Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
2901Matthew Price
2902Jody Metzger
Taking away lanes in an already extremely busy city is dangerous. Work on fixing the congestion of city roads, not worsen the problem.
2903Misty Anderson
How to back up traffic 39th street is now a nighmare in the morning. Not a smart move decrease the volume traffic on several streets when there is such a small number of people using the bike lanes is ridiculous!! Enormous waste of money!!
So ridiculous only used by a SMALL amount of people, we only have about 4-5 months of bike riding weather and your putting them through streets that are already unbelievably busy and taking away road space making it even more congested...
Bike Rally held September 15th 9:30 a.m. from St Thomas School, I was there, I counted "30" bikes, what happen to all the bike lane supporter, wasn't this your time to show all Red Deer why all this money was spent.....
2906Alan James
These "bike lanes" are dangerous not to mention a waste of money. It is difficult enought for some of our Red Deer drivers to negotiate our city street without the bike lanes and now they have taken a third of the driving lane. Really?. Please remove!!!!
Safety for bikers is important however they can be safe on sidewalks.Not utilized as much as anticipated.The traffic in city is at an alltime high .Dangerous for traffic at most intersections and dangerous for bikers when traffic turning right into lanes
2908Janine J
There isn't enough summer and opportunity for bikers to require a lane. Red Deer has wonderful trails and parks for bikers. Someone will end up hurt with those lanes.
2909Stacey C
A danger to city residents, completely unnecessary, and a serious waste of money!
2910Chris C
Please remove the lanes and shut down the pilot project. They are dangerous. Traffic congestion is unbelievable where lanes have been taken out to accommodate bike lanes. They have to go!
2911Blake R
This project is a farce, and a complete waste of tax-payer money.
2913Andrew H.
My parents always told me not to play in traffic. Just takes one distracted driver. Just not safe.
2914This signature has been deleted.
2915This signature has been deleted.
2916Kris Wiszowaty
Taking driving lanes from busy roads and causing traffic backups is not a step forward. Bike lanes in front of schools, sure, but using those bike lanes to park school buses, not cool. I don't think this was thought out very well.
2917Robyn O'Brien
2918Janet Bilyk
This wasn't thought out what a waste of money. Bike lanes that will be used for a few months of the year.
2919Rachel Neufeld
There are much better things you could be spending our tax money on. If you would like to make the city more bike friendly the addition of more paved bike paths is the way to go; do not take away road space for cars please.
This was a big waste of money, especially when there is not enough money to plow the roads properly.
2921Shannon Kadatz
This bike lane project was one of the worst ideas I have ever seen! Lets make traffic a nightmare, make the roads dangerous to drivers and bikers and lets spend $800 000 doing it! Smart move City Counsel!
2922Ben Nyhuis
This just shows the incompetence of city council they cant even plow the streets properly. and they say these lanes are safer for bikes give me break. How about make the roads safer for drivers.That $800,000 could have gone a long way in snow removal
2923Angela Budvarson
I was recently using the 39th Street bike lane near Douglas Avenue and was almost hit by a vehicle because of the brief juts out that cause bike lane interruption...very dangerous.
2924Larry K
Wow Flewwelling , Mulder , Jefferies and Harris still just voted to keep the bike lanes as is . These dim wits dont get it .Morris thinks we dont like change , wait till next election ,we will show you change , morons .
2925Steve Longhurst
witnessed at various locations bikers continuing to use sidewalk,even though bike lane right there. Waste of tax payer money for a few months a year. Makes no sense to take away driving lanes to congest traffic even more.
2926Terry Longhurst
Our tax dollars should be used to enhance our city, working on crime should be a priority for all not a few bikers that don't even use the lanes
2927Kathy Jackson
2928Mike Clark
The bike lanes have decreased the quality of life for many people in Red Deer. Traffic congestion is at an all time high especially on 40 ave. I have witnessed ++ drivers cutting through residential areas to avoid traffic backups on 40 ave.
2930morgan zazalak
2931kurt zazalak
2932roberta zazalak
2933Jeff Krobutschek
Pointless waste of money. I agree on all the posts of putting it toward snow removal. Live in a newer neighborhood where roads were not plowed once last year.
2934Betty Ann Baich
Complete waste of our taxpayers dollars and total unsafe - City's poor snow removal is one important point. I agree with all other comments that I have read and on this petition
2935Matt R
The comments already on this petition sum it up - such an incredible waste of money!
AAARGH!! Removing "some lanes" isn't enough. What business spends 750k after sampling 0.28% of their client base?? YOU ARE ALL FIRED!
Building in a bike lane with new roads would have been a better way to utilize the money. Reducing traffic flow in a growing city did not make much sense to me at all.
2939Betty Ann
How is it in a city of 93000 that only 250 responded to a survey? This does not seem a good representation of citizens to this idea. And yet the council went ahead with it without really gaining public input and is a complete waste of money!
2940Neil S.
Until all the bike lanes are removed, children need to be advised to refrain from attempting to travel in these dangerous lanes. A pilot project is not "do the project" full blown.Before this is over the tab will, I am sure soar over $ 1 Million.
2941Jean Robert
What about washroom @ the doug park (off leash). Yellow lights for crosswalk. Unsafe project guys, sorry.
2942Wayne Cook
I thought I left traffic congestion and poorly thought out transport schemes behind when I left Europe over 20 years ago. I love bicycling, but this is "retro" in every way. Remember this at the next elections: vote supporting councilors OUT!
2943Christine Cook
I feel the bike lanes inconvenience many in favour of a few and that one or more cyclists may get injured because of the confusioon all this is causing.
Lots of money spent, not well thought out at all, removing traffic lanes in already congested areas was a bad decision.
2945Christopher Schulz
For every one happy cyclist, there are dozens (hundreds?) of frustrated drivers. Every single day. This doesn't make a happier city, and that math doesn't make sense. Not to mention the great lack of cyclists during our formidable winter season. Bad idea.
2946Tammy D
One lane on a busy road in a school takes 3 or more light changes to get past the intersection on a busy morning. What were you thinking?
2947Kim P
Whose bright idea was this anyway? I'm not against bike routes but lets do it right. Taking away existing road lanes, causing congestion on streets and in intersections - what a waste of money.
Lets have Morris and the other three who voted to keep the bike lanes stand in front of Eastview school from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. As you drive by 2 fingers up means you approve, 1 finger up means you do not. Let him do the counting.
2949E. Schulz
This is an initiative that benefits very few. I would like to see this kind of money spent on snow removal, safer intersections, and road maintenence. There are more important things than bike lanes to spend our tax dollars on.
These bike lanes are the biggest waste of money. Red Deer is growing very fast and traffic keeps getting worse. I don't know why we would take away traffic lanes when we should be trying to make more traffic lanes
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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