Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
802Erin Mackie
Very poorly planned, and VERY dangerous!
803K. Smith
Not a good use of tax dollars.
Not laid out real good. A waste of lanes on major roads.
The public should have been advised on the cost and how many of the roads would have been affected.
Bike lanes are good---just not the extent that was done and at the cost of such.
waste of money- have only seen 2 bikers since bike lanes were done and both were riding on the sidewalk!!
Seen 2 cyclists is first 3 weeks on 55st. Both riding on the sidewalk! Thousands of commuters with idleing vehicles at a standstill to satisfy a group of cyclists, how is this an enviromentally sound decision? Admit your mistake!!
In a place where cycling can only last a few months and we have a ton of very usable pathways already, this wasn't a very monetarily sound decision for our city. Not to mention the strain it's put on traffic. They should have thought of the numbers more.
808Blake Jacobs
Dear Paul aka. Mr. Bike Lanes

Apparently the City of Red Deer has a fetish for spending money on paint. $750,000 for green paint for the water tower that no longer is used for anything, and now $800,000 for paint (and later to remove paint) for bike lanes. Fluoride in the city's water?
I don't know what is happening with city council but this is ridiculous.

...Steinbach, Manitoba water tower. Was a completed project for $170,000.00. they did a complete Hi-Pressure Blast (Hydro-Jetting) 10,000+ PSI, and applied 3 coats of paint. The company utilize industrial rope access [and] we also utilize robotic blasting technology with lead and sandblast containment built in. No need for open air sandblasting, expensive and dangerous scaffolding. The group can access and move around the tanks with ease and the highest level of safety. Can you explain to me why my city spent way too much money to paint something the city doesn’t even use? WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!!!! thank you for making me use my hard earn money for taxes!

I didn't know bike lanes were a huge issue in city. I wonder how many people came up to you and said "Paul. you should get bike lanes in Red Deer" I don't think so. 98.9% of people in Red Deer don't want the bike lanes that YOU wanted to see in this city. You will find out at the next election how many people are now against you. Its extremely funny that now you are coming up with solutions to solve some of the bad areas where bike lanes are major issue. Why didn't we take the time to research where to put them? Now we spend money on fixing the problem areas. STUPID! Thanks again for making me spend my hard earn money on something my family will never use.

I hope the city of Red Deer finds a voice and never votes you in to council again. Better yet you should just step down

