Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2151Susan Rochefort
This is a great idea IF there was room on the road for it. Dropping major roades from 2 lanes to one lane is not a good idea in a city of 100,000 people.
talk about poor planning! Now we have bike lanes that POP up from nowhere and really go nowhere.Would it be to much to ask for sidewalks north of 70 st and gaetz so pedestrians don't have to walk on the road!!! MORONS
2153Kendell Mann
Scrap the bike lanes before someone gets killed!!
Wheelchairs, skateboarders, cyclists riding 2x2, joggers in the bike lane, strange line markings, buses backed up, cyclists riding on sidewalks, increased traffic in residential areas,cars idling and polluting the air. All for only $750,000.
2155Sarah Broen
Getting to thurber in the mornings is a disater! people will drive down the street in the turning lanes! Its honestly just a matter of time before some is seriously hurt or even killed because of the decreased car lanes. Fix it.
2156jerry hogg
Charge a fee for bikes to use the roads WE PAY FOR
2157Jason Brooks
Extremely poor planning for 55th st and 40th ave. Sure glad my taxes helped pay for this ridiculous project. We have one of the best trail systems in western Canada, you can ride from one end of town right to the other, no need for bike lanes. Retarded
2158Gloria Egan
We need three lanes instead of going down to one!
2159Doug Thompson
Would hate to be trying to sell a home with no on-street parking in front of it, no room for deliveries, no room for blocks for company to park. Is the city going to reassess those property values?
2160Jeannette Riches
I agree with everyone.
2161Whitney Richter
It's all been said below
The abysmal stupidity that resulted in the present system of bike lanes is difficult to comprehend. There was obviously no engineering study done on the basis of traffic but simply a political decision catering to the interests of a very small minority
Who is responsible for this massive error? Unsafe,Poorly Planned, unwanted, and un needed. Red Deer wasn't designed for 100,000 people-City Hall isn't helping. This is a lawsuit in waiting. Admit the mistake, and change it Morris.
2165Laurel Kyle
I think the way the bike lanes have been created is absolutely ridiculous. They have turned narrow roads and busy streets into hazards. I'm really surprised no one has been killed yet. Furthermore, what a waste of tax payers money. We have great bike paths
Please stop this poorly planned project before more money is wasted.
2167Curtis Gelowitz
Sinse these bike lanes have been put in I have never seen one person use the bike lanes yet. As the city grow we take out lanes of traffic. Does not make sense to me at all. Can i get a refund on my taxes for this flop? City planners should be ashamed.
2168Wayne Radke
This city cannot handle traffic flo effeciently now; much less taking vehicle driving lanes away to make room for bicycles that are not using them anyway!
These bike lanes are unsafe, and have a huge impact on traffic flow in our city. Why wasn't more community input searched out prior to implementing something with such a HUGE city-wide impact?
What a waste
When the city is growing it makes no sense to take away driving lanes for bike lanes that barely anyone feels safe using. It is like going backwards in time instead of moving forwards.
This was one of the most poorly planned projects by far. Removing traffic lanes to put in bike lanes and reduce traffic down to one lanes on some of the busiest roads in Red Deer is just ridiculous. i.e. 39 St and 40 Ave
The city traffic is congested enough without reducing the number of lanes for traffic and putting hazards (bicycles) on the roads.
i like the bike zanes .. especailly now that i have a street bike and license. i can drive as fast as i want with nothing to worry about.
2175Jason Posti
I just don't get it
2176james olds
i like tye lanes , for my business it works great !! i deliver coke , and meth and weed all ovber town on my pedel bike. THANK YOU CITY !!!!!
2177Mike Hudon
perfect timing. just in time for winter. clearly one of the dumbest things the city could have done,
I agree, no thought or planning was put into this. This will create more problems and also will result in some type of injury or fatality due to miss understanding between cyclist and motorist. An accident waiting to happen !!!!!!!
Bike lanes are good. Good for riding street bikes down at VERY high speed while high. Please watch out for me i will be just a blur that blows past you doing about 200KMH. PLEASE STAY OUT OF MY WAY
2180Marian Gelowitz
Apparently common sense wasn't part of the equation for this decision. Besides the fact that we have winter conditions at least five months out of the year, the city is growing and traffic is becoming increasingly congested. Do we not have sidewalks?
is it leagl to drink and drive in the new lanes of traffic ?
2182jeremy mcgrath
on the way to work today i seen a person riding his pedal bike in the bike lanes, i told him to scramm !! those lanes are for my street bike only . BIKE LANES ARE FOR MY STREET BIKE ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is it legal to drink get drunk and then drive in the new bike lanes ? i sure hope so cuz its becoming so hard to do on the hwy's now.
2184Mike Andres
Yes in an Oilfield driven city, what a great idea to put in GREEN bike paths.
2185Richard Hawe
Make the sidewalks wide with a center line to split biking and walking lanes where possible (almost everywhere). That would be a safer alternative for everyone including kids who have no idea about the flow of traffic.
2186Karen Knull
This was not well thought out. Creating MORE traffic to implement bike lanes that no one is using is ridiculous. We also have winter conditions for a large part of our year making this even more ridiculous. Great idea for NEW roads--not for current ones.
Unsafe for bikes and drivers
2188Joe Macneill
Big mistake, won't take long to find out.
2189Marnie McQueen
these lanes are very unsafe, growing up in RD for 41yrs, I feel it was safer for cyclists to ride on the sidewalk & cross the road if they need to, safer for them & less frustration for drivers.
2190Danielle Doan
The city of red deer really thought this one thru, way to go idiots! Especially 40th ave and 39th st where there's THREE schools!!
2191Dannette lightbown
Dangerous!! Costly!! Intrusive for drivers!
2192Tyson lightnbown
Scary, never riding on them!
2193Audrey lightbown
Dangerous! Very expensive disruptive to auto drivers. Creates traffic congestion. not well thought out nor was hte public given appropriate notification.
2194Rob Loov
These bike lanes were a big mistake - very poorly designed. We should have spent the $750k to improve the flow of traffic (maybe synchonize the traffic lights???).
2195Al Davidson
For 750,000 we could have sent the 250 people who pushed this mistake through to Vienna Austria to see how bike lanes are done right.
2196Mike Mathison
Bike Lanes are a waste of money. Once again City Council not thinking any thru
2197Darren baker
The bike lane is dangerous and a waste of tax payers hard earned money.
2198Jennifer Pettigrew
2199Blaire Hofmann
I like them. Now when you see a cyclist in spandex it is easy to hit them and make it look like an accident.
2200Bev Givens
total waste of taxpayers money city council should have had citizens of Red Deer input
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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