Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
1601Kathy Wamboldt
Total Waste. Especially for a city who's seasons only allow for bike travel for 30% of the year. besides that, didn't Red Deer already spend all of that money on putting in bike paths through the many parks we have? hmm..
1602Marieanne Hetu
I see these bikes lanes as dangerous for the bikers as well as total mayhem for the flow of traffic.Reducing driving lanes from 2 to one on some of our busiest thoroughfares is absolutely ridiculous.And what poor use of our tax dollars
bike-lanes for a few but no money for snow removal in winter--makes perfect sense!!!!
dangerous enough driving, now the bike lanes take away lanes on some of the busiest streets, waste of money, they should be held accountable for this total waste of taxes!!!
1605Bob Robertson
Terrible waste of money. Very few use the lanes and most ride on the sidewalk where it is much safer. Saw a man riding on the car lane next to the curb instead of using the bike lane to his left which by the way is between two car lanes at 59th and 67 st.
1606tom karashowsky
if your on the bike lane mr. mayor, i will circle the block and come back.Yes i will be speeding...*******...
1607Lorene Mazurkewich
What a disaster to traffic flow. The past month I have seen only 1 person using any of the bike lanes. To see our tax money go to a project like this really lowers any confidence with our city officials.
1608Lindsay kun
Waste of space completely. Getting to college is so hard and time consuming. Did you not think of the 3 schools on 40th and 39th street? Honestly the city is growing and you're reducing space for driving when it should be increased.
1609Brad K
A poorly executed plan that should have gone to a plebicite to the residents of the areas most affected where traffic has been reduced to one lane. A waste of money in a part of the country where the cycling season is so short.
1610tom karshowsky
FAW Q city council...
1611Dave Svederus
Did anyone look at the roads, before the lines were painted!! the roads are in very poor shape. Money should have been used to fix!! Not paint lines. What a waste of taxpayers money.
1612Mandie Lunder
Cyclists in Red Deer will typically get 5 months per year to ride, there are wonderful bike trails throughout Red Deer. Where will they pile the snow this winter...
1613wally sutherland
waste of money,when the city now have 60 of days to clear the snow of the streets god will do faster
1614Beryl Webster
What a waste of money painting bike lanes!!!!
1615Brianna Gouw
This is a ridiculous waste of the city's money. We as citizens should have had more of a say. I cannot believe that they would put these bike lanes in front of peoples homes and take away their parking without even consenting them.
1616Heather Steele
The idea was for kids to ride their bikes "safely" to school. Well I don't see how putting your children closer to the flow of traffic is safe.
1617Chris Roe
While I think that bike lanes in some situations are a good solution, I do not believe Red Deer has: A) the volume of cyclist traffic & b) the driver education to make these lanes safe. These are a solution to a problem RD does not have.
1618David A. Lunder
Rediculous idea, riders STILL need education.
1619Ken Webster
Bike lanes are a major waste of taxpayer money!!!
1620Dennis Mennella
Dangerous for the bike rider and a total waste of a money for the tax payer
1622Jordan Steele
1623Larry and Pat
Vehicles are reqired to have licence/insurance.If a bike is at fault in an accident and refuses to pay for damages only option is the leagal system. With bikes using the same roads why are they not required to have same coverage?
1624Ken Funk
Bike lanes are a total waste of tax payers money.
1625john neill
1626Rick Brand
Beyond the fact the lanes are not safe and not used it is another waste of taxpayers funds, $800,000 would cover two years of windrowing snow off residential streets by our incompetent elected officials and city employees. As voters we must share the blame
Another waste of tax payers money that was, again, not voted on. A death trap for kids. Streets not big enough for existing traffic before space was taken away for vacant bike lanes.Well said 1617.

1628Lana & Larry
What if a drunk driver and a drunk cyclist get in an accident . Biker dies of course but who is at fault and who pays ????
1629Majella Russell
I travel 40th and 55 th daily, i very seldom see bikes. Now how many cars compare to bikes? The traffic was bad enough with 2 lanes now it is ridiculous. So much money spent for what?
1630S. Reid
Very dangerous and congested especially on 39st and 40 ave during school hours
1631Lawrence Neill
Total waste of our tax dollars. Dollars we citizens work hard to earn. Maybe we should pay $800,000 less in taxes se se taxpayers could spend it more intelligibly on things that we really need for ourselves. Can people still park in front of their homes.
1632L Hanna
The city appears to NOT have enough monies to spend on the street problems within the City, however they can spend it on paint & glitter to cover it up!!! Where are the priorities???
1633Gareth Owen
Mayor, councillors & all city employees should be compelled to bicycle to council meetings or to work
We dont need more bikes trails than we have in park. That was Stupid idea!!!
1635Kendra Mclachlan
Shady RD council.
1636Christine Murphy
The bike lanes do not provide safety or convenience for bikers. They just hold up traffic and put the bikers in more danger of getting hit.
1637Sheryl Campbell
Ridiculous waste of my tax dollars. The hiccup in the design was the idea period! Red Deer has miles and miles of bike paths, use them. Very very unnecessary spending of the taxpayers money!
I agree with Larry and Pat but what if the cyclist is 10 years old ? Obviously the bike will have to be insured and registered to someone over 16 years of age. Then there is the safety inspection to make sure the bike is road worthy. Gonna be expensive.
1639Sheldon Frank
RD is growing and so is our traffic congestion. We need more car lanes, not less. If this was a warm city for 12 months a year, it would make sense, but people can only bike for a few months a year. It doesnt work for this city
1640james mochoruk
Another stupid decision by our incompetent city council people who agreed to the ridiculous bike lanes
1641Chris H
1642Jesse Mlynarski
I am seldom surprised with the decisions this council makes. There must be someone on there with the head on right, it certainly is not mister museum. We need saving in this city.
1643shelley mochoruk
Dumb idea and a waste of taxpayers money.
1644Joanne B
As a motorist I can't believe the cost and the loss of lanes. As a cyclist, I am trying to see the sense in the program but can't find any! The bike lanes start, end and then start again (on the other side of the road!) Who put any thought into this?!
1645Nathan Leslie
1646Daniel Atchison
For the one person who I've seen use it, at a time that there was no one on the road to begin with, it's not worth it to mess with the other 94 999 people in town. If we have hundreds of kilometers of bike paths in town then why can't people use those?
1647Mary Ann Caines
Huge concerns for the safety of cyclist!!!! The lanes are too narrow for the amount of traffic in Red Deer and some of the bike lanes have to cross over into traffic lanes to make a turn, very scary !!! Let's hope they either change them or totally get rid
1648Erna Pye
Wow…100% of traffic into 50% of the lanes…absolutely brilliant councilors!! I say how about 100% of your time for 50% of your wage…your mayor thinks we can adjust, how about you? I’ll poll 250 people and get the go-ahead. I spend all day every day on our roads and this is a horrible thing to have done…please rescind your decision and repaint!!!!!
1649Maureen Funk
These have messed up traffic in Red Deer.Just to have bike paths not on the roads is better.
1650Danielle Tighe
Where we needed to improve traffic flow i.e. 40th and 55th, it has instead been impeded with the addition of bike lanes.
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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