Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2051Brad Romans
The bike lanes could be the most idiotic thing that this or any other City Council has ever endorsed. I watched several bikers ride on the sidewalk instead of the bike lanes that have recently been provided. Our biking season is at best 6 months long.
I love to go biking but I feel unsafe sharing the road with vehicles. some unsafe, unaware drivers could take my life. I feel that this city is to hectic to have bike lanes so close to main road ways
2053john zazalak
as a taxpaying auto and bike user i think this is a waste of my taxes and my in front parking
All argument of the "need" for bike lanes aside, what kind of messed up math tells council that 250 people represent a city of 90 thousand plus? Wouldn't you think that an 800 thousand dollar decision would warrant more of a study than that? Can we force an election right now?
2055kim reno
I am a frequent visitor of a home along the bike path. I have been forced to park 2 blocks away. I feel the bike paths are a waste of time, we never see any bikes on these paths. What about parking in the winter when we have to park 2 blocks away.
2056Shirley S.
Bike lanes along 39th??? Cyclists are still biking on the sidewalks and side roads -feel safer I quess - what a waste.
2057Kaylee benbow
My work is located right beside a bike lane on 52 street. There have been over 50 parking spots taken away in order to create the bike lane from an already crowded down town! I have seen under a dozen people use them since they have been created.
2058Kali Vall
Yet to seen one biker actually use these.. And they are a complete waste of space in the winter when snow covers up the lane.
watched someone almost get hit in the bike lane on 39th. what was wrong with sidewalks?
2060nicholas vall
2061Rick Vall
I tihnk this is a waste of time and moeny. I do not think it is safe to share the roads with vehicles. I think more than one person is going to get hurt with this. The sidewalks were fine .Reducing traffic lanes with the city growing is not a good idea.
2063Audrey Miller
I do not think it is safe to mix bikes with cars especially on busy thoroughfares.What was wrong with using the sidewalks?We need more traffic lanes not less.Wintre driving is treacherous enough without having to watch for bikes too.Complete waste of tax d
A trip down Michener Hill (going past the Comp) in the morning used to take a minute or 2 at the max. Now it takes 6 to 8 minutes & I see a LOT of unsafe passing to get around those who are trying to merge right to the school. Stupid decision by city.
So I'm turning right on a green light at 39th & 40th. An adult biker starts to cross going the wrong way. I make my turn in front of him. So he's pissed. If you're riding it you're not a pedestrian pal. Observe the rules of the road.
2066Jeff Carmichael
Maybe on some streets the bike lanes could work but I find that most of the locations chosen are chosen without any thought , Like the top of Spruce Drive , a whole lineup of cars are now being stopped when someone is turning at the top .
2067Colleen Stuart
"RETHINK" Red Deer and the small group that think our present bike lanes are a good idea probably also want to reduce carbon emissions.NO chance of that happening when we have cars piled up on streets in single lanes to accommodate non-existent bikers!!!!
The bike lanes around some of the schools have created confusion and congestion....they are dangerous for cyclists and drivers! Our climate does not justify this drastic change to our roads.
2069Sheila Vall
Perhaps in the winter we could convert the bike lanes to a cross country ski lane and waste some more tax payers money grooming them.
2070Dorothy Cocks
Enough already!! The funds wasted here is unbelievable. I thought AHS had a problem!!!
2071Lori Seguin
I do think bike lanes can be a great thing, however, I believe the city has done a VERY poor job in planning, and made some VERY poor choices with this project.
2072Mitchell James
Waste of money and time. More chance for injury in the lanes then on a sidewalk.
2073Trudy woods
bike paths are the most hazardous things that this city has ever done. not only would i ride my bike on them but i would never allow my grandkids to EVER ride on them.not the way drivers drive in this city.
2074Joy Lawrence
a clssic example of the tail wagging the dog.The limited bike traffic does not warrant the congestion or cost associated with this project. It needs to be stopped and reversed immediately
2075sean mckay
maybe the city council should start listen to the people of red deer before wasteing money like this
bike lane project
is mistake
Really...? 250 people can spend 90000+ hard earned tax money. What was council thinking..
2078Lisa F
When I first became aware of the bike lanes on the road, I immediately thought dangerous,impractical, poorly planned and executed, and yet another frustrating traffic issue to deal with in a city already full of them.
2079Matt M.
Get rid of this ill thought out project NOW. This project is so ludicrous I laugh then get angry every time I see those lanes. Took up half a lane on 39st and painted some nice strips as well! Hey maybe lanes down sidewalks too?? Grrr
No !to taking two lanes and reduciing them to one lane on 54 ave. It is impossible for gasoline tankers to navigate in such a narrow space. Huge mistake!!!
I feel these bike lanes are unsafe and a waste of taxpayers money.
2082John Moldowan
One of the biggest and dumbest blunders the city has made to date. But wait, there will be more dumb things to come! As our city grows we need to ADD car lanes not take them away for bike bike lanes. That is what the bike paths are for!
2084Cathleen k
Now there is higher congestion, in already congested places ie. 39th and 40th during school!! Maybe consider fixing sidewalks or putting them on both sides of the street. And we have 8 months of cold weather!!
2085Raymond Lee
It would be criminal for the city, mayor and city council to ignore the majority of taxpayers. The message is clear, a mistake has been made!
2086elaine wade
Just seems out of place for two reasons- taking 2 lane roads and turning them into 1 lane for a small minority and our City has only a few months that these lanes will be used. Does seem like a giant waste of tax dollars.
2087Stan Gillespie
Very much against most of the bike lanes
Not enough thought went into this decision
Although this has cost substantial money it should be corrected
Council has made a mistake in my opinion one this one
2088Byron Morin
What would we do with them all winter
2089Mark Hunter
As somebody who drives around the city a lot during the day I have yet to see ONE bike in the lanes. Not one. I have, however, seen total congestion as these lanes have destroyed traffic flow in areas like 39th St and 40 Ave. It's a complete nightmare now.
2090Denise Harrigan
I am very angry at the waste of my tax dollars for a few loud voices. Bike lanes have created a nightmare of traffic congestion and safety issues for both cars and bicycles.
These bike lanes are a joke, it takes me 45 minutes to get to school with these bike lanes and construction. good job wasting more money Red Deer.
2092Don Ver
According to the Mayor we apparently just have to get use to the lanes.we will not be riding on them if for no other reason then what we saw today. An elderly women driving in the bike lane,no shoulder checking.You cant fix stupid. Its dangerous!
2093Tracy Ball
I am a pedestrian, a cyclist, and a motorist. As a cyclist I would rather share the sidewalk with pedestrians, giving pedestrians the right of way. As a motorist - I don't think that giving up traffic lanes is a positive move in a growing city, where traffic is already becoming more and more congested.
2094Ben Jordi
I agree biking is healthy for the body, and good for the environment. Being a "green" town is a good thing. But to waste so much money without proper public feedback is irresponsible governing.
Shool zone traffic was bad enough with two lanes.
2095Elana mic
Bikes enjoy sidewalk way more than those lanes. We have the bikes trail system, it's more than enough thank you!!!!
Bike lanes would be a great idea on future road developments, but reducing traffic lanes on already existing roadways was a poor decision!......opps
This is not the only think the city is doing wrong! you would be surprise a much more thing the tax money is spend with out people would know and stay secret in the office ?
2098Pam Miller
Ridiculous waste of money!!!
if i had made a 800,000 dollar mistake it would cost me my business. i think everyone of you on councill should lose your job!!it is like you are playing monopoly with our tax payer dollars!! what a shame
2100Kim tang
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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