Please don't try to ask me out for coffee. Instead maybe you should pay for my taxes!
Very poor planning and lack of community voice. I called the city last week and the refuse to speak with me concerning this project. Somebody should loose their job over this.
810Peter Stirling
Extremely poor planning. Great timing as well. Put in bike lanes in August and September 4 months of great biking ahead
811Corey Michelau
8 months of winter means we have 8 months of useless bike lanes, also people think they should be riding on the roads everywhere even if the bike trails are right beside the road!, i dont trust being on the road in my car forget being on a bike
812Kathleen Thorsteinson
Can't wait for Red Deer elections to come around. Need to call all city council members to see what their involvement was in this.
813Janice Sekora
Good idea poor execution! Lossing half the lanes on already over-crowded mainstreests in our city does not work! If this is why they increased my taxes again... YIKES! Safer biking paths /over street bridges for Gaetz and 67th would be more beneficial!
815Gord Ing
Seems this pilot project was a decision made by a few and which affects many. Retract this project so we can come up with a better solution like a dedicated path just off the sidewalk.
816John Herman
I agree, the bike paths were a bad choice. Seems they will only cause more problems.
817Todd Derksen
I only wish this would be heard by the city. If you need my signature I will gladly also sign this. My wife used to have a five minute drive to work, which is now nearly 20 minutes, all down 40th ave, and past Lindsay Thurber. ONE LANE! REALLY?!?
819Gene Henry
Removing one lane on 40th avenue and 55th street for a bike lane was a HUGE mistake. Nobody wants ride their bicycles on these roads. People want to ride their bikes on the trails. You might have the odd person ride on these new bike lanes.
820Kelsey Wilcott
821Pam Cameron
Everytime I drive by and see the bike lanes I feel frustration!! I never have seen anyone using them and they are everywhere. Its also dangerous having a bike lane right beside vehicles parked. What a waste of tax payers money!
822John Findley
I found it safer to ride on the sidewalk on 40th.The council REALLY needs to think about REAL issues of reducing congestion and bottlenecks, instead of causing more.
823Ryan Best
What a total waste of tax payer money. As if the new city yards wasn't bad enough. Here's a thought, why not think of something that is actually useful for the general public instead of raping our wallets with lame ideas. Boneheads!!!
824Wendy Schropp
By putting in bike lanes for the safety of the people who ride the bikes, you have taken away a very needed 2nd driving lane in traffic congested areas and put the drivers at risk! Very poor planning
Waste of money!! This is not Florida it is Red Deer!!
Waste of money & time!!!
I have recently graduated from Lindsey Thurber High School and I know that traffic on the way to school for the last couple years has been terrible. The recent additions of the bike lanes is causing students to be even later than normal for morning classes
828Tash Elvidge
There are far better things to waste, I mean spend, our taxes on.
829W King
Very poorly implemented. Huge waste of tax payer's money. 10 minutes to sit in bumper to bumper traffic and only move 3 blocks along 39th street by Eastview Middle School, Maryview School, and St. Thomas Aquinas School at 3:30pm is ridiculous!
830Amanda D
No traffic on them, to bad they don't follow the same rules as the cars!!
832don george
this was not wise from the start.
833michelle bartlett
I like to ride my bike. However I feel more comfortable on the side walk. Maybe if you are a pro biker and can keep up with traffic the bike lanes are good. But I would rather drive slow and share with walkers and use the sidewalk.
I drive these bike lanes almost every day and very seldome see them used, use the tail system
835Tracy St Denis
Frustrating beyond belief! Poorly planned and executed. Even if ALL 250 survey respondents were in favor of the lanes, how does council translate that extremely small percentage of residents as a majority? Or even enough to constitute moving forward? Very disheartening.
WTF were u thinking! Can't wait to pay for fixing this useless mistake!!
837rick w
the streets picked are way to busy and narrow now for this. The only person I saw using it was a old person on a power wheel chair and he was getting honked at for being on the roadway.It was the street going south by the North Hill store .terrible waste o
838Barb Teichroeb
Poorly planned, Red Deer has fantastic bike trails. Why would you go and mess up already busy streets and take lanes away?
839June A
With a population of 85,000 and growing only the city of Red Deer would install bike lanes on existing streets needed to keep traffic flowing. Waste of taxpayers money, someone is going to be killed. Have seen 1 person in these lanes. Very poorly planned.
840Clint Wissinger
Did not take long for traffic jams and accidents to occur because of these lanes. They were poorly planned and nobody uses them. Thank you for spending tax dollars on this complete waste of time.
841Roger Young
Really bad idea to put bike lanes on streets that are covered in snow 6 to 8 months of the year! I would hope council will return the streets two normal two lane traffic before the snow flies. Thanks to Veer & Stephan who voted against this madness...
842Erica Forrest
843Mike Sitbon
250 person survey ? Really !!
844Rod Gillies
Now that you have wasted our money, who is going to monitor the bikers for proper lighting and reflectors and licensing to be on public roads? When are the councilors that voted for this going to ride their bikes?
845Shahab Jafri
Not a good idea to have bikers on the road with fast moving vehicles.
846Peter Nissen
FAIL to you guys in charge of running Red Deer, you should be ashamed of yourself, did you really think that this was going to work, have you actually tried to drive on roads effected near schools at pickup or drop off times, crazy
847Peter Nissen
FAIL to you guys in charge of running Red Deer, you should be ashamed of yourself, did you really think that this was going to work, have you actually tried to drive on roads effected near schools at pickup or drop off times, crazy
849Amanda Brunke
Drivers are nervous, cyclists feel unsafe! Don't take away vehicle lanes, there are more cars than bikes RED DEER IS GROWING!
850Ed Turgeon
It is concerning that a project can proceed to "trial" with so little imput of those impacted. I would appreciate a little more thought prior to tax payers dollars being spent on "trials"
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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