Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
501Rhonda Lyons
Red Deer...the only city in the world that takes lanes away when a city is growing instead of making more. The bike lanes are a very poor idea.
502Christopher Gyori
504Mike Lyons
Created more traffic congestion & made the streets a lot less safe.
505Joe Walter
Unfortunately the foolish installment and waste of taxpayer money is a typical example of poor decision making and mismanagement by the city of Red Deer. Red Deer is a city designed to frustrate commuters; anyone look to see how many red lights the city
506Paul Stalwick
I have witnessed the result of the bike lanes on 59th Ave. Everyone is still riding on the sidewalk. WHAT A COLLOSAL WASTE OF TIME AND TAXDOLLARS!!!!!
507Lindsey Diebolt
What a waste of time, money, and space! I have yet to see anyone use these bike paths. I agree with some other people on here... If we had a warmer climate, not snow 8 months out of the year, maybe it would make more sense... Rediculous!
508Nicholas morelli
Even though they are bike lanes, bikers still run the risk of getting hit. Side walk is much safer
Compleye waste of money and made the roads more dangerous!!!!
Huge waste of money, First thos. Outdoor Gym things no one uses and now these bike lanes you'd swear we live in Venice Beach,Ca
512Elena Stalwick
The bike lanes are an overly large waste of money, time and space. They give drivers (especially by Lindsay Thurber) extreme road rage. They painted them right before winter, so they are going to havbe to spend more money fixing in the spring.
513Corinna Thompson
Absolute worst idea ever! What were they even thinking? Waste of money and time!
WORST IDEA EVER!!! Adding misery to a pathetically managed traffic system. Now the roads that were dreadfully slow are 30% more inefficient. Sacrificing 1 or 2 lanes is not only a bottleneck, it's downright dangerous. Someone should be fired!
515michelle smeenk
Waste of time and money and is going to cause accidents
516Lesley Unruh
Bad decision city council, my vote next election will only be going to those councellors who voted against the indroduction of the bike lanes.
517Yo Momma
I just needed to add. I haven't seen a single bike in that bike lane. People ride on the sidewalk. Thanks for spending our tax dollars wisely you morons.
519Jansci mccaw
A ridiculous waste of taxpayer's money!!!
520Jenna Currie
Horrible And accidents waiting to happen
521Alex Holmes
Rediculous!! Taking away a lane on already over crowded streets, what genius thought that up? Better off to put a bike lane on the side walks if you feel the need to do it. Waste of $800,000.
522Vanessa Fuchs
I don't believe Red Deer is "metro" enough of a city such as Toronto or Vancouver. Big waste of tax payers money.
523Karin deschamps
524Deanna Thomas
Please stop! Looks like an accident waiting to happen and no one even using them. Big waste of money quit while your ahead!
525Blake Thomas
526Blain Aspinall
very bad idea. politicians should give their head a shake.
527Darcy Breau
waste of time, money, and a downright stupid idea to begin with. Also find them to be a safety concern not only for biker but also for driving as you took pretty well every merge lane available in town
528Maureen Cook
Bike lanes, Red Deer? Must be a joke! This one is not going to go away! Waiting for the inevitable accidents to occur even though few use the lanes. How are you going to live with that? Admit you made a mistake. Show us democracy. The people have spoke.
It's unfortunate that you hardly consider the fact that you're putting cyclists in so much jeopardy assuming they are eligible to be driving (not just) beside motorized vehicles but *with* them. I've only seen 1 cyclist use one so far. Good money spent?
530Stephanie S
This could be the worst idea the city had. Why would we want bike lanes on busy streets!!! Should have spent the money on fixing our streets before adding a bike lane. COME ON CITY OF RED DEER!!!!
531Heidi Ross
Waste of taxpayers money!
DUMBEST IDEA EVER!!!! way to waste tax payer money ... IDIOTS!!!
533Garry P
driving down 39th is now a nightmare
Only cyclist I've seen since the changes was on the sidewalk BESIDE the bike lane. Not to mention near doubling travel times from the north to south end. Waste of time.
535William Rowan
No consulting the public anymore? Council would have known this was a bad idea if they had asked us. Not very pleased with the traffic boondoggles at some major intersections.
The bike lanes are making Red Deer dangerous. The money could be used towards more important things. It's holding up traffic on 55th every morning and after school. We DON'T need them, we already have beautiful bike trails all around Red Deer.
537Michael LaRocque
538Bill Berry
LOL , come on city council is this the best project you can direct funding toward while causing traffic to a stand -still, heres a idea people freezing to death in red deer homeless troubles etc a
Do us all a favor and get rid of them, they are useless.
540Sally Berry
I was actally late picking up my child from school because of traffic delays he was in tears by time I arrrived
541Kelly Hawes
542Todd Wayne
Bike lanes= some ok, maybe
Priority= ZERO
Implementation= ASININE
Safety= you're gonna get somebody killed
ANY idiot could have foreseen the traffic problem this would cause. Red Deer has been more anti-car each year I have lived here since 1971. Special Interests take heed: we have no money for you.
Tell me why it was a good idea to eliminate whole lanes of road when we already have traffic issues. Use your head...
544Dawn Brown
If you are an elected offical and voted this in, trust me, you will NOT get my vote next time.
546Scott Richards
Good idea, but the place and way you implemented them is beyond poor. turning left ANYWHERE on 39th st. was hard enough during school, now its traffic lined up single file for a Km each direction.
547Brittany H
So useless. Good idea but really confusing and dangerous for most drivers. Can't believe how many people I've seen already almost getting sideswiped because someone is trying to merge left with an unnecessary bike lane on their right, and people drive on it regardless. Also, I feel bad for the amount of residents in the middle of that mess that can no longer even park in front of their own house.
548Don Turgeon
549Lisa Amos
I think it was stupid to eliminate whole traffic lanes for these stupid bike lanes. THe traffic backup is insane!
550Lars Kay
Poorly planned. I can't ,for the life of me, understand how there are near enough cyclists to justify some of the bike lane locations.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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