Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
751Jeanette Regehr
Waste of money - try building wider sidewalks on BOTH sides of the street.
752Maureen M
biggest wastes of money .... plus the added problem in a city where traffic flow is so poor the city keeps taking away lanes of traffic and turning lanes. PLEASE be sure to ALSO go to the city of Red Deer website and post your feedback on their survey
I con't beleive that the city would reduce lanes for vehicles in order to put in the bike lanes. The amount of bikes that would use these lanes would never compare to the amount of vehicles. I pay taxes for those roads every time I put gas in my vehicle.
754Rick J
Biggest waste of tax payers money!
I think was a good idea for some, but should not have be added to the busy roads as now will make it harder for drivers. More traffic back up.
756Lisa Smith
I read that this pilot cost $750,000. That tax money would have been better spent upgrading existing intersection signals and improving roadways (30th Ave as an example), than on this pilot.
This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. We had enough problems with traffic flow in any area these "bike lanes" have been added let alone them being added. Wish they would have asked opinions 1st, wasted taxpayers money 2nd. It's gonna take some deaths
758Candace F
Encouraging biking shouldn't come at the high costs associated with this project - including safety. The problems people are taking about go far beyond being resistant change. Could you really have not predicted these issues?
759Gerald Pugh
Bit the bullet and do away with them ,before someone get killed
760Jill Rohwer
761Dan MacGregor
This makes NO sense at all. The people running this city are not paying much attention to the traffic conditions. Total waste of money.
762Todd Halford
763Kandice Adams
The bike lanes were poorly planned, poorly executed and cause major problems on both 39th Ave and 55th St(but all over really). Takes just one very frustrated driver to make a very bad decision and kill someone by mistake.
764Jillian Green
Makes my upset, $750 000 dollars in taxes and i did just recive notice that taxes are going up. i don't know they always bicth they don't have enough for snow removal. that money right there would sure help out.
765Randi D
While I don't completely disagree with the concept, they have taken it way too far. Red Deer is known for it's beautiful paths , lets continue investing in them instead!
766Sharon S
I have only seen 1 person use the the bike lanes. But have seen several on the sidewalk right beside a bike lane. Bigest mistake Red Deer could have made
767Kristen J
I do not think that Bike Lanes are necessary in Red Deer. Traffic in the areas with the new bike lanes is ridiculous, and they are dangerous.
768Candice Prince
I have not seen a singal cyclist using these bike lanes. From my experience these bike lanes have only obstructed traffic. These lanes will only be used for half th eyear anyways. Waste of money.
769Lance Bell
Are these bike paths gonna be cross country skiing friendly so when it's minus 40 out and I'm waiting in a ONE LANE traffic jam getting my kids to school I can justify in my head that they are ACTUALLY gonna get used
770Garty Martens
Cutting traffic lanes for thousands of vehicles per day for the occasional cyclist is not good planning. Please rethink this debacle.
771Deanna Regnier
772Rolf Thudium
Poor planning. Money better spent on bike path maintenace. Can't wait for the next election.
As our population grows... so do the number of vehicles on the road...put the roads back to 2 lanes... you goof balls!!! I'd like the NAME of the person who came up with the bike lane Idea???
774Craig Topping
Insanity. I have seen a total of 3 bikes use the lanes. 39th st is a gong show and cars are now cutting past the Michener Centre to avoid it. Matter of time before something bad happens.....
They SUCK, take them away again!
776Daleen Palm
What a waste of time and money. very poor decision
777Norm Ammeter
Not in favor. Poor decision.
778Marie Palm
Not in favor.
779Marg Elder
Not in favor
780Wendy Lajeunesse
What an embarrassment for the city. Everything is snarled up. Waste of money!!!
782Victoria Boos
783Cheryl Quartly
Seems like a waste of money to me....I have only seen one person biking in the lanes and they were going the wrong way and almost caused an accident .
784Jennifer Foy
As much as I appreciate the concept, how about we stick to improving our bike paths and improving the flow of traffic by updating our streets to deal with the flow of traffic that just keeps growing instead of hindering it with these bike lanes.
785Kathy Jehn
786Sanda Dan
787Mark Abbott
788Colleen B
This was not we though out at all!The bike lanes are dangerous and cause traffic jams. The money would have been better spent on building wider sidewalks and on both sides of the street.
789Brenda W
790Dallas Guidolin
They are so dumb like let's get rid of all the two lanes roads good thinking red deer
791Ryan P
Money could have been allocated to better things then bike lanes.
792Andrew Hopkinson
Intesting that we have no $$ in the budget for extra snow removal, but we have money for frivolous projects like this! Nice one, Morris!
793Shawn Deveau
A waste of time and money. Very poor decision. Should have consulted citizens before moving ahead.
794Luk K
Wider sidewalks would have been a better investment. These bike lanes are dangerous! Terrible planning!
795Korin H
Bike lanes are great to encourage an active lifestyle and cyclist safety, however, should not have come at the expense of the vehicle traffic. Poorly planned project, they should have used the funds in better ways and asked more residents before hand.
796Tali Hulley
797Barb Frew
798Rob Hulley
799Rob Hulley
800Kim P.
Very poorly planned, and why did it seem to come as a surprise to everyone? Would it be because you took away our local TV station?
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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