Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1251Natalie Mason
My kids won't be using them, they will be sticking to the sidewalks! much safer
its a waste of money and a safety concern for all drivers and bikers travelling the routes
I don't think enough people use them
1254Gladys Weiland
Wrong city for a not bad idea! Maybe in the Netherlands??
1256Sherry MacDonald
Why not put surveys on the City web site - and make it easy to find them on there - before going ahead with something only a handful of people actually want???
1257Liz Sutley
Not the smartest planning. I was driving down spruce drive hill and there was a biker with a bike trailer behind him. he didn't know that "his " lane ended at the bottom of the hill. The 3 cars behind him were able to slow right down though. Good thing
1258Dawn Wolff
Poor planning that will only benefit a few. More than dangerous, hazard to both biker, and car traffic.
Reported comments by the Mayor in todays Advocate are insulting and totally out of touch with the community response to this dangerous blunder.
1260Carolyn Shields
Still don't have the money to fix the potholes but let's cause some more accidents. No thought about the winter it seems
1261Travis Boychuk
Slowing traffic down when it's not needed! Remove them
who ever is responsible for this blunder should be canned is this best way council can waste our tax money i can suggest several other ways
1263Ray Clark
1264Ray Clark
1265Damon Roth
Great idea
Poorly executed
1266Jeff Dancey
Poorly planned. Poorly executed. Barely utilized.
1267Paula W
This does not make sense and has made 40th ave dangerous for motorists and byclists. What happens when it snows in a month or two? You will not be able to navigate this road and many accidents will occur. Or have we increased the snow removal budget too?
1268Sandra Clark
1269Scott Legge
VERY BAD IDEA!!! Once again Red Deer City Council is showing its near sightedness. Remember you canít complain if you didnít vote!!!
1270Robert Boyd
At first I was totally against it but then I thought, in the winter time we would have a place to pile the snow. Time to look at the City planner.... no acess to clearview mall from N side of 30th A.Enter via community..dah
1271Cam Anderson
This is a waste of time and resources in a city that has a top notch trail system and wide sidewalks on every major street for the direct routes. bikers can also use the roads as long as they abide by the laws. This will only slow traffic
1272Marie Delainey
Waste of my tax money! Creates hazards for cars and bicycles!
1273Bob P
.... lord, help me understand how my city council which perennially debates budget priorities/ deficits, implores me to provide them with more tax revenue, can in good conscience allocate $0.75 Million so frivolously...
1274Louis Tighe
Very little thought about putting bike lanes on 40th and 55th. Creates very unsafe road conditions and removes lanes that have been there for over 50 years and the traffic far greater then ever. If new areas were planned properly then maybe.
1275kristie dufault
1276Chuck Grote
Bike lanes need to go now!,
Put bikes back on paths or sidewalks. Make bikes adhere to a strict trail and sidewalk safety code. Plan bike trails in new areas before they are even built. Enlarge trails to accommodate walkers and riders. End lanes now!!!
1277Gavin IsCute
I disagree with your actions.
1278Shannon Archer
This was a total waste of money and time.Is there any thought process in the city's decisions.Terrible waste of money and the money.Glad I have an extra half hour to get home......
1279Jim Wieler
1280Loretta Wieler
1281Margaret Moroz
I find these lanes really bad in areas downtown whare traffic is piled up to 1 lane, also in areas where there is more traffic. How about licensing cylclists plus an insurance for their bike. In an acvcident who pays.
1282Larry Taylor
1283W. Doggett
These lanes are unused and will be used even less in winter. When I'm stuck behind an elderly driver who wants to slow down for a green light (because it might change to red soemtime that day)I wonder, who's making these money wasting small town plans?
1284donna larsen
The city has put no thought into what this will do for both drivers and cyclists
1285john Bolin
get rid of them now before someone is killed or hurt
1286john Bolin
get rid of them now before someone is killed or hurt
1287Maurice Coene
If the City of RD can have an online survey promoting bicycle lanes [21 of 24 questions favor cyclists], why not a survey for ALL citizens. Do you favor bicycle lanes? Yes or No? Simple is it not?
1288Doug Pullan
There's enough people making negative comments on this issue. If more citizens were to attend city council meetings voicing their concerns, programs like this would be avoided. The City is influenced by Public opinion: make your voice heard loud & clear.
1289Henry VanderMeulen
to support one group at the cost of an other is wrong thinking. It is also dangerous.
Waste of money for all they are used!
1291Edward Good
City council have done many stupid things, but this wins the prize!!
Dangerous and not thought out.
1293Sarah Derksen
1294Michelle Moore
Spend all that money on bike lanes when you can't be bothered to put in a lit crosswalk for children crossing the street to go to school on 39st. Shame on you City of Red Deer!!!
1295george czerniak
why stop just with the bike lanes maybe they can also put in a trike-skate board lanes,waist of money
1296george czerniak
why stop just with the bike lanes maybe they can also put in a trike-skate board lanes,waist of money
1297Renata Good
Bike lanes are a step backwards - especially on 39St.
1298Melinda Anderson
1299Bill Wolff
Changing busy 4 lane streets to 2 lane was not done in the interest of safety. Hard to believe we pay people to make such poorly thought out decisions all in the thought that it makes Red Deer a "green" city.
1300kim mcgilvray
Total waste of time money and manpower A change this signifacant to our city streets should have been voted on by the general public. What you have done to 39th st is a crying shame. Stop this program now and change our prefectly good roads back
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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