten johnson
Im all for bike lanes except that your taking iut driving lanes in budy parts of the city ive been in many more trAffic jams since the construction has finished
2789Trevor Carey
Words just cannot express how bad an idea this is. I have informed my son to stay away from the dangerous bike lanes in the city. It appears that even the biking community realizes the danger and is staying away from the lanes.....
2790Don Riley
When traffic lights,intersection changes and the like are contemplated by the city traffic counts are conducted for weeks before decisions are made did anyone count the bike use in high traffic areas? If the city has 800k to spend remove snow.
2791Nik Hudson
It is fine that they make bike lanes, however to take busy 4 lane roads like 39th and 40th and make them two is a stupid idea, why not use the 4 feet of grass between the street and sidewalk and add the lanes in there. i agree its a waste of tax dollars.
2792Joel Anholt
This is just a silly waste of taxpayers time and money. The sidewalks that run beside the lanes of traffic we removed are all located at a safe distance and should be converted to bike/pedestrian usage. Secondly the damage that has been done so far is very poorly done. The paint job left behind is sloppy and messy.Somebody needs to be held accountable for this. It was obviously approved by people who don't spend any real time getting around the city by using streets.Wake up counsellors! Reducing Forty ave to one bonehead play.
2793Carolynn Dye
I am really angry that city council is spending 800k on bike lanes that we the tax payers had no input in at all. They are an absolute hinderance and waste of traffic flow. I am for these types of eco freindly ideas but in a place where they will be used
2794Caroline McConnell
what a waste of hard earned tax money. bikes lanes and the painting of the green onion.
2795Stasha D
I hope the Mayor steps down after this **** up. I don't need to say a thing because everyone on hear is right!!!!
2796Heather Clow
What a waste of taxpayers money! That money could have been used to plow our streets! THINK COUNCIL THINK!!
2797Ralph Mamchur
2798Dorothy Wagner
I said a waste of money when first lanes were put down won't use them
2799Bobbie Krobutschek
I travel through the bike lanes every day. It has become cumbersome. This unilateral move on behalf of the city has caused a growth restriction. I do not approve of the bike lanes. The roads cannot be widened but lanes taken for THIS??
2800Ed Shing
Sooo--- greener city? It's worse than its ever been!!!! The MORONS did not think about all the hundreds of vehicles idling that are waiting for the LONG lights and sitting through 3 effin lights because some moron in the city rides a bike!!!FIX THE HOLES
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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