Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
851Caitlyn Jensen
I feel as though that the bike lanes are causing drivers more headache then helping. For one our laneways are smaller, yet vehicles aren't getting that small. Another reason i dislike them is, would you let your son or daughter ride their bikes in them?
853William Brunke
total waste of time and money. You need to plan this with NEW streets not existing ones. Wake Up.
854Betty Brunke
Waste of money, very dangerous.
855Arnold Werbiski
Bikes and cars got along just fine without spending hard earned tax money on stupidness, trying to fix something that isn't broken
This is the latest of a long line of very dumb ideas this council has come up with I just wonder how many more hairbrained schemes that are a total waste of time and taxpayers money they can come up with before the next election
Some streets are fine for this project-like 59 Ave. Others, such as 55 Street, are beyond comprehension. This is an example of council bowing to popular fad & trying to be like Calgary/Edmonton. We already have 50-75 km of bike trails in the city! FAIL
858Jo Anne Vidito
I live on 44A Ave. here in Red Deer and the loss of the second lane at the top of Spruce Drive could prove to be very dangerous when turning onto 37 St. I can see an accident happening here.
Not the greatest idea,Red Deer street are conjested enough & busy as it is taking diving lanes away would make for a terrible idea not mention who is going to monitor the bikers for proper stuff if something happens will the car be at fault?
Wrong time of year and locations for these paths have been poorly chosen. Let's use the money to relcate manholes to the green spaces.
861Ryan Brunette
Bottlenecking traffic to a single lane that already was busy enough with two lanes. I've seen cars using the bike lanes to pass other cars, not good! This idea is about as wise as the Sylvan Lake intersection on HWY#11,someone is going to pay DEARLY!!
862Pam Komula
Another waste of tax payers $750K. We already had existing sidewalks and bike trails that were alot safer for the cyclists. Now instead we have more traffic congestion and more possibility of cycling/motor vehicle accidents.
863Erikka Weisgerber
The bike lanes are not going to be used like they need to be used for motor vehicles.
Both my kids go to schools in Eastview and these bike lanes have made it an absolute nightmare every morning to take my kids. I saw a young boy skateboarding in the bike lane and almost got hit as he swerved into the traffic lane!UNSAFE
I have yet to see one bike using the bike lanes through the Eastview area! Saw a boy riding a skateboard almost get hit by a car!!
867Quentin Palanychka
Who is filling their pockets for this
868Robert Wagner
Help!!! I'm trapped in my own subdivision. As a resident who lives just north of 55th, I find myself unable to exit my own home during high traffic periods since council decided to remove one of the lanes. At least I can watch the bikes go by on the sidewalk
869Patricia Procyshen
Cannot believe we are having togive up lanes for vehicle traffic on such busy streets. (pilot project was close to where I work,have yet to see anyone in those lanes),now on the way to and from work,traffic is congested. Wait til the snow comes, then w
Maybe if Red Deer would have much wider roads then it would be OK. but who is going to use bike lanes in winter time anyway
871Jermy Iliscupidez
I've always thought that before a project this huge is ever finalized, a trial period had to be considered. It semmed that these bike trails only worsen traffic in Red Deer. This project should have been axed quite a while ago.
872Tom Roy
Waste of money
Waste of money, dangerous and just plain stupid! definitely going to end bad
874Daryl Frenette
As usual Red Deer has it ass backwards. Everyone else in the world is trying to enhance traffic flow patterns and Red Deer is doing everything in its power to disrupt and annihilate traffic. First "calming lanes" now bike lanes. Tax payers revolt
875joyce scott
There are enough bike trails in Red Deer and it is winter 9 months of the year. Come on!
876Jeannette Soley
I am not in favour of these bike lanes. this city has spent hundreds of thousands dollars investing in our trail bike paths. Now all of a sudden they are not enough, seriously. As a school bus driver I must admit these are a nightmare.
Local swimmers beg for years for competition sized pool, no money from council. 1 phone call from Mr. Johnson's bike group and we get traffic disrupted all over the city. Anyone else find this odd?
878Ken miller
get off the crack pipe council. streets are for vehicles not bikes. Make it right.
It's ridiculous to me to cut down already congested streets with bike lanes, besides, isn't that what the bike paths are for?
What a waste of money. Got nothing better to do at council meetings than dream up silly ass ideas? Step down and put some people with experience in there. Dangerous and short sighted. FAIL!
881Darrel Wise
someone is going to get run over
882Josh McLean
Just the latest poor traffic planning decision from the city
883Dallas Menard
The lose of vehicle lanes is causing a large amount of congestion everywhere the bike lanes have been placed. Noticeably on the west side of DAWE
I'm all for promoting fitness...but this wasn't the way to go about it! Traffic is already congested enough. Would have been better to add to the already great trail system or widen sidewalks adding a bike lane on them instead...
885Wendy Park-Ramage
Ridiculous!!!! Huge waste of money!! Shame on council.
886George Ramage
Having lived here for 66 years, I believe this to be the most signidficant blunder on the part of our elected acity councillors. Please step down if you believe this to be a benefit to our already poor traffic movement. And hooray for all the bicycle owner
887Linda Boone
This was a rediculous idea for a country where it's only nice enough to ride a bike maybe half the year if the weather is good! What a waste of tax payers money! You gave no thought to all the lost parking or the businesses your effecting by removing it!
888Linda Boone
This was a rediculous idea for a country where it's only nice enough to ride a bike maybe half the year if the weather is good! What a waste of tax payers money! You gave no thought to all the lost parking or the businesses your effecting by removing it!
889Troy McCarty
We need to build more trails. Taking away driving lanes is the biggest mistake and waste of money. The traffic was already congested in those area.
Red Deer has path system for bikes already. the people who decided this should ride on the new dumb bike paths that they decided on with out the residents knowing.These roads are ridiculous and a wast of my taxes next vote hope these clowns are voted OUT..
891Brandy Cowles
Those bike lanes are such a big waste of money. They can't even be used most of the year. They need to put the roads back to how they were also I have never seen a bike in one of these lanes yet.
892jamie smith
A social engineering experiment gone wrong.OMG what is the City thinking when removing lanes and parking in the downtown area,where parking is at a premium in the first place. Widen lanes where needed but don't take them away!
894Brooke Sanderson
The single lane traffic around the schools is ridiculous and it takes a long time just to get through the traffic lights.
895kimberly paulsen
All this is doing is causing traffice problems and wasting tax payers hard earned money. If they have the money to be putting bike lanes in just before winter and just after school starts then why haven't we heard anything about a new highscool going up? And not only that but I have not seen very many bikes on them but our class rooms are over crowded and kids aren't getting the proper education they need.
I find that the bike lanes at Eastview Middle School are hazardous.... not only is a VERY busy street being narrowed into one lane, but youth are then introduced at the bottle neck riding bikes with their BACKS to the heavy traffic!!!! How absurd!
897Terri Sanderson
Drive down 55th Street/40th Ave by Lindsay Thurber at 8:20 in the morning and tell me if you think the bike lanes are a good idea? It's chaos!!! I have yet to see a bike in those lanes. I'm sure the $750 000 would have been better served elsewhere!
898Linda Ector
I think this is a complete waste of taxpayers money !!! For something that will only be used a few months out of the year it is ridiculous !! With the size of the city we can not afford to be shrinking the size of the roads. Traffic is heavy as it is.
899Mike Morneault
What ever happened to common sense?
900Henk Brenkman
Many people struggle, think about widows whose money was wasted, creating chaos on the roads for close to none who are using the bike lines. Tax dollars should be treated with respect, and those responsible should go!
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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