Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1101Rhonda Forth
What a waste of time and money. I don't know what City Council was thinking about when they decided to spend money on this project. They are so out of tune with what is needed regarding parking and traffic flow in the City. Boo to them.
It is to bad that the amount of money can be spent for so few people when the man transpertation in the city is vehicel.
1103Len Pugh
Complete waste of our tax payers dollars. Stop project immediately.
1104Vic D
I will avoid using the streets that have bike lanes. That means I will not go downtown to shop.I will put more miles on my vehicle to avoid this mess and add to CO2 emissions. Thumbs down!
1105Shelley Smith
We do not have the climate to have a bike lane on the busiest streets in Red Deer. During winter months we do not get all streets will bike riders use these lanes in winter? Stick to the pathways & trails that we already have for bikes-get rid of these bike lanes please.
1106Syl Dufresne
Bikes owners should have Ins. and Lic. to help pay the cost of the bike lanes. also I live in the County but I still do all my shopping in Red Deer so I should have a Say . Someone is going to get hurt.Driving in R. D. is hard enought without bike lanes
1107Mike Berresford
A total waste of tax payers money, not to mention the effect on traffic
1108Gary Stafford
OMG.That was my initial reaction to this fiasco.Taking away any traffic lanes on 55 St.,40 Ave.,and 39 St was a ludicrous idea.Drivers are already finding alternative routes through residential areas just to avoid these bottlenecks.
1109rhonda armstrong
with the traffic congestion problem in our fine city not such a smart idea to take away traffic lanes for bikes put in more paths wider side walks dont take away traffic lanes
1110G Spence
What an incredible waste of tax payers money!! Why are we pandering to the wants of a few dozen people at the safety and expense of 100,000? This is insane. Was anyone on council even using their brain the day this dumb idea was voted in?
1111Jim Thoreson
The above statements say it all.
1112Sharon MacNeill
The bike lanes that have been created in front of Eastview Middle School were not thought out at all!! Besides the fact that they are backing up traffic on a major thoroughfare in the city it is outright dangerous for the riders!
1113Lisa Bolt
I believe they are unsafe. I would not let my children use them. There is a lot of room on the sidewalks for the city to widen them to accommodate the bikers. That would have been a better use of the money. I have to say I have only seen 1 person use them.
1114Brian Kaye
Waste of Taxpayer dollars. Poor planning, cannot use in the winter. Further hampers commuter traffic flow and creates a dangerous environment for all commuters.
1115R. Rehn
Bikes and Cars should not co-exist on the same road. We are inconveniencing the majority to pacify the minority in the name of 'green'. Bike paths should be designed and incorporated into new developments and subdivisions so it can be done properly.
1116D. Rehn
1117T. Wilton
While we need some bike lanes, I don't agree with what has happened to 55 Street. Far too many school buses use that route and the bike/turn lanes have made a bad situation worse. I think more thought and consultation needs to go into future planning.
You have created frustrated drivers, unsafe school zones & complete traffic congestion! This was a ridiculous decision! More sidewalks or make them wider would have been much safer. I don't agree with wasting 750K to decrease road safety for our residents.
1119Trena Rakett1
I think the bike lanes were a HORRIBLE idea!! Not only is it unneccesary, they are unsafe and impractical. In a city this size with six months of winter months why waste the space. It would be foolish for anyone to ride a bike on the icy streets.
1120jim martin
too much paint,not enough foresight
1121Stephan Naf
Everyones comments so far say it all. This is a huge mistake that council needs to rectify immediately.
1122Robert Caron
A complete waste of taxpayer dollars. Stop wasting our tax dollars immediately.
1123Tim MacNeill
Fix this SCREW UP!!
1124Neil Sandberg
This project is far too costly for the amount of use it will be given and results in traffic problems.
1125T Sitbon
Taking out entire lanes on some of our busiest streets is such a stupid move! How many cars use these busy roadways in comparison to have many bikers are using the new lanes. This is basic math people!!!
What a joke!!
