Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
701Brian Risling
Ridiculous. All of city council should get a strong message from the voters next election.
702Shelly bell
When red deer has over 50km in path ways for people to ride walk and skate in... And sidewalks all over the city that I still see people riding on... Why alter the roads for pedal bikes that are only useable 4 months of the year... It's a waist of taxes
Red deer is growing we need MORE lanes NOT less lanes $&@!
I cannot believe they put the turning lane for bikes in the middle of the road!! really? How many kids have to die trying this before we change it? never mind 8months out of a year there is snow here!!wont even be able to see them nice expensive lines.
Ridiculous! As if the roads weren't bad enough!
Waste of money, waste of space, dangerous, not at all ideal.
The new lanes on some of these roads are ridiculous,. It's way more congested in the school areas at peak traffic times, I seldom even see cyclists use these new lanes designated for them. This money could have been used way more efficiently.
708Amanda Risling
Totally useless. Stop the madness ... city council needs to own up to this mistake.
709Ruth Wall
What were they thinking!! First we have Costly road widening then because of an additional NEED; we undo the good those tax dollars provided. While the concept is great the implementation is ludicrous. Totally a WASTE of our tax dollars.
I constantly see people riding their bikes on the sidewalk, adjacent to the new bike lanes. It is ridiculous that motorists are being convinced in this way - for people that aren't even going to use the lanes.
These lanes are so useless. What a waste of our money!
712Laura Stephan
713Trish Gregory
714Richard Hagel
715Jay Klause
Although I am all in favor of encouraging greener transportation, I dont support the bike lanes on major streets. I think the city should focus on ways to help the city meet its expanding population and traffic congestion problems rather than adding on.
716Merinda Plante
717Marg R
I think city councils should have given Red Deer residents a head up about what was to be implimented. Do we not have a say on how some of our tax dollars are being used. I enjoy riding my bike but i will not be using the bike lanes, i dont feel safe.
718Mynor DePaz
719Chantelle Plumley
These lanes are absolutely ridiculous!! As a mother I will always encourage my children to use the sidewalk and not these tax money burning death traps !!!
720Shelley B
721Matthew B
722treena rowan
I enjoy cycling on red deer's path system, you are able access all parts of the city safely. I would not feel safe using the bike lanes. also would be quite upset if i could not park in front of my home, or have company come visit, stupid idea!
724Julie Cook
I see that the bike lanes have congested traffic and hardly anyone is using the bike lanes. I do not believe they are the safest thing. As a kid I will not use them. There are tons of cool and interesting trails that are wonderful to use and many do.
725Rebecca Cook
I think they are for a good reason and people might use the if they were in safe places. I feel there will be accidents and as a child, I do not feel safe using them.
It seems no research have been done prior to the money being spent as to the effectiveness & safety of the bike lanes. What a waste of money! To be honest our road system is bad!We can learn some things from US roads,their center turning lane is excellent!
727Andrew Davis
728Don Routley
Politically dealistic, poorly conceived & poorly executed (engineering wise). Mine is a "No" vote in case there was a question.
729Melanie Klein
Totally disagree with the way it is taking up existing lanes in high traffic areas. RD has lots of bike paths, why can't people use them instead?
730Theresa Hopper
Removing parking in front of homes, cutting lanes in front of schools are the issue with us. Also, no public input!
731Robyn Hopper
Perhaps bike lanes make sense for communities where bikes can be used year-round but Red Deer is not one of these places. Bikers using the bike lanes in the winter could be putting themselves in great peril seeing as how close they would be to traffic.
732Anthony Redelback
Traffic flow in Red Deer was bad enough now it is totaly crazy. How on earth did something like this get done with no imput or discussion with residents. Bike riders still use the sidewalks and dont obey the rules of the road. total stupidity
This was not properly thought out. Although I am not totally against bike lanes, this was a stupid idea.. Please put 40th Ave and 55th street back to the way they were
734Rhonda Hansen
Have you had to pick up or drop off a kid at Lindsay Thurber. I can't imagine
735dylan leslie
I think it's the stupidest thing I've seen Red Deer do so far. Put into consideration that putting a bike lane on 32nd street where a lot of the accidents are prone to happen if a vehicle hits a bike hes dead.
736John Clemens
How much did the city spend on the bike paths that allow cyclists to travel across the city? Now they spend more to take away the already congested traffic lanes? I haven't seen a single bike use one yet, just single file traffic at rush hour!
737Adrien Lengyel
738Devon Glover
How many of these people who are riding bikes on the road had to take any form of road test? What do city buses do when they have to turn right into one lane when they need two full lanes to make a right turn? What happens when the snow covers up lanes?...
739Leisa Olson
My first reaction was simply the fact that we have winter weather for at least 6 months of the year, who can ride a bike then?
740Danial Devost
There does appear to me to be any need at all for additional bike routes as i believe the existing sidewalks and paths are more than sufficient for Red Deer's bike traffic. Also i think a bike lane on a street is rather unsafe.
741Sandy MCdonald
When you spend tax payer's dollars make sure you spend them on something the citizen's want. This is the most talked about issue in Red Deer at the moment . The Mayor and all counsel members are in the hot seats now. I can't see them being elected again.
glad I am not dropping off at Eastview anymore
743Bonnie Friesen
744Josh Ritter
The bike lanes are stupid gettin late to school everyday it just talkin away lanes when the flow if traffic wasent great by Thurber but it was better then now haven't seen anyone in the
745Yvette Tayler
They should have started by making the bus shelters bigger and perhaps heated by solar panels??? Get more people to bus first!!!
746Roger Beeton
The center turn lane makes sense; the bike lanes do not. In terms of traffic congestion, the bike lanes have only made a bad situation worse.
747Kal Howard
Not sure there was enough demand to justify the effect on traffic. I've seen then used twice since they were instituted.
748Brenda Pesonen
This is a ridiculous waste of City resources, both money and labour. Council should be ashamed to support a project like this.
749tyler wasilenko
Seriously, 4 months of no snow and we need bike lanes?
750Branden Mechefske
Dumb, just dumb. Who ever thought this was a good idea should be shot, or a the very least voted out.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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