Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
This is ridiculous. Red Deer isn't Copenhagen. And saying that it will provide children/teens a safe place to ride their bike is atrociously ignorant.
2002Aurora Muriel
I was driving past a red light an there where 37 vehcals lined up waiting for one light. And a police car behind them trying to get threw. He didn't get threw! well spent...
2003Emil Sinders
No bike trails in red deer
2004Kyle Kennedy
Bike lanes are the worst ! Nobody uses them , what about in winter and during rush hour !!
A complete waste of taxpayer dollars in a city that only uses biking as a means of transport for 4 or so months. Come winter there will no longer be a bike lane, only two very small and unsafe lanes of vehicles.
2007J. Dolan
complete waste of time and money. Gonna end up causing more accidents to both vehicles and bikers
Red Deer is too big to have one lane on 55th and 40th in particular. If there's room for a bike lane and people know how to use them then why not but when kids are flying down Mitchener hill in the wrong bike lane we need to rethink how safe they are.
All they want to do is spend are hard earned money money
2011Jean Claude
Catering to the 1% like always...
2012gary devost
Get rid of bike lanes.
these bike lanes are just stupid, someone will get hurt before something is done. What a waste of taxpayers dollars.
2014Gordon Klaassen
2015Korby R. Lodoen
2016Ed Mazurkewich
Encourage people to be more physically active - great idea. Replace a traffic lane with a bike lane and reduce utilization of our streets - bad idea!
2017Ryan Doan
I think it is great in theory but I don't understand why streets that have large sidewalk/bike paths alongside them where chosen ex: spruce drive or 39th street
2019John Kulmatycki
Bike lanes are a good idea if there is room for them. But taking up traffic lanes to create them is not good. The traffic on 39 Street was frustraing before, but it's RIDICULOUS now.
I cannot for the life of me see what good this is for the city. They are not being used by many and they are dangerous [55th & 40th] as well. It was a waste of taxpayers dollars and we did not have a chance to express our opinion that I am aware of.
how many people actually use them? i hate them and i love biking.
2023Diane Kulmatycki
Completely agree, way to waste money that could go somewhere much more useful.
2027Jason McGhee
Idea is wonderful, but the execution is terrible. Eliminating traffic lanes in an already crowded city is unreasonable. This money could have been better spent elsewhere.
I think that it was a great way to waste public money on something that serves very few people through out the city. It's amazing what the city wastes money on. But personally I think they should of just thrown another coat of paint on the water tower.
2030Nolan Gray
The road by Lindsay Thurber was busy enough with two lanes, now with one, it's a nightmare.
2031Dionne Couture
HUGE waste of money, traffic problems now... 40th Ave is RIDICULOUS to get kids to school, very unsafe, drivers don't watch, this is what sidewalks are for!
2032Ben le vann
We hates's them
2033Rick Couture
waste of money, waste of traffic lanes, and lastly, hardly being utilized
2035Jeff Palmer
I think they should stay. I love double and tripling my commute. I also think nothing should be done with the traffic light systems. I love hitting 6 consecutive red lights in 4 blocks.

Why is traffic planning such a joke in this city?
2036Taylor Allin
Getting to Thurber is sooo easy now... Not
I bike often and there is no way I would use them or allow my child to use them as there are WAY too many distracted drivers. The lanes are poorly planned and with the city growing, they should not be taking away vehicle lanes on major streets.
2038Lois Pike
Huge waste of money. Makes traffic worse in a city already plagued by traffic jams. Another minority priority.
I know I will only be voting for the aldermen who voted against this fiasco in the next election. 55 street has slowed to a crawl and the road markings don't make sense. My daughters bus has been taking 2 hours to get home!!!
It should take me 7 minutes to get to Thurber from my house. It takes me over double that and getting home is worse. Red deer is getting bigger, we need to accommodate more people, not less. Also who bikes in the winter?
A waste of money. Very poorly planned.Reducing traffic lanes that are already congested is ridiculous.
2042Bob Palmer
The audacity to spend our money without even asking the majority. Traffic flow in this "city" is almost nonexistant. We'd probably be better off having 4-way stops instead of our system I'm pretty sure I'll remember this when the next election comes along.
2043Steve Lawson
I personally don't mind bike lanes, I just think in our neighbourhood (39 Street) that reducing our main artery from 4 lanes to 2 lanes with 4 schools and a large church on the street was not a very well thought out idea. Taking the kids to school went from a 10 minute round trip to a 25 minute round trip due to the enforced congestion.
2044Ben Corrigal
2045Ian Mercer
2046Devon Bieganek
Good for Vancouver where there is a huge cycling community. 4 months of legitimate cycling season does not permit 8 months of congested traffic.
2047Maraya Hammond
Complete waste of time and money, should have found something more useful like say, paving some roads that need it?
Do the bikes lanes revert back to two lanes in winter time? There is enough confusion now with the "change of traffic flow". What a waste of taxpayers hard earned dollar.
Do the bikes lanes revert back to two lanes in winter time? There is enough confusion now with the "change of traffic flow". What a waste of taxpayers hard earned dollar.
2050R Andersonobert
Bike lanes in this climate
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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