Petition Signatures for Red Deer Bike Lanes
To remove traffic lanes on already congested roads was a very poor idea. Our current roadways are unable to handle the traffic. How could you think this would be a good idea.
102Rhonda Friesen
103Richard Atkinson
WAY TO GO CITY OF RED DEER! Most of you need to get out of that office more often and see whats going on. 250 people took a survey and you moved on it out of a population of almost 100,000. I bet not even 5% of those 250 ride bikes.
104Lisa Cocker
Bad idea, creates too much traffic congestion in popular areas.
105Glenda H
Worst decision I've ever seen. In the last month I've seen a total of 2 people even using these lanes.
We do not have a long enough bike season to justify and the congestion when the schools let out is crazy. Bikers can get almost any where in RD by using the paths that are existing.
107Nathan Stephan
1. Good biking weather for at most half of year. 2. Sprawled community not conducive for biking purposes other than for leisure. 3. No central economic hub in community for commuting. Bad idea.
108Doug McCrea
Complete waste of money. Somebody obviously pushing their own agenda. Has city council/manager lost all common sense?
A total waste of money, not to mention the lack of interest and concern for the safety of our kids. Traffic is already crazy, this was a great way to make it worse! So what were you thinking?
As a mother, I don't want to see my kids on these bike lanes. We have enough good bike paths in this city to use. The infrastructure was never set up for it in the first place, so don't just change a road into a bike path. Very unsafe and poorly thought
If bike lanes are going to be put in roads should be widened not lanes of traffic lost. I have almost been hit 3 times by people not understanding the new lanes for traffic. It is scary to be on the roads now!
112Cody Applegarth
These are very dangerous. The cyclists I have seen using them have been in and out of their lanes and it's going to take the city getting sued by some parent of a squished kid to stop this.
113Darrell Gibbon
Am for bike lanes, but not on busy major streets or when it takes away parking in front of your own house.
114Brian Richardson
People are so closed minded. You really want 2 lanes by schools. Slow the **** down. More time spent idling in traffic? Then bike to work you meathead! I drive to chipped diesels and pollute more emissions then any of you ever could and still promote this
115Allison Ver
YIKES! Danger! My kids WILL NOT RIDE them. No protection.No amount of education can fix stupid. widen sidewalks paint a line walkers 1 side bikes on other.
116Trevor Dodd
117Amanda McCrea
Red Deer does NOT need these bike lanes! Seriously? 1 lane of traffic on the busiest roads in Red Deer? That just doesn't work! The sidewalks have been good enough for years, why not now?
118sherry skocylas
imporve the sidewalks so the pedestrians can share and leave the roads alone.... we use them in all season!!!
119Diana Melnyk
Ridiculous!! Traffic is bad enough at peak times when we had double lanes each direction on busy routes. Now it takes for ever for vehicles to get up and down the streets in single lanes. And how many months of the year can these be used?? Would've been ni
More Tax Dollars wasted...Ive yet to see anyone use these Bike Lanes..I could think of lots of better places to spend that Money....
121Jason Chase
Waste of tax payer's dollars again! We have bike trails already in place of people want to go biking. I don't think We needed to take a lane from the already congested streets to appease a handful of people and piss off the other 150,000!!!
Taking out lanes of traffic was silly when we can only use the bike lanes in the summer.
123Nadine Coulter
We live in Alberta where people ride bikes three months out of the year. Red Deer is growing the traffic is getting worse and instead of expanding the roads the city had taken away road space. I have never seen such a mess as when school gets out on 55th
124Mark den Biesen
This is the biggest waste of time and money that I have seen since the construction of the "outdoor gyms." Bad decisions have been made with good intentions...What about our extensive networks of paths interconnecting the city? Enhance those!
125Karen Lawrence
they are unsafe for the drivers and bikers
This is the biggest waste of money Red Deer has ever wasted in my time being here. Instead of putting in these useless bike lanes put the money towards fixing these million potholes all over the city. The Bike lanes do nothing at all.
The bike lanes are redundant as we already have extensive bike pathways. The bike lanes put in on the Kerrywood Drive extension are at times ten feet away from the existing bike path. Red Deer does not have the population to support or require these bike
128Cassandra Whitlock
130Jerry Kelly
131Matt Larose
Completely pointless. A lane of traffic lost creating more of a disaster on some of the busiest roads. I'm not riding to work in the winter, thanks, give us back our roads!
132Eileen McCagherty
Caught in traffic jam near LTCHS today. All streets leading to 55th Avenue clogged with vehicles, 55th Street turned into a parking lot. Number of bikes in the $750,000.00 bike lanes-- ZERO. Where is the "Green" in this?
I think it is a dangerous idea, bikers are to scared to ride on the road so they still ride on side walks. Is this really what we are spending out tax payer dollars on? They can't put it towards cleaning rroads in the winter? Or actually fix roads.
Stupid idea. Even talked to a bus driver today. She right looked at me and " dont you get me started" and really started ranting. There stupid , dangerous and i barley see anyone using them. Who would feel safe riding there bike in traffic?
Upgrade the god damn sidewalks to bike lanes, that money I don't mind spending.
136Suzanne Morgan
Every morning I dread the news jut waiting to hear of a child or other cyclist who has been hit or worse yet killed due to these ridiculous bike lanes in areas that were already high congestion BEFORE they put them in and removed traffic lanes.
137Amanda Stewart
Make the city bus late all the time now making me late
138Trevor Wickham
The bike lanes are pointless and are congesting the vehicle traffic. Waste $800,000 on the bike lanes but can't spend the money on snow removal. There is already an extensive trail system paved and non paved in Red Deer
139John mitchell
Well I don't like the near miss crashs at 40th and ross. All I now is I live next to this mess & for us on this block to get out of our back alley ross st on to 40th at 7.00am is. Joke now. Ross is gunna turn into new parking for us if this keeps up.
there are many more important things to spend city money on! this council needs their heads examined if they think that spending money on this and to paint the stupid water tower! WTF?!
141Nicole Wright
142Brittany Boulding
143Jody Hermary
I still see cyclists riding on the sidewalk right beside the bike lane! What is the point in having them if the guy riding the bike isn't using the lane designated? Are they supposed to ride in these lanes in the winter, or will they become vacant road?
144Anjie Hummel
145Skyler Havell
146Shannon Clark
These are the most useless things this city has done. The city is too big to shut down double lanes in some areas to accommodate a bike lane. How frustrating!
Traffic is terrible along 40th now, with only 1 lane things are way too backed up. I have yet to see anyone use the lanes, but continue to see cyclists on sidewalks. Please do not continue this project and revert the changed streets to how they used to be
If its not broken don't mess with it
149Crystal Hounsome
150Tanya Heather
Time I spent stuck in traffic on my way home at "rush hour" BEFORE the bike lanes: maybe 3 minutes. Time stuck in traffic AFTER 28 minutes. Number of cyclists seen in the bike lane during that 28 minutes: 2. Give us back our roads! Total waste of money!!
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Petition Details
Petition: Red Deer Bike Lanes
Created By: Ryan Handley
Created On: September 7th, 2012
Target: Red Deer, Alberta residents
Category: Politics

Total signatures: 3213
Signature goal: 2000 plus

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