Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1751Wendy Blonski
what a terrible waste of money. I do not recall voting on it and i feel they need to be licienced and insured like the rest of us
1752Justin lajeunesse
Was it really causing so many problems with people walking and riding bikes on the sidewalks? I don't care what anybody says, a bicycle is still a pedestrian. I'd much rather see a bicycle clip into someone walking than to see a bicycle get hit by a vehicl
1753Evelyne Fairbrother
These new bike lanes on very busy streets give cyclists a false sense of security. Some of these streets get very busy at times; like 55 St. to cram four lanes into two is dangerous at best, but especially so for the cyclist.
1754Jeanette McCannell
Please stop the bike lanes!! I haven't yet seen a single bike on them!
1755Rob Kellough
1756Shaunna den Engelsen
I would not feel safe riding my bike on these lanes. Also as a driver I am afraid to pass a bike on the path because of how narrow the car lanes are now.
1757Barb Riley
I have seen them used for everything but biking! Why would you want to remove traffic lanes to accomodate bikes on the road when we already have bike paths throughout the city. Would rather ride my bike on a bike path than in traffic. Waste of money!
1758Christine Beer
I have found a significant increase in traffic congestion on 40th and 39th due to one lane of traffic each way.
1759Cheryl Watson
To take a city that has grown, and will only continue to grow, and cut back on road lanes? Who are you people??? Nope, won't be voting for you in the next election.
1760Del Kelly
What a waste of money for something that will be used for only about 4 or five months a year.
1761Jordon SMith
Waste of money. Waste of space. This is Alberta, ski lanes would have been a better idea!
1762Cliff McDermott
This should never have been implemented! Waste of taxpayer dollars!
1763Ann Carney
1764J Dye
Haven't seen a single cyclist in these lanes. If it's not being used, it's not needed.
1765Krista Baker
So against these lanes! I see more accidents just waiting to happen. In a city growing such as ours why would you eliminate the lanes to add a bike lane??? Oh ya and FYI why would you start as project as large as the one on 32nd And 40th end of August??!!!
1766Trina Kennedy
Increased safety risk now in school zones as impatient drivers are passing congested lanes in the bike lane....way to keep our kids safe!
1767Shawna Brown
I am a Mom of 2 children under 5yrs and would not feel comfortable using these lanes! I do not see how they are safe...In some parts you would be in a bike lane with cars on either side to cross, how would that be safe with parents with kids?
Waste of my taxpayer dollar and made our road system even worse. It's like council has no common sense when it comes to improving the city. Could of used the money better elsewhere.
1769Steven Kennedy
Waste of money, takes me twice as long to drop off and pick up my kids from school because of congestion not to mention added emisions to the environment rather than decreasing emtions, not smart who ever came up with this idea!!!!
1770Mike R
1771Elaine Sanderson
Traffic is very congested now on 39th and 40th due to the bike lanes. Not sure what will happen when the snow covers these lanes. It will be absolute chaos! I have still seen cyclists riding on the sidewalks on 39th and not using the bike lanes!!
1772Todd Darcy
1773Elaine Sanderson
Traffic is very congested now on 39th and 40th due to the bike lanes. Not sure what will happen when the snow covers these lanes. It will be absolute chaos! I have still seen cyclists riding on the sidewalks on 39th and not using the bike lanes!!
We all know how many months of snow-free weather we get! How many months of the year are these paths going to b utilized .... If at all by the looks of it! I understand there was a significant amount of taxpaying dollars spent here-was there even a vote?!
Just another big waste of tax money.I have yet to see ONE person riding a bike in these lanes!
1776Sean R
1777Beata Wojtasiewicz
What are we going to do about it as citizens of Red Deer. Maybe we should think about earlier election before those city councelor and mayour make more costing money decision. Somebody should be accountable for it.
1778Dallis Smith
I am guessing that no one on council or our mayor has kids in any of the schools around EAstview or Hunting Hills that may have events to get to after school? Extra half hour every day. Not to mention the major safety issues. Bad Move Council!
1779Robin Smith
Total Waste of money as usual Red Deer Council!!!
I am riding my bike on the sidewalks still as the city busses almost ran me over twice trying to stay on schedule cutting people off going in and out of the bike lanes. Will never use them, too dangerous!!!
1781Dennis Sabasch
It' our own fault these bike lanes are happening, we all need to take in more meetings. Small groups go such as bike clubs and with no oppostion, these kinds of things happen. The city leaders stamp it and here we are. Very poor leadership.
Once again City council wants to live where Beaver Cleaver lived back in the 50's and 60's. Guess what times have changed and we are a big city now and our infrastructure has not caught up let alone to implement something as useless as these bike lanes.
Really it is so hard to justify 55St they have made such a mess of that, I travel there quite a bit and have yet to see anyone brave enough to venutre down that street. Total waste of money as per usual
1785Nicole Sabasch
Major waste of money!!! I've only seen one person using this bike lane - while I was stuck in a mess of traffic congestion due to them! The idea has merit but the location of the lanes was NOT planned well.
1786Darcy B.
1787Brett Salomons
I didn't think it was possible for the City of Red Deer to slow down traffic more then it already has. Congratulations.
1788Bonnie Roth
what a waste of money, Have not seen 1 bike on them ! just in time for winter, who decides these wonderful ideas what a waste of money.. and what a way to mess up transportation
1789Barrie Levasseur
As a former resident and now occasional visitor, I would hate to think that the traffic congestion on the main arteries is worse now than it used to be. Rethink this idea please.
1790Valaine Vienneu
Bike lanes are a great concept, however, not at the expense of deleting vehicle lanes. I have seen more biycles on the sidewalks than new lanes. The design of the lanes appears to be more dangerous than safe, ie- the crossover to turn from 55 St to 48 Ave
As a registered nurse, I'm concerned about the safety of the cyclists. Someone is going to get seriously injured/killed. I have yet to see cyclists with helmets , or cyclists using the bike lanes appropriately
The whole idea of this was to improve infrastructure, this was in no way accomplished!! Bike lanes are a terrible choice for this city.
In excess of 3/4 of a million dollars spent on a senseless project that has had a negative impact on our city.
Congratulations to Tara Veer and Chris Stephan who voted against this project.
Confusing Bad idea
1795John Kloosterman
Very confusing imagine being a senior and coming to town...what do i do!
1796Gene Boire
Total Waste,now I know were my vote will go.
1797Kathy Rayner
Good intentions however it is not working. Causes traffic issues and someone is going to get hurt or killed because of impatient drivers driving in the bike lanes. Please stop now and reverse back to previous driving lanes.
1798Clair McGimpsey
The majority of people in this city drive cars. A very small minority ride bikes. Some streets are now down to two lanes because of bike lanes.
I have yet to see anyone use the bike lanes but have seen long lines of cars.
I see head-on collisions happening in the middle turning lanes in the near future. I have seen a couple near-miss incidents due to the change already. I also have not seen any cyclists use it.
1800Corey Stuart
Waste of money, not to mention the liability implications if someone is hurt.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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