Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1351Tyson Borger
Bicycles Rule!
Cyclists Rule!
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1 Billion Chinese can't be wrong.
1352Tyson Borger
Bicycles Rule!
Cyclists Rule!
0 ommissions
1 Billion Chinese can't be wrong.
1353Cheryl J. Alton
After reading many of the other comments, I can clearly see my opinion is well represented here! Boo bike lanes!
1354julie saje
If the city is into fitness re bike paths the they should also plow walking paths such
as Mckenzie trails so we could
walk in winter.
1355Tyson Borger
emmissions rather
1356MIchelle searerh
when kids and teacher at lindsay thurber are late and backed all the way up the hill and down to a least the armories there is a big problem
I thing that trails in park are enought for bikers and we dont need any of bike lanes in Town
1358blair seens
lets not stop with bike lanes,seeing how we have more winter than summer,lets add ski-doo lanes for 650,ooo k
1359Hetty-Ann Stryker
These changes have forced me to leave 15 minutes earlier to take my kids to school each day - I would NEVER allow my children to bike on these lanes. Still waiting for a general announcement about the rules and regulations.
1360Ed Hegge
This bike lane concept needs more thought before being implemented. Funds could have been used in better areas.
1361jim corbett
15 mins to drive from 30th down 39th to pick up your children at St. Thomas and Maryview! Not acceptable!!!!
1362Bill Farrell
$750K?? An incrase in property taxes would be easier to take if our esteemed counselors would have directed funds to something that would benefit the city, not create traffic issues.
1363Bill Farrell
$750K?? An increase in property taxes would be easier to take if our esteemed counselors would have directed funds to something that would benefit the city, not create traffic issues.
1364Tyson Borger
We ought to be signing a petition for no more fluoride in the drinking water! It is straight poison!!
1365Joan Hansen
They should have found out this concept didn't work in Toronto. An absolute waste of money to appease a very few. Lets put an end to special interest groups running OUR city. They could have just painted bicycles on the road to remind drivers to share, not
1366Jerzy L
Not one of the smartes things Council has done. Very few bikes use them and for what 4 months of the year!!
1367Winter Strong
Far too much money was spent on these useless Ike lanes.
1368Brad Ross
1369A Keast
Our streets and pathways need more maintenance in winter weather, any extra funding should be allocated to that cause.
1370Pat Quinlan
Total waste of taxpayers $$$$$. Personally, I ride my bike on the sidewalks with no problem. It's much safer.
1371Jeremy Strong
Huge waste of money, this project has caused far more problems then they could possibly solve, and last time I checked the city had a vast trail system for bikes to use to get around the city.... The city was not designed for these lanes....
1372Danielle Lee
Only one week into school and I've almost been hit twice! There's too many vehicles that need that space on 39th. Not to mention I'm disgusted with how the city spends our money so ridiculously! This isn't California, we have 7 months of cold weather! This
1373Wade Bogusky
Main roads are down to 1 lane each way,have not seen any bikes out enjoying this 750K bike lane
1374James Boehmer
In my opinion it is a waste of taxpayers money. I have yet to see one person use them and the havoc they cause, for 4-5 months of the year, is a shame. It's not an improvement to the City and a better solution can be found.
1375Tracy Diener
I understand that there is a safety issue for cyclists, but to reduce already congested streets is not an answer. My children won't even use the lanes, saying the sidewalk is safer.
1376Blaine Ringham
I would like to know how we have unlimited money for traffic changes on 39th street including our new bike lane. Should we not be looking into a traffic signal system to improve traffic flow. No spend unlimited money on 39th street to slow traffic down.
1377Anna Meckling
I took 39th Street eastbound from downtown all last week to count cyclists at 415pm - I saw 2 - both were riding up on the sidewalks, not in the bike lanes. I'm betting that a collision between a cyclist & a pedestrian won't end in a fatality. The trails & sidewalks could have been split into pedestrian & cyclist traffic instead of congesting so many major traffic routes in a growing city where there are so few cyclists. Isn't the backlog of standing traffic on these routes now causing more exhaust than before? I've found that the only way to avoid the congestion now is to divert through the residential neighbourhoods, which would have been another safer alternative for the cyclists.
1378Jackie Czerniak
The bike paths are designed for a disaster waiting to happen. When will cyclists be fined for not obeying traffic laws. E.g., riding in the wrong direction, and cyclists who still insist on riding on the side walk while ignoring the bike path.
1379Kristen Hopp
I have seen people choosing to ride on the sidewalk or even the grass before making use of the bike lane beside them. Additionally, traffic on 40th Ave has been slowed to a crawl thanks to lost lanes.
1380Dwight Oler
Thanks City Council, I can NO LONGER PARK IN FRONT OF MY OWN HOME! Family and friends must park over 800 feet from our house. The value of my house has now dropped substantially. Do you want to buy a house with no on street parking? Is the City prepared to dish out $30,000 per house or build us all driveways and recompense us for the loss of value of our home? Yes, on street parking is not a right, by why then, would you take it away from some residents and let others keep it. To be fair and equitable to all city residences remove all on street parking for everyone.
1381Sheryl Gerrie
1382Bill Gerrie
1383Travis Pye
I am outraged by the negative impact the bike lanes are having on our everyday lives. The mayor thinks we need to adapt to stupidity, but I think he and council need to actually represent the citizens of Red Deer or adapt to life outside of office.
1384Larry Karashowsy
Could you imagine a family of 5 or 6 , perhaps new to the country , pedeling down 55th @ rush hour . I find it horrifying . 750K will look like chump change when the lawsuits get going , lets hope nobody gets killed .
1385rob l
the other day I went past the water tower and there was a police car stopped. where do you suppose he was parked? you guessed it in the bike lane
Well another blunder for the city council.This city had traffic congrestion before this bike lanes. What a nightmare now. We have winter 6 - 8 mths a year,a waste of tax dollars.I have been waiting for 3 wks for a street light to be changed - no money?
1387Hollie Walker
The bike lanes don't make sense we barely have enough lanes for cars & now we are doing a special lane for bikes which in our climate we only use 7 or 8 months out the year
There are numerous different ways of a city going "green" and this atrocious way of going about it is far from convenient for anybody. This is Red Deer Alberta not Amsterdamn..
1389Shawn Crowther
1390Luis Campbell
1391Krystal Waldo
1392Robert Klotz
my concern is with traffic congestion on 55st and 40th Ave.
1393Glenn Currie
Im glad to see the City is 'riding heat' for these stupid bike lanes. What a bad idea !!!
1394Dale Crowther
1395Lauri Young
It took me 5 lights to get through the intersection at 40th and 39th. Someone sure never thought this one through.
1396Gloria Jones
My commute to school now takes twice as long. the traffi is even worse andhalf of our year its below zero. too he council-how stupid can you get.
1397Krista Leonard
The bike lanes do not seem like a well thought out/ executed plan, they are causing way too many problems!
1398Angela Campbell
1399Kean Huebner
1400Pam Vincent
The bikes lanes are ridiculous...taking away from the already congested streets in the mornings especially by certain schools! I totally believe this is a fatality waiting to happen. By the way...I've even seen City of Red Deer vehicles driving in them...
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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