1127Rhonda Claerhout
I am not in favor of the bike lanes.
1128Sherri Andrews
250 people surveyed? Doesn't seem like enough people for the size of the City. Especially when your spending $750,000. Where they all from a Bike Club? I wonder if anyone has looked at hwy 2A at 5:00 in the evening or been on 67th on the west end.
1129Bryan R.
Traffic by Thurber and Eastview is so backed up from losing a lane that it is dangerous. Hope nobody in the area needs an ambulance or fire truck down there at that time. Idling vehicles so hard on the environment. Not a green solution?
1130Paul Claerhout
Get rid of the bike lanes.
1131Candace Svederus
I see bikes still on sidewalks daily on 39th St. They are smart and know they are putting their lives on the line to ride in the bike lanes.
1132R Sitbon
There is not way that our money should be paying for the bike lanes, besides how many people actually use them?? Considering we can only bike 2 months of the year...get rid of them!
1133Richard Atkins
If they truly wasted that much money on a survey of only 250 people, then we need a new city council. These people are clearly clueless and wasteful. Money should have been used for snow removal, or some other necessary infrastructre upgrade/repair
1134Terra Scoville
SHAME on city council!!!! Have yet to see ALL that voted for these lanes actually use them. Admit your mistake and end the pilot project and while your at it PAY the $800,000 cost back from your wages!
1135Nicola Mendenhall
Complete waste of our money...I bike on beautiful trails around Red Deer, but would not feel safe on these roads biking.
1136David Barker
Bikers use sidewalks here. Restore your mistake in the interest of public safety and free flow of traffic and not special interests/fads. Please review every comment carefully and consider this an error that can be corrected and referenced in the future.
1137MIchelle Coulson
I have yet to see bikes on these lanes. Cyclists are still using the sidewalks. The mess on 55th street is ridiculous, students are waiting for busses that are in a gridlock and as a result are late for classes or missing transfer routes at City Centre.
1138chuck Guyett
Cause traffic congestion in a city that needs more traffic easing strategies not ones that cause it. Plus Alberta streets are covered in snow 5 months of the year and nobody rides bikes in the winter - hello......
1139Shaun Goddard
If there's a major accident or death, maybe city council will realize their mistake. Shameful waste of money too!
1140Richard R. Joly
What a complete waste of money. Did anyone at city hall actually attempt to determine public reaction before initiating this ridiculous idea?
1141Tamara Pollock
It is creating more congestion with traffic which will result in more accidents. Need to reassess and come up with a better idea that would work with bikes and traffic.
1142Shane W
I really think that city council,
street planning & engineering in this city needs some serious adjustment.Esp the crucial work that needs to be done to run this city .From wasted money & time spent on sub par street repair to bike lanes.BIGmess
1143Harry Currie
I see in this mornings paper that the mayor says people tend to resist change but eventually adapt to it. I'll always use sidewalks to bike where I need to go and let the vehicles use the busy roads. Is the city going to start a license fee for bikes next
1144Mike Demers
what a waste of money. Give us back our roads. If you want to put money in to biking do more for the trail system. there is plenty of paths and side walks that can be used for bikers and that need to be maintained and updated.
1145pat Guyett
Being a biker myself and knowing how busy the streets were before the new bike lanes caused street congestion to double I would not let my children use the new bike lanes because they are dangerous. All of these ridiculous bike lanes just lead to road rage
1146Tina D
Any councillor that voted for this should be fired. This was a very bad idea. Stop wasting tax dollars.
1147Geoff and Lynn Tagg
This is possibly the most egregious abuse of public funds in Red Deer's history. It is unnecessary, unwarranted, and so far, has served only to cause disruption and confusion. Abandon this project NOW.
1148Gil Phillips
1149Preston Parks
Waste of money we elected people to look after our tax monies not to splurge it on a few bike riders
1150Lisa Svederus
In theory, they are a great idea, but considering they probably won't be used 6 months out of the year and the design sucks,they are a waste of our money!
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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