Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1901james spencer
1902Cor F Kruijer
The cyclists dont use them, very few drives know the rules, the traffic is always backed up at intersections involving the lanes, and I am fed up with arbitrary moves by council that affect my daily life and my health and safety when driving.
1903Leanne Mancuso
For years we have been trying to add more traffic lanes to congested areas and now for some reason it is not an issue?? Why are we adding bike lanes when they eat up very valuable street real estate...and why do we need bike lanes beside bike paths? Hmmmmm
1904Renee Rudolph
This was not well thought out at all. I agree with creating a bike system but not when it affects traffic flow in this busy and growing city. It was a waste of tax payers dollars! It has created a more dangerous roadway for bikers and drivers.
1905Jonathan Wenger
1906Scott Romans
Noble effort, but not worth the loss of traffic lanes for the few people who might use the bike lanes less than half the year.
This is why we have a wonderful trail system,Do we base our decisions on the very few people that will use the bike lanes, or the majority that will be affected by congested streets and unsafety of the bike lanes. Very poorly thought out plan.
1909Dave Allison
Traffic congestion has been an on-going issue in Red Deer.After 7 years of planning the city is finally getting around to upgrading 32st. The city then turns around and creates numerous other traffic flow issues.
1910Jessica Beagan
1911Colleen Kerr
Traffic too conjested in our growing city, seldom see anyone using them & I travel daily back & forth downtown. Waste of our money. Paths are safe to be shared by everyone & are beautiful. Ridiculous idea - dangerous as well.
1912Andrea weik
The new bike lanes near 39th are causing serious traffic congestion and are dangerous
Serious traffic issues around 39th
1916Bruce Osmond
These lanes add congestion in some areas which are already congested, thus adding to the danger. The idea needs to be rethought, perhaps changing the locations of some lanes.They don' seem to be used very often at present.
1917Jordan Nims
The new bike lanes are causing nothing but problems, whether it be parking or just the flow of traffic. The city really took a step back with this.
1918Bruce Osmond
1919judy davies
I just drove down 40Ave and 55 St. Just crazy. Also, no cycles to be found. A giant wast of money.
I've seen bikers on sidewalks on the same streets that have bike lanes. Irony.
1922larry dwyer
bike lanes might work in a retirement area with less traffic / this is a oil city with big trucks etc / we have 6 months ofwinter to deal with and sure wouldn't want to see some poor soul killed trying to ride his bicycle on icy january roads. bad planniny
1923Bill Blanchard
I have seen traffic come to a stand still on 67th and 59th because of the bike lanes that no one is using. The cyclist are using the cross walk because it is safer. 55th is just waiting for some serious accidents. NO PLANNING or Forsight.
1925jeff forbes
our mayor is a joke, this has to be the dumbest idea, its time to get this terrible mayor out
My guess is that no one on the town council needs to use 55th. I don't fee safe with these people making decisions, just to make our daily commute more dangerous. Thanks for doing such a Great Job
Ill conceived and poorly executed as usual
1928sheila b
I could understand the need for bike lanes if there were so many bikes on the roads that it was causing traffic Jams but I never see anyone using them, I would rather see a new lane only swimming pool built, that has lane swimming every day all day.
1929Judy bloomfield
City planners have made a huge mess as it is of city roads! And thanks for asking about our( tax paying dollars) now!!
These bike lanes are absolutely ridiculous! And to have a bike lane have its own turning lane on 55th street! Are you going to put a 5year old in that!! I DON’T THINK SO!!! Maybe if you want your child to get seriously hurt or KILLED! Like give your head a shake. These lanes are dangerous and should not be used by kids. AND it’s pretty sad to see the police are not even using the bike lanes. I saw two police officers use the side walk right beside the bike lanes. They are not even using them! What a great way to waste our money. Oh, and I have already seen skateboarders on the bike lanes to going down Spruce Drive hill…. GOING DOWN!! Someone is going to get killed, and its going to be really sad because it will be an accident only because no one knows the rules on these stupid new bike lanes. AND, if you are going to make the road a “single file” road for bikes and cars, that bike peddler better be doing 50 km an hour, or they will get run over.
1931Bill S
WHEN and HOW SOON can these lanes be changed back? I do not want to wait until this Feeble pilot is over. The Citizens of Red Deer have voiced their concerns!!! WE PAY THE TAXES!!
1932Ethel Newman
PRIORITIES.The $1,000,000+ that is going to be spent on this "Pilot" would be better directed in creating our bypass road circling the city. It would benefit the whole city, and not just a handful of our residents. We need to be forward thinking.
1933Larry Larratt
If bikers would obey the red lights,crossings, and carry insurance;I would be more inclined to share our very limited road space with them.
1934Blayne Swanson
The city continues to grow, and the traffic becomes more congested.. So let make even less room.. Make non sense.. We have some of the best bike paths in Alberta.. Use them!
I agree with everything everyone else has already said. Can't believe that the City did this!!!!!!
gross waste of taxpayer money. Have only seen one person using these lanes.
1937Jack Panteluk
The bike lane initiative was obviously well-intentioned, but poorly thought out. Taking 2 full lanes out of 39th for a limited amount of cyclists after the horrible construction mess over the last year (pipe replacement) is ridiculous.
1938Allyssa Ebens
Good idea in theory, but placing them in already traffic congested areas does not make any sense. Separate bike paths not near traffic would be a safer option.
Red Deer has grown so fast that the roads couldn't handle all the traffic before the bike lanes were even thought of. Our biking season is too short to tie up traffic with the bike lanes.
lot of money waisted
1941Kevin Pikkert
Gross oversight on behalf of council. Perhaps a traffic study should have been done before spending or a much wider range of survey
1942Barry Lockwood
Bikes are suppose to be on the roads already, so we should and are already sharing the roads with them. Make part of the right vehicle lane a bike/vehicle sharing lane - mark it as a bike path and we can still have 2 vehicle lanes to travel in.
Bike lanes just made our traffic problems 100 times worse!!!!
1944Kelly Korpany
A total mis-spend of tax dollars.
It makes no sense to slow the flow of traffic in a rapidly growing city. Waste of tax dollars.
How many injured cyclists will it take to get the lanes changed back?
1947Shaun Wilson
These bike lanes are dumb and a wastes of tax $$$ . They take lanes way, parking spots and makes the city of RD look dumb. Can't wait until winter. What a joke!!!!
In just two days have seen a possible two accidents at same intersection; both making a right hand turn. It really wasn't the best of ideas.
Eastview Middle School has become so congested that it
's ridiculous!
1950faye robinson
I live by Eastview school and I don't see many bikers ever.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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