Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2851Gary Grote
This could have been asked at election time on the ballot with a simple yes or no and those that dont vote would have to bite there tongue.
2852Jason Sovka
I do not support the bike lanes, but I would support more bike pathways.
2853Laura Motyer
2854Marty Graham
I am a biker but would never consider using these new bike lanes as in most places they are not safe @ there is a perfectly good bike path within a short distance. Why are we taking away busy car lanes for a very short bike season.
2855Donna Buggie
I feel that our City is going backwards, our population has doubled since I moved here in 1982 and there is twice the tarrfic to flow smoothly and the City took it upon themselves to put in Bike Lanes and take Tarrfic lanes away with a vote on it....
2856Jeff Fuller
Another example of the short sightedness of our council.
2857Marianne Grayston
Please reconsider this unnecessary project. You are always looking for ways to save money. Fix this then put the tax dollars to good use
2858Andrew Perry
what wizard thought of this? someone will get hurt/killed on 39st while the first person during left holds up another parent trying to get a kid to school or to work. There is a perfectly good side walk on the southside with grass on both sides of it.
2859Elaine Perry
only in Red Deer can you screw up traffic flow and parking even more
2860Keenen Perry
This was not planned out well at all and traffic in Red Deer is already bad.
2861Dianne Stewart
Safety doesn't seem to be in the minds of the decision makers. We are a growing city and need to start thinking this way. Note taking away lane and parking on major streets.
2862Jo-Ann Gebbink
Wow! We already have traffic congestion issues east/west routes in our City because of poor planning. Now we have further increased congestion on streets restricted to 1 lane due to a bike lane. Good job!
2863Dawn Tynes
Bike paths are a good idea in general but not at the expense of making the roads single lane in a growing city that is already experiencing traffic issues. I would never feel comfortable allowing my kids to ride on those lanes. Poor decision.
2864Rob Wagenaar
Bike paths are a good idea but not at the expense of making roads single lane of traffic
2865Colleen Manderville
No way our kids are riding on these dangerous bike lanes.
Taking away driving lanes in a growing city for 250 people riding bikes, bad business,and not asking tax payers how they would feel about this..........
2867Blair Kostiuk
Good idea but use your heads. They will be covered in snow causing confusion in the winter. Example biker knows where the lane usually is and will stay out of that lane just to prove a point,then a visitor will use that empty space. 75 people @ "Rally"
2868L Calver
Seems like a complete waste of time, effort and money for these bike lanes!! Typical Red Deer, like this city prides itself on the park and trail system, why introduce these unsafe lanes?! Maybe they should be budgeting the cash towards snow removal!!!
2869Mark Paquette
Bad enough that school rush hour on 55th st causes so much congestion, but even during non-school rush hours now, the traffic signal timing forces you to stop at every intersection.
2870Adam Welty
Wow. Just because the city of Calgary did the same thing a year before doesn't mean it was the right decision either. They completely screwed up traffic on one of the busiest streets leading to and from downtown. Same morons but different council?
2871katherine jones
this is a complete waste of our tax dollars take the time to read these moris fluelling will not be re-elected! not as long as im alive.
Confusion for cyclists. Confusion for motorists. Must have been planned by politicians/councillors thinking that they have done something for cycling/environment. Wider sidewalks separated for pedestrians & biker could be a solution.
Traffic congestion is a big problem esp. during rush hour , the bike lanes contribute to this. "Separated bike lanes" should be planned in future new road construction if they are deemed necessary.
2874Brian M
Dangerous bike lanes..Waste of tax payers money. I would never let my kids on these retro-fit death traps.
2875Dean Sharp
Complete waste of taxpayers money! we're supposed to have such a great trail system in Red Deer, teach bike riders to use these in a courteous manner and it shouldn't be a problem. I know who I'm not voting for in the next election!
2876Matt Runham
It funny you say that because I walk up spruce Drv to work everyday (for exercise in the summer) and maybe once a week ive seen anyone use that bike lane. It goes downtown there on a busy road that no one in their right mind would want to ride down in the first place
2877Shane pols
Should adopt a European style bike system they have got it down to a science
2878Jenna Price
Big waste of tax payers money! Making our busy roads single lane is a horrible decision. Never would I have my child ride their bike on those lanes.
2880Ryan Gregson
You really have to stand in awe of this one. How could anyone give the " go ahead" for some thing so obviously stupid. Really pathetic. Your budgets are too big. Please give our tax dollars back.
2881Arielle M
2882Jennifer M
Bike lanes are a great idea if planned properly! Unfortunately it appears the City didn't do the research. 39th street, 40th ave and 55th street all have plenty of green space on both sides of the road for paved bike lanes. And more....
2884Peter Clow
Bike lanes in the downtown areas need to be thought out better in my opinion. Adding to the traffic congestion in key areas makes no sense. Spending tax dollars like this is shortsighted, and would be better spent on plowing the streets.
2885Steve Dick
These bike lanes where not thought out very well. They do cause confusion with some drivers in which could potentialy get some one injured or even killed. I would rather see the money go towards cleaning the roads in the winter. Thx
2887cheryl williamson
Poor decision for drivers and bikers. Making busy streets single lanes causes congestion and confusion. Buses stops and right turns in bike lanes,don't make driving or biking safe. Huge waste of money - donate to the food bank and leave streets alone.
Poor decision for drivers and bikers. Making busy streets single lanes causes congestion and confusion. Buses stops and right turns in bike lanes,don't make driving or biking safe. Huge waste of money - donate to the food bank and leave streets alone.
I'm really disappointed that the city would spend so much money on a project for such a small number of bike commuters. If we lived in a climate where more than half the year wasn't snow I could see completing this project. I also feel the money could have
2890stephanie adair
The bike lanes have taken away necessary traffic lanes. This city is expanding. We need more lanes for driving not less. I am very disappointed that we wasted our money on something that I have not seen one person use so far!
Get rid of them!
Growing city and roads getting smaller, stupid idea!!
Are you kidding me? I agree with Dalen - "Growing city & the roads get smaller!" STUPID!
These things are brutal. Complete waste of money and time!!!
The city should have put more thought and planning into the safety and flow of these bike lanes before they spent such a colossal amount of money. Red Deer traffic is getting worse as it is with our population growth.
2895winnie jackson
this was an obvious waste of our money and a definate mess for traffic. there is a very low percent of residents use bike lanes as we have so many bike paths in our parks and such a small percentage of the year that bikes are practical or possible anyway.
Very bad call. That money could have been used to hire more peace officers to police the streets. Bike lanes do nothing to stop the speeders and aggressive drivers.
Absolutely ridiculous ! The mandate of this counsel is to listen to the people. Anyone that has lived here for any amount of time knows that taking away the east/west flow of traffic in Red Deer is trouble ! Stop the arrogance and do the "right" thing !!
Bike lanes dangerous, no connectivity at all!I ride on the main roads; vehicles know I am in a lane and pass me safely.
2899nancy kingwell
I hope this bike project goes down in history as the most expensive and biggest mistake the city ever makes. We could have used this money for something that made sense. I hope they scrap these bike lanes before someone gets seriously injured.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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