Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2651J. Hodge
That $750,000 they spent doing this was a complete waste of money. I STILL see people biking on the sidewalks because it's so friggen dangerous! The traffic is ridiculous on 39 Street, 40 Ave and 55 Street. Dumbest idea the city has ever had.
2652Wendy Milner
Very dangerous for the bikes to be so close to the cars. I think bike trails should be removed!
2653John Strong
The city is growing more and more all the time and they are cutting back on driving lanes. That doesn't make any sense. I ride my bike on the sidewalks to be safer.
2654Roy Craig
The biggest waiste of money the city has ever spent. Who ever decided it was a good idea should be fired and have to pay the money back to the city
2655Darren Trautman
I am against the way that these lanes were put in. In this day and age of safety, what the hell were they thinking on these things. Even asked a driving instructor what I should. E doing on certain situations like 48ave and 55st. He didn't have an answer
2656Joe Sullivan
Good bye Morris! I will vote for a sack of potatoes before you ever get another vote. These lanes are a joke. 250 people supported them, and we are stuck with the mess.
2657Alex Sullivan
Not safe!!!
2658Cindy Matheson
I can't believe that the city actually changed 40th and 55th when there were already congestion and safety issues. My daughter tells me classes cannot start on time at Thurber as buses are stuck in traffic.
2659Jim Matheson
2660Ashlee Munday
The only people I see riding in these so called bike lanes are kids on their long boards. Thank Red Deer for the spending of our hard earned money! It's time to pull your heads out of your butts and admit this was a very bad idea.
2661Sean Stewart
I can't believe my my money is going to this, between traffic lights making you stop every 50 feet. I hope a few of the city council members get sued by the family of the first kid that get's killed because of this.
2662Trina Scriba
Please do us all a favor and admit this was a poor decision. The money is gone and we'll never see it again, but at least we could have our roads back!
2663Andy B.
As usual the city counselors have made real mess again. I hope everyone remembers this craziness at the next election. The streets should be put back the way they were - we don't "need" bike lanes.
2664Bob Unrau
I have no problems with bike lanes per say as I often ride my bike, however with the few people in our city that bike and the short season that most bike, I think this is a very big waste of my tax paying dollars. If the city were to do a calculation of d
2665Andrea carriere
Do not support this change at all and was a poor decision.the new bike lanes have created an unimaginable amount of congestion.cant justify a dramatic costly change for 6 months of the year .please revert back.
2666Andrea carriere
Do not support this change at all and was a poor decision.the new bike lanes have created an unimaginable amount of congestion.cant justify a dramatic costly change for 6 months of the year .please revert back.
2667Chris Gatien
City Council needs a reminder that people work hard for their money and don't enjoy having it spent on some council members personal agenda. Last I checked, it was majority rules. You can pay us all back at tax time. $750,000 sounds like a nice tax break!
2668Kathleen Easthope
2669Craig N
2670Stephanie L.
A support the bike lanes petition....really Mike Wiseman?
2671Sara C
A support lanes petition,I would love to see. Then we could compare. They are unsafe and a huge waste of money.I predict record turn out at the polls next fall. AT LEAST YOU SOLVED THAT PROBLEM. Goodbye Morris and most council.
2672Bob Studer
I bicycle alot but I certainly wouldn't feel safe biking in most of these bike lanes, and I feel horrible about making frustrating, dangerous conditions for motorists. Road rage is inevitable. I prefer bike paths and biking on side streets when necessary.
2673Susan Swainson
As an avid and experienced cyclist, I would not feel safe in the bike lanes. The "road less travelled" is safer and more enjoyable!
2674Minna T,
I would live to see our tax money used for something more efficient or useful!
2675melissa poulin
2676Nicole McGeough
2677Jason Buchanan
I do not believe Red Deer has a large enough population of responsible cyclists for these bike lanes to be beneficial. Cutting out whole lanes for 5 people to travel on a bike a day does not make sense to me.
2679Tobi Langlois
They are horrible and not thought out well. I have lived in Red Deer since 1996 and avoid riding my bike on the roads with heavy traffic. That's why they have wide sidewalks and the trail system.
2680Wayne Gordey
Born and raised for 38 years in this city I have never seen a more asinine decision by the policy makers. Thank god for helmets to bad council didnt use their heads for something good. Bless S.T.A.R.S we will need there help I am sure be safe people...
2682Kimberly T
2683Tyler L
2684Lorraine Corbett
2685Larissa Lysons
Bike Lanes at the expense of Vehicle lanes is not acceptable. The newly created congestion is atrocious & unbearable!
2686Sheola Menzies
Lived in Red Deer for many years. When visiting this summer could not believe the congestion and chaos with the traffic flow. Make use of bike paths and sidewalks - improve these instead.
2687Charlotte L
The cons of these bike lines overweight the positives by far. $750,000 is a ridiculous amount of money to be spent and could be used on something that would benefit the whole city.
2688Tracy Annable
I wish to have the bike lanes removed.
2689Crystal Stefaniw
All these new bike lanes, and guess where the bikers are riding? On the sidewalk! I don't blame them, I wouldn't ride in the bike lanes either. Too dangerous
2690Lisa S
Bike lanes have just made traffic flow worse. How can you justify taking main traffic flow routes and turning them into the conjested mess that they are now. There are so many beautiful bike trails in the city. Doesn't make sence.
2691Lisa Cormier
2692Larry Corbett
I have pedalled my bike for many years on the streets of Red Deer and never found the need for these goofy lanes. This has increased the traffic in subdivisions with people trying to avoid the congestion on bike lane streets.
2693Bruce Kelley
Was this someones personal agenda again,Morris?? Very disappointed on how this decision was made. What a waste of money. RESIGN NOW!
2694 statements so far and not one apology from the mayor for the big screw up. Obviously he is ignoring the common people from way up there on his throne.
If you think that these bike lanes are causing traffic problems just wait until they put in the special crosswalks so all the new chickens in town can cross the road
2696Crystal Shadbolt
2697Drew Kenworthy
One of the best things about Red Deer compared to the bigger centres has the quick commute times. So disappointed to see this compromised in so many areas of the city. It's dangerous too. They should be removed before someone is seriously injured.
2698Diane Clarke
I will never ride my bike on any road in Red Deer, bike lane or no. I have been slammed into 3 times by muscle trucks while in my car - I have no death wish.
2699Irene Durksen
This has been poorly planed & could very well end up costing lives!!
2700Alan McCrostie
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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