Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1201Tony Sankovic
Our city is one of the most beautiful in Alberta and we highlight our city with OUR PAVED PATHS...did we really need to congest our roads even more. I believe they need to be changed back.
1202David Miazga
Its time to Stand-up
and say Stop the Bleed of Tax Payer Money to projects that do not benefit
every one In
Red Deer.All this benefits is the Very Small Group of people(Cycling Groups) who are trying to Change Red Deer in to there Image!
1203Fred Collier
What a waste of money! What about the loss of income from all of the parking meters around the provincial bldg. Money spent on 32nd street to move traffic then put in bike lanes to impede traffic! Quit wasting taxpayers money.
1204Herb Dueck
Are you kidding me ??? What in the world was the city thinking ? [OR NOT] STOP the Nonesense ..Huge waste of time ,$$$$ and manpower
1205John Langelaar
WOW, the lanes have been in place on Riverview drive now for about a year, I travel that road at least 5 times a week, have yet to see a cyclist on it. Do see the occastional one, maybe 4 in the last yeear on the sidewalk though. WOW, such wisdom
1206Tim Gardiner
I have never in my life seen a City that decreases it's traffic lanes. They did it downtown now they are doing it on major routes. Where most Cities are expanding their traffic routes with growth our City Planners in all of their wisdom want to shrink ours
Really, I just shake my head, another waste of Tax Payer Money. Surprised by our mayor's comments or maybe not, Sept 11/12 RD Advocate. Change it back and focus on more critical items to spend our money on.
1208Lyle Fennell
Bike lane signage is confusing and distracting along 39th street.
1209Sue Hocken
Absolutely ridiculous!! A poorly planned project! City roads are for traffic flow, now we have more traffic WOES! We spend 7+ months with SNOW on the ground!!
1210Joey Desrosiers
The safety of riding on the sidewalk outweighs the safety of being in the bike lanes themselves. Please do not dump anymore of the tax payers money into this pilot program.
1211Jason Potter
I was all for the bike lanes until I seen they were taking away lanes of traffic at key locations. It seems to me that they have caused more problems than they solved.
I do not like these ._.

Also, pie is delicious.
1213Brenda Berresford
A total waste of tax payers money, not to mention the effect on traffic
1214Victoria Sanford
1215Lorynn Bosma
A waste of tax payers money. The money should go to snow removal in the winter of the roads. Now it has causes more problems then it is worth. We have enough bike paths to get around on in this city. That are mostly cleared of snow before the roads are
1216Anthony Arsenault
I feel that you should not have spent so much mony on the bike lanes while you need to add lanes on to the streets sooner or later a car wont be paying attention to the bike lane and accidently hit some one do you really want some one to die.
1217Melanie Doell
Taking away parking,and entire traffic lanes is unacceptable. and the lanes are all over with no rhyme nor reason. taxes are paid to give us some rights...i say NO to these bike lanes.instead,teach bicycle safety,and lets go back to b4!
This really proves there is no cure for stupid.
1219Nicole Rawlins
Put money into educating bikers how to ride properly instead. I constantly see them blowing through red lights as they think no rules apply to them.
1220Jeanette Clarkson
I can't see safty being promoted when a driver has to be checking for bikes over their shoulder when they turn. Yes what a waste of turning lanes. Please stop! If this was Victoria it would be a different story.
1221carsan blair
1222Jillian Meston
1223Joe Red Deer
1224Janella Spearing
What can be said when we vote in authorities that carelessly spend out tax dollars without a care.
1225Derek Beeston
Maybe the city should have had an on line survey for the tax payers of Red Deer to voice their optinions before we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on such a TERRIBLE idea. The next questions WHO gets to pay for turning those bike lanes back??
1226Shirley Der
Very inconveniant, slows traffic immensely.
1227Darcy Wilson
Stupid,stupid and more stupid.Think about the future?Are there going to be less cars and more bikes?
1228Sarah Stolaryk
The real kicker is when we see the city out cleaning the snow off the bike lanes all winter...huge waste of money.
Will be avoiding routes near schools, one lane is ridiculous in high traffic areas.Yes, a waste of money for the short seasons here.
1230Jenny Proctor
Can't say anymore than everyone has already said. Worst idea ever!!!
Absolute waste of money!! It's hard enough sometimes to get from one end of the city to the other with all the increased traffic now you have added to the frustration by taking traffic lanes away & adding these ridiculous bike lanes!!
1232Shelbie Kendall
Absolutely ridiculous!
1233Kevin Beattie
The Bike Lane fiasco is a classic example of City Council and Administration patronizing attitude to the citizens or Red Deer. They rammed this pilot project through without hearing opposing opinions and on the assumption that they know whats best for us.
1234traci W
unable to describe what a bad idea this was somone should be replaced
1235Darin A. James
Someone smoking something and wanting to spend tax payers money came up with this. Big safety concern for drivers as well as riders. As a rider I will never use them. As a driver you just made it twice as long to get to work and more congested. Bad Idea...
would seem to have caused more problems than done good. Our weather is not condusive to this being a permament thing. And taking driving lanes away in school areas is crazy...i cannot imaging what the parents are going through!
1237Jim Skoreyko
Unfortunately its going to take a fatality to get the powers to be to fix their stupidity. some of the lanes they set up for riding bicycles, wont take long for someone to get killed.
1238Randy Weins
Out of touch city council and city planners. For a relatively small handful of bikers relative to vehicles on the road, this was a major "city hall blunder" and expense to the taxpayers. Election in 2013 - let's not forget.
1239Russel Hayden
While every other city strives to relieve traffic congestion, Red Deer decides to increase it in order to please the vocal minority. Remember this at election time.
dont sacrifise car lanes for bikes traffic is already bad enough
1241Shayne Martin
These lanes are a disaster. If you think we should tell our kids to use these on 40 ave then I believe you think us irresponsible parents!! Unreal how this was passed through, congestion, loss of parking it is simply outrageous!
1242R. Davey
1243Cheryl Thorsteinson
These bikes lanes are going to cause more traffic accidents! IF we tax payers had a say, we would rather have snow removal and parking! I have only seen bike paths being used once, other cities must laugh at us, it is embarrassing.
1244dorota burghardt
waste of our money,absolutely ridiculous!!!!!
1245scott douglas
Zero education, Zero notice,
zero bikes that use these lanes. What's going to happen once the snow covers the lines on the road?
Our bike paths are sufficient enough for our city... And one of the best in Alberta. Bike lanes are a hazard and should have had a much larger population voting than 250 people. C'MON!
1247Jeanette Countryman-Smith
1248Dan kendall
Waste of money paths are plenty enough
Iím not against niceties like these bike lanes but it seems to me this council has their priorities wrong. We seem to be sacrificing basic infrastructure like our roads, in order to provide these non-necessary extras. There are a lot of things that need to be done in this city as part of a basic maintenance and instead they are spending time and money building bike lanes.
1250Remi Desautels
Poor planning, I don't see bike lanes being a bad idea but the execution is very poor. one bike lane would suffice leaving 3 lanes for traffic left turning lane for traffic going either direction would free up flow. and 750000$ price tag outrageous! I wonder whose brother got the contract for that or if it even went out to tender?
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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