Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1001Samantha Grovet
was a totally stupid idea...
I have seen one cyclist in the bike lanes in the last 3 weeks and instead of riding in the bike lane he was riding right on the white line so I had to drive over into the oncoming lane anyway. Safer? NOPE! Waste of time & our money!
1003Laurie Caron
Please rethink this decision. You are negatively impacting so many citizens from those who use the roads to those who have lost the raking in front of their residence.
1004Jordon J
The bike lanes are a waste of our tax money it just doesn't make sense to turn a 2 road into a one road and bike lane when there are side walks everywhere ...I vote they are removed as well as whoever okayed the dumb idea in the first place
I laugh that my tax dollars actualy paid for this. 750K? Bad call council. Better make sure that new splash park is top notch.
1006Will Woodward
This is a decision made by council based on the input of a lobby group. This is not representative of most Red Deerians needs. Even worse it was expensive. Money spent for a very few, and for only a few months of the year.
Has anyone ever seen Mr. Dressup and the rest of his group on their bikes on the bike lanes ? I didn't think so.
1008Rhea Marriott
This is such a waste of money, and all it is going to do is cause accident and hurt more people on bikes. How are we supposed to see the lines come winter when they don't plow. The school streets should be plowed with that money and the pot holes fixed
1009Kendal Schiebelbein
Complete waste of money!! All it has done is cause traffic congestion and i have seen maybe 4 people utilizing these bike lanes..i wouldnt let my child or anyone I love use them they are completely unsafe and its a matter of time before someone is killed
1010Avalon Cousins
Nobody even uses them they make it tough for bus drivers! They take away from driving lanes
1011Ashley Eistetter
I was okay with the bike lanes before they started to take away entire lanes of traffic - there are some places that bike lanes are needed to connect trails within the city where trails are not possible but we need our double lanes back on 55, 40 and 39.
Totally disagree..waste of OUR money!!!
1013Richard Lowes
Im an avid biker but I don't like the changes to traffic.
1014Gladys Ford
Shameful waste of money. What we need is City Council accountability with consequences.
1015Jill Harrison
The bike are a great idea but there is point where it went to far.
1016Kerri Doll
Absolute waste of money, almost worse then all the out door gyms that also are never used!!! Some of the bike lanes are useful but taking out entire lanes on some of our busiest streets is downright stupid!
1017Nigel Malone
we have had bike lanes all along, they are called sidewalkes. just allow bicycles on sidewalks instead of destroying the flow of traffic and wasting money
Dangerous, I would never allow my kids to ride thier bikes in these bike lanes.
1019Bill Johnston
of my money on maybe 6 cyclists a day for 6 months. If this was their money they were wasting, I doubt they would make these decisions. They have wrecked pretty much all of downtown, Kerrywoood drive and now most other streets in R.D.
Maybe we would have been better off if we had just let them put in the canal system when they whined for that.
I can't really say anything that hasnt been said. poor idea. That amount of money could have gone to such better use on more crucial things.+ I am concerned there is going to be an accident resulting in the confusion and congestion these lanes cause.
1022Shelley Jones
I gotta say, the guy who sped by me in the bike lane today must have missed the memo. I have to say that the city really dropped the ball on this one. Even the bike riders I know say they won't use them
The bikes lanes were a very bad idea especially on main streets like 39th. I saw young students waiting for the bus playing in the bike lanes. Jumping from the sidewalk onto the street. Someone is going to get hurt. Also, winter will be ridiculous.
1024Maureen J
Big mistake as far as I'm concerned. Every time I go out I get more and more frustrated when I come upon the bike lanes. Money could have been spent on WAY better things than this. Waste of money!
1025Wanda Oler
Now we will never be able to sell our house. No one will buy a house where there is no parking because a bike lane has been put there. Will we now have reduced taxes because of this?
Is there a bike lane in front of cit council members homes?
1026Lyndon H
A dumb waste of real tax payers money let than use the walking path's or make then get plates & insurance and have to pay like the motorcycles do or is this an april fools joke that will wash away when it rains hope so pity its sept
1027Angelika Matson
Unfortunate that so much money was sunk into this project when it is clearly not what the community wants. Please listen to your constituents. It IS your job.
1028Amy Airey
1029Anita S
What was the city thinking?? Time to drug test city council on another idiot idea. Why not widen the sidewalks to include a bike path and leave the roads alone. I haven't lost and street parking because of it but unfair to the people that did.
1030Josh H
I believe because Our City is growing, turning double lanes into single lanes is a bad Idea. There isn't that much Bike traffic. Plus we have a great City Bus System.
1031Tammy R.
My children will not be using these lanes ever...riding next to drunk, distracted and angry motorists. This is not a safe solution for bikers in my opinion!
1032Kelsey Neufeld
Taking away traffic lanes is rediculous! There's going to be a lot of accidents. Traffic can drive around the bikes like we've done for years.
Hats off to city council! For years they have been trying to make wintertime CO2 emissions equal to the summertime CO2 emissions. Looks like they have finally succeeded when they put in the bike lanes. Who said they didn't know what they were doing?
1036Derek Olsen
Good work to whoever set this up. Next up let's have a petition to synchronize the traffic lights.
Waste of taxpayers dollars
1038John A.
You can't even use this lanes for more than half of the year. What's the point of having them?
Red deer was not built to have biking lanes. Why don't you make more trails throughout the city instead of wasting the tax payers dollar when you guys will end up taking out the lanes in a couple years anyways
1040Tammie Warden
I sure don't want my child using them someone is going to get killed.
1041Tyler Tiffin
Who in their right mind thought Red Deer needed bike lanes
1042Michele Letwin
1043Judy Scott
I agree we need to look at how we communte, but why not put money into the bus system so that it is a lot easier to use, make good use of our paths . When we have our traffic usage down then lets talk about bike lanes. I have not seen anyone using them
1044Andrew Ramage
The bike lane project lacks common sense and good judgment. It demonstrates flawed municipal planning.
I've never seen such a confusing system as on 39th street. Children are safer on the sidewalks. Make them wider instead, to allow for bikes.
1046Brian Peterson
Waste of taxpayers dollars
What a waste of money and time and effort...this city is growing we need as many traffic lanes as possible...what was the matter with the existing bike paths? I think I have seen 1 person using the expensive,unneeded bike lanes.
I will rember this stupid waste of money next election
No proper consultation or research, no public education process, no ridership (on the lanes in the winter) but much congestion, confusion, increase acccident risk and ultimately a council that doesn't treat taxpayers money like it's their own
1050dennis weisbrod
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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