Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
3001Jay Mac Burnie
Mayor, Manager, and Councillors should all pay for this mess out of their own pockets!
3002jennifer doyle
3003Tammy Harris
The bike lanes were NOT necessary, NOT needed, and definitely NOT well thought out!! WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY!!!
3004Mark Sorensen
Lived all of my life in Red Deer and am saddened by this.
3005Mark Sorensen
Lived all of my life in Red Deer and am saddened by this.
3006Conny Pinard
3007Colin tettersell
Maybe if the roads were wider to accommodate the lanes .our roads are bad enough without this how come there was never a plebicite to the public for this
3008vanessa eliuk
3009Joanne Duncan
What a waste of time and money:( Not only that why would you start a pilot project for bike riding when the kids go back to school!
I m not opposed to the idea of people using bikes for transportation. But the exiting plan makes little sense. Reducing cr traffic, which already exists, in favor of the "potential" of more people riding their bikes. 1. We did not Ned to spend money on thi
I'm a year round bicycle commuter and agree the bike lanes are inappropriate. However, I'm more discouraged with over 1,000 posts advising cyclists to use sidewalks! Perhaps Class 5 ops. need to learn the rules of the road. Treat me like a car please!!!
3012Lee Marsh
Strongly opposed to the bike lanes, and am thinking that Red Deer-ites should have been asked prior to their creation. And looking forward to the cost of the removal of the lanes, and the rises of our taxes to do so.
3013Scott Attfield
Use the money to figure out how to program the traffic lights correctly.
3014Brandon thompson
As parents we told our children to not play on the street, now as society we make it acceptable for them, keep the kids off the road!!! They got no chance against motorized vehicles!
I agree 100% with Jason (3011). Treat the bikes like a car. Lets start with insurance, license plate, lights, drivers license. Vehicle safety inspection. Then you can be treated like a vehicle. Until then, STAY OFF OF THE ROAD...
3016Kevin Dore
Bike lanes in a city where winter is half a year. Stupid ,
3017Karen Dawson
Were we Punked? I seriously thought I was on an episode of Punked or Candid Camera the first time I turned onto 55th street and saw the bike lane blindside. And now we get to foot the bill to put it back how it was. Great use of our tax dollars.
3018Angus Elliott
I trully believe it is time for a NEW COUNCIL. This does show their knowlege of SAFE CITY as their butts only run a chair
What a waste of time & tax payers money!! for MAYBE 3 months of the year. I will NEVER use them or allow my children!! This wasted money should be paid back by the person or person's who allowed it to happen.
3021Al Stewart
It was a stupid idea
3022Susan Blair
I can not believe that anyone would think that putting in baike lanes on the busiest street in the city (55 St.) where there are at leat 20 buses and about 5000 students, most of which are brand new drivers was a good idea? Go down and experience it!
3023Katherine Brown
I have seen 2 bikes using the lanes and some 200+ vehicles. What is the percentage of cyclists in Red Deer?
3024Darwin Parcels
3025Irene Pipke
bike lanes are a stupid idea, but helps us voters make better use of our votes.
3026G A Young
Remember this fiasco at the next election. Yes you voted them in.
3027Kristy Erickson
The Bike lanes are aweful I drive the city each day and never seen more then @ people biking and in the months december-may i never see them wat a waste of tax money if you want to make a change ten maybe slow down the bus drivers whom I always see speedin
3028Kim Feth
I do not agree cause someone will get killed and some drivers out there dont pay attention while driving with cell phone in hand
Strongly opposed to the bike lanes.
55th street is an accident (or worse a death) waiting to happen. Winter will cover approximately 5 months of the year. Waste of tax payers money!
what a waste of OUR money.this isnt the netherlands-holland what the hell r you thinking??
3031Larry Ski
100's or 1000's of people expressed an opionion that someone may get KILLED on bike paths . Flewelling Jeffries Harris Mulder say give it a chance .My god lock these people up .
$800,000 to build these lanes and we will be over budget on our snow removal after the first snowfall! Then what will the bikers do?
3033Cyril Hughes
Blood Rubish not needed.
3035Ted Erickson
The lanes have held up traffic. 67 st now has multi light waits at peak hours. Where is the eviromental savings here? It now takes most commuters 10-15min longer. That's alot of gas being used for an extremely small percentage of commuters on bikes.
We live in an area where we can't ride 1/2 the time.It has increased idling times as motorists wait in their cars to access streets. 39 st. feeds 4 schools the traffic is a big clogged mess.Only saw 1 bike in lane but many still choose sidewalk - safer!
3037R. Dean Cowan
I have yet to see a single cyclist and I travel 40 Ave & 55 Street 4 times a day 7 days a week. What a stupid idea. People can't even park in front of their own home or business.The rain is in the old markings when it rains & is dark.I get confused by this
3038Jenna Brueggeman
I think the bike lanes are ridiculous. It is unfair of the city to start this pilot project on roads with extra roadway ie by 3 mile bend, have no complaints so deem it s success to minimize main roadways in the city! It's unsafe and causes so much conges
3039Jocelyne L.
There are so many things wrong with these bike lanes it is not possible to state them here. Ever drive down Riverside drive and see all the cities slow moving vehicles using these lanes? Just one ridiculous example. STOP this project NOW.
3040dawn winter
I live up by the Dawe and the bike lane is directly inbetween the turning lane to go left and the lane to go straight i have never seen anyone use this lane they just use the sidewalk and it has made traffic unbareably slower 3 cars at max go for th light.
I have tried the bike lanes and have been jeered by passing motorists who arent giving this a try. Bike lanes have stones and debris that the sidewalks do not.The bike lanes are still risky to cross at intersections.A fail by city hall.
3042Richard Cundiff
All of the good that Morris Flewelling has done for this city has now gone out the window. He is going to be seen for years to come as the lamest mayor we have ever had. Council is weak on this stupid idea!
3043deanna bartley
I am amazed at this undertaking its like a 4 year old was let loose in the city with chalk and put these lanes anywhere, we have a good bike systems in place away from traffic and you can pretty well get anywhere you want to on them, why waste the tax paye
City council sure knows how to waste money. Build it first then ask the people. Horse before the cart again just like downtown, the art work, the museum, bike lanes. Snow removal ya watch the budget go dry after the first snowfall.
Don't forget 110 million to move the civic yards . Perhaps the best in the country . They put it by pigs and dog poo . Bike path will get u there if u wanna have a look. Brilliant .
3046Brad Stein
Roads must be designed to be able to handle bike lanes. You can't go back and retrofit roads with them. They have failed miserably. The city has been spending alot of money to have paved paths throughout the city & they are a better place for the bikes.
with Red Deer,s rapid growth, The infastructure of road ways are not able to handle traffic now, not alone cutting them down to one lane on major routes, I don't think this was thought out ahead of time. Money would be better spent, creating proper bike la
simply put..guess red deer had a surplus this year!!but come on $800,000 coulda been used else where! And to only ask 250 of what.. 90,000 of us!! What a joke really! Can't wait to sell the house next yr and move if they're going to waste $$ like this!!
Sad the little girl got hit by a city bus while in a bike lane. I'm sure the bike that The City gave her wasn't Hush Money though!?!
So when a bicycle wanders into a vehicle lane and causes a multi vehicle accident, whose insurance company pays for the damages ? Whose insurance rates go up ? Who gets charged ?
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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