Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1401Susi Groh
Sadly one of the worse experiments ever tried by the councel...not impressed at all how this impacts drivers. I use 59th Ave and have seen 3 bikes on that road but the traffic has become soooo congested at 59 Ave and 67 Street and the line ups are huge!!
1402Tammy Johnson
1403Julie Boehmer
1404Mike Hayes
1405Donald Fraser
This was a total waste of money. I love to bike, and see no need for the bike lanes. There are enough bike trails in this city to let you get around. The residence of Red Deer should have had a say in this!!
1406Louise Roger
where r ppl going to park if these bike lanes go right in front of thier homes
1407jenn collins
i agree with everyone else's statements. the way it has been done only confuses the Heck out of everyone. bikers of all ages need to know the road going the right way down the road.good thing i seen two boys on bikes before i pulled into Sobeys
1408Tania Jenkins
1409Joe perry
I have seen more bikes using the side walk then the bike lanes! Open the lanes up to scooters and motorcycles and u may not have so many furious citizens
1410Pat Doyle
These lanes cut down traffic lanes that are very busy & we need 2 lanes to accomodate traffic, & we are a winter city so the bike lanes on the pavement will be covered with snow & ice, I think it was a real waste of tax payers money.
1411M. Aileen George
I think there they should have waited until an election and seen what the people that are paying the taxes say.
If they were to take out some of the boulevards and put lanes there, I might then agree.
Anyone who has driven along 40th Ave., 39 St. or 55
1412Nadine Itcush
I find the bike lanes in the North end of town where I live causing more confusion because of the lanes that were removed as a result of the bike lanes. I do not see too many people using the lanes.Traffic builds up as result of the lost lanes.
1413Terri Dodd
I would never allow my children to use these ridiculous bike lanes. If we are going to have them, why not make them so they are useable by all city residents, (off the street), and not just for a handful of users.
1414Gary Strom
I'm a biker and guess what... I won't be using these bike lanes. Get rid of them.
1415Chelsea Redmond
Not only are these bike lanes ridiculous and problem causing, but its also frustrating to know that it is the tax payers hard earned dollars going towards them, and the tax payers were never once consulted prior to the bike lanes being installed.
1416michael mcleod
Way to much congestion in areas were driving lanes were lost!
bigest wast of money in red deer history. (btw its not free to change it back now!)
1417brielle boulanger
im dum. but this waz dumer
1418Muriel Holladay
The city should be trying to alleviate the traffic congestionin the city of Ref Deer. The bicycle lanes greatly add to the congestion while making it very hard for police, firefighters and ambulances let alone school busses, taxis etc. Election...remembe
1419Paul Nagy
$800,000 Are you kidding me,don't get me wrong but if the person that agreed to spend that kind of money from the taxpayers then he/ she needs their head examined.Why couldn't the city put that money into street maintenance or winter street sanding.
1420Adam Reid
This project was a poor decision to appease the few. While a agree with bike lanes they shouldn't be created with previous traffic lanes expesially in a high traffic area. Bike lanes should only be built in new construction areas so you can have the space
1421Jeff Christenson
I love to bike, and see no need for the bike lanes. There are enough bike trails in this city to let you get around. The bike lanes only will add to traffic congestion.
1422Anita Pasman
I find the bike lanes to be a royal pain in the ....! So much for traffic flow!
1423Katherine Waite
1424Glen McRobbie
I hope that city council can admit and then walk away from this $800,000+ mistake.
1425Del Dukes
1426Darren Eklund
It's ridiculous
1427Justin Campbell
This city is growing to fast to be taking away lanes. Especially for bike lanes that can only be used 5 months of the year. What a mess!!
1428Lori Cartwright
1429Chad Weiler
A very bad idea. The bigger the city gets the wider the streets should be getting..Very congested before the bike lanes were even here. This makes it worse for the drivers....Do we getting our tax money back when this idea fails..
1430Luis Campbell
1431Elvin Berthiaume
The most idiotic thing City Council has ever done.
1432Elisa Covert
1433Rocky Jones
This money is all of ours. I think the majority of tax payers use cars not bikes. If they want to be greener by riding their bikes all they need to do is ride the empty buses. Then all the fuel and pay for the drivers wouldn't be going to waste.
1434Tiffany Ardron
They are confusing and the only reason i know somewhat how to drive with them is because of a newsletter my kids brought home from school. it causes way too many problems with turning and the only time I see them being used is for parking not bikes.
1435Wendy Young
Very poor planning, too congested and dangerous for both drivers and bikers.
1436Megan Bailey
It should have been planned better, not taking a full lane that was for traffic and turning it into a bike lane.
1437Ray Froehlich
This ranks in the top (5) idiotic items this present city council has put forth.
1438Debbie Kambeitz
1439Adeline Weiler
Not Impressed!! This is a total waste of our tax dollars for no reason whatsoever! Drivers everywhere are ticked!! Taking our lanes away in a growing city is crazy!
1440Samantha Weiler
I will be learning to drive this year and am not looking forward to having to deal with random bike lanes that shouldn't be there. It's too confusing. I'm scared enough, and now I have to deal with the bikers on the road too???
1441Lila Walshe
1442Brenda A
This was a total waste of taxpayer money. I have only seen a half dozen cyclists using the bike lanes. I have also seen a Mother pushing a stroller, man on bike running his dogs and a jogger and a motorized scooter.
1443Russell Tomyn
OK city hall. This really should be viewed as a non confidence motion by tax payers. you have proved once again that you are not to be trusted with tax payer dollars. Again..blatent disreguard for the needs of many to appease the desires of a few.
1444Gerald Kiffiak
Cut the trail short and get rid of the bike lanes immediately. This is Canada, not Florida.
1445Nicole Tighe
traffic on 40th to thurber is even worse now due to the bike lanes.
1446Veronica Madsen
1447A.N Rangen
Scrap the bike lanes. Whoever in city Hall had this idea should have their job rescinded. There are surely 5 to 10,000 cars on the road for every bike. Stop it now before spending another tas dollar on the project.
1448Cole Malone
Complete waste of money!!
1449eugene karashowsky
1450Alicia Jacobson
As a former delivery Driver i know that even roads where you dont think it is congested i have bben in a few messes this just messed uo a bunch of perfectly good roads
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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