Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2251Mary Liefhebber
Severe waste of money. No money for snow removal but they can put in these bike lanes which tie up traffic and make a city thats growing harder to get around.
2252Terry Kumm
Although bike lanes are a good idea, they should not be installed on high traffic roads in the city such as 55th street. Move them to less travelled side streets. Also installation of bike lanes should not impact the ability of people to park at home.
2253Glenn Yates
I think it's time for a recall of our elected men and woman. Lets get some correction on the reality of Red Deer. No still means NO.
2254Amanda Jane Mellon
everyone has said it all.... so true. stupid
Dangerous for both bike riders and traffic flow in our City
2257Diane Smith
2258Al Coker
This is a stupid idea. How many bikes will be riden in the upcoming months? The bike lanes will still be there. Councillors give your head a shake
2259Bob Haldane
I think the bike lanes just create more traffic problems than they solve.
2260dave lemasurier
lets slow traffic. wait for three lights so 1 crazy biker who would rather take there chances on the road than ride safely on the sidewalk.
2261dave lemasurier
lets slow traffic. wait for three lights so 1 crazy biker who would rather take there chances on the road than ride safely on the sidewalk.
2262Mark DeClerck
Such a disgusting display of backroom politics. They had to burn close to a million dollars so they'd get the same next year. So they waste our money and cause chaos with our roadways for some stupid half cocked idea. Now there's no parking on my street.
2263Leah Tymko
2264Ruth Mackie
Why don't we spend the tax dollars on helping our traffic situations in Red Deer instead of creating a bike lane that is seasonal?
2265Michelle Skilnick
What a waste of money! Our city is increasing in population but the city chooses to take away lanes from busy streets. I've seen only walkers on these bike trails not actual bikes. It made sense to see them near Heritage Ranch, not 55th or 39th and 40th
2266James Mangin
Bike lanes are needed when the roads are overwhelmed with commuting cyclists. We are far from that situation in Red Deer. Painted bike lanes are more dangerous to the cyclist then riding with traffic or better yet in the existing trail system.
2267Danielle Schubrink
What everyone else said.
Waste of money, causes more problems then not, etc etc.
2268Nelson Lacourse
Growing community, don't take away road infrastructure. boom.
2269Charlotte Dennehy
someone on council must own shares in a bodyshop
someone on council must own shares in a bodyshop
2272Michelle Semeniuk
as a cyclist i will not use the lanes as they are to dangerous to both me and other drivers.
2273brian gettis
Traffic congestion is a huge issue now in the city. The bike lanes for a few are creating havoc for the many vehicles on the roads. My wife and I bike and won't use them as they are really far too dangerous with everyone being in a hurry. Too risky.
2274Marsha Metcalfe
Our roads cannot handle the traffic we currently have. The bike lanes must go.
My streets didnt even get cleared at all last winter. Im sure the $800,000 would have been enough to clear the streets in Rosdale last winter. Well Done city council.
There are other ways we could be spending our tax money. This is by far ridiculous.
2277Jason Skilnick
Some say what a waste of money, I say what I waste of Intelligence. People will think twice about voting in city council members that have financial ties to downtown. Hey city council pull your heads out of your @#% and listen to the people of Red Deer
2278Colleen Hammond
What's left to say that hasn't already been said? Totally against the bike lanes on the roads they've been put on. I thought that's why we have such a nice extensive bike path system throughout the parks and city - so the roads wouldn't suffer like now!
2279Rafaela Barnabe
Bike lanes are fine on roads that were wide to begin with but taking away a lane of traffic in a city that is growing is not a good idea! Also, in a city where it is cold and snows 5 months of year, how many bikers will actually use the lanes in winter?
2280Bruce Hammond
2281Ruth Hammond
2282Delmer Hammond
2283Chris Mackie
Bike lanes are causing traffic issues, and yes...they can only be used for a good 4 months...MAYBE. Should have used the money for snow removal
2284Angela Murphy
2285Charlotte Wagner
2286Shelley Torris
It's more of a hazzard to the cyclists to be on side of the road that close to traffic. Also it takes away from the lanes which we need for the motorists in this growing community.
Not a very bright idea....
2287Kevin Gerlywich
Nothing more to add to what has already been said. An obvious bad decision by City Council.
2288bill hiebert
you have to be kidding me 3/4 of a million dollars for something as dangerous as these bike lanes!!! If we the people who pay our property taxes have to foot the bill for this stupidity its really time to think about who we elect for city council and mayor
2289Colleen Myrol
2290Debbie Gerlywich
Just a bad plan from the start. Please City Coucil, bring back some common sense to the decsion table and scrap the bike lane loonacy in Red Deer.
2291Doug Mclean
What a great joke but it is still a ways off to April 1st. $75,000 to paint the lines ,how much to have them removed, ops I forgot ,the snow will take care of that.
Waste of space.
2293David Horn
Remove all bike lanes! You have wasted money on creating more congestion on our roads.
2294Pam Frisby
2295Justin Milley
stupid idea in the first place when will this city learn.
2296Brandon Busby
People are going to get killed using these ridiculous bike lanes. And what type of license and training is and should be required to ride on the road with all the other dumb ass drivers.
2297Janice Morin
Our city has beautiful bike trails that go throughout the city. Why do we need bike lanes on our streets?
Red Deer has a great trail system. Why could'nt $800,000 be spent to expand that. Question: Are motorized wheelchairs allowed to use these lanes. Somehow some people may think so...very unsafe.
2299Craig Michael
2300Janet Fleming
We have spent so much on the trails & if the city wishes to have share the road, just use the signs & not paint the bike lanes. There are some streets which SHOULD NOT be bike friendly (i.e. Gaetz Ave; 67th/30th or Ross St; 32nd or Taylor Dr)
